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"True Lies" Come Out In This Week's Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/11/2013 8:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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Elena Butler Staff Writer This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries reminded me of why I love the show so much.  It’s not just about the parties and the fancy formal wear, or the beautiful faces; it’s about storytelling and substance.  There was so much plot development this week that my head was spinning trying to keep up with everything that was happening.  I really enjoyed seeing everyone working on different tasks but still aiming for the same goal.  There were some slight curveballs and even more unanswered questions that only managed to dig the hooks in deeper into the show.  Let’s get started and discuss. Previously on The Vampire Diaries... Elena and Caroline started college and Caroline immediately caught the eye of a dreamboat named Jesse.  The girls’ new roommate, Megan, got killed by a vampire and she also happened to have a picture of her and Elena’s (adoptive) dad on her phone.  A vampire named Nadia showed up in town with a guy friend and they did some kind of brain magic on Matt.  And lastly, Silas is still roaming Mystic Falls and has ordered the whole town to find Katherine. “True Lies” picks up with Bonnie recalling the events of the night before.  She tells Jeremy how Silas mind-controlled the whole town and then killed her dad.  Jeremy tries to make her feel better but they both know they can’t touch each other anymore.  Bonnie tells Jeremy that Silas wants Katherine and they can’t let him get what he wants. Meanwhile, Miss Katherine Pierce is having a horrible day.  She’s visibly sick and looks plain awful—definitely not the version of Katherine we’re all used to but she’s still awesome.  She’s on the run from Silas but when she tries to get help from a woman, she recognizes her as the person Silas ordered the town to track down.  The woman pepper sprays Katherine and tries to get in touch with Silas but Katherine knocks her down and then knocks her out.  Just when she thinks she’s in the clear, Matt shows up, threatening her with a rifle. Underwater, Stefan is having another one of his hallucinations.  He’s imagining he’s with Elena, having a good old time by the quarry.  It’s all very sweet and the half of my heart that likes Stelena flutters but then Elena starts choking on water and we cut to Stefan once again drowning inside the safe. At Whitmore College, the student body is having a memorial for Megan and Caroline isn’t too thrilled about it.  Apparently she’s in a bad mood after Tyler told her he will be putting college on hold for the time being.  Elena shows her Megan’s death certificate, where it states the cause of death was suicide.  The person who signed off on it was Dr. Maxfield, a Microbiology professor.  Elena has switched their classes around so they can investigate further. In Mystic Falls, Damon and Sheriff Forbes are at the quarry.  He wants her to search for Stefan.  Jeremy calls him and tells him that Matt found Katherine.  Damon tells them to keep Katherine hidden and she realizes that she’s now the “thing” that everybody wants, coming to a humorous realization, “I’m the freaking moonstone.”  She pouts. Caroline and Elena’s attempt to infiltrate Dr. Maxfield’s Microbiology class is a total fail.  After chatting with Jesse—who just happens to be in that class—they make plans to go to the bonfire that night.  Dr. Maxfield gives the class a quick history lesson about bacteria and rotting corpses during the Civil War but then notices Caroline and Elena are not supposed to be in the class and kicks them out.  Elena and Damon speak on the phone and he gives her tips on how to deal with the professor—torture, death threats, typical vampire stuff.  Silas shows up at Whitmore and Elena right away believes he’s Stefan.  Damon overhears as Silas orders her to turn off her phone.  Not to be a shipper or anything but how happy and just plain delighted does Elena look when she sees him?  I don’t believe for a second that all her love for him is gone. Silas pretends to be Stefan and apologizes to her for not calling after he left town.  He obviously picks at the wound and tells Elena that the terrible thing that happened to him was that she picked Damon.  We also find out that Silas is quite the gossiper!  He tells Elena that Jeremy got expelled and got in a fight with Damon.  Speaking of Jeremy, he’s with Katherine and Matt at a gas station.  Katherine asks Matt to get her medicine, while she goes to the bathroom.  But of course, it’s Katherine, so she attempts to run away after the store attendant recognizes her.  Jeremy goes after her and brings her back to the truck. Damon shows up at Whitmore and tells Caroline that Silas is in town pretending to be Stefan.  She realizes that Elena’s bad feeling about Stefan was correct but Damon doesn’t seem too happy to learn that Elena’s been having intuitions about his brother.  Meanwhile, Silas is still with Elena when he receives a text from the store attendant, alerting him that Katherine had been seen.  Elena tells him that there’s an old campsite in that location that they used to visit as kids.  Silas leaves, but not before taking advantage of Elena’s anger towards Damon to put another sinister plan into effect. Later that night, the bonfire is in full swing as Caroline and Damon are still in search of Elena.  Somewhere else, Elena is drinking her boyfriend troubles away as Jesse helps her fill up her cup.  He asks her for help with more firewood and promises to tell her everything he knows about Dr. Maxfield.  According to Jesse, the professor is part of a secret society and they meet at the college every week.  It’s creepy how he tells her this story as he’s holding a piece of wood in his hand.  Damon shows up and perceiving him as a threat, knocks him unconscious. Katherine, Jeremy and Matt are camping out and she complains about her sinus infection.  Jeremy feels sorry for her and wraps her in a blanket, a gesture that takes her by surprise.  As Matt is gathering more firewood, Silas shows up and tries to mind-control him but it doesn’t work.  He alerts Jeremy and Katherine to run.  Silas realizes that Matt is being controlled by a “traveler” and breaks his neck.  He’s wearing the Gilbert ring, so we know he’ll be okay.  I loved this next part, because they actually showed us what goes on in the other side after they die wearing the ring.  Matt’s spirit encounters Bonnie, who tells him that in order to come back to life, he needs to reconnect with his body.  Matt questions why Bonnie is in the other side with him. Damon and Elena head back to the dorm, and they engage in a steamy make-out session.  He rips off his shirt and just when we think they’re gonna get down and dirty, she proceeds to feed him vervain water and tie him to a chair.  Damon knows that Silas got into her head and Elena tells him that she’s supposed to weaken him before killing him.  She continues to feed him vervain water and when she’s about to stake him, he spits the water back at her, making her snap out of Silas’ mind-control.  He tells her about Silas and Stefan.  Elena gets angry and Damon knows that her anger towards him is a trigger and she must resist it.  She sits on a chair and stakes herself in the leg in order to stop herself from killing him. Back at the bonfire, Caroline is left taking care of Jesse and his bruised face.  He starts flirting with her and even tucks her hair behind her ear.  Caroline tells him that she has a boyfriend and he will be joining her next semester.  “Don’t forget about Klaus!”  I scream at my TV.  Caroline seems confident that things between her and Tyler will work out.  Then Jesse tells her a sob story about his girlfriend sleeping around when he left for college and I guess they agree to be friends. At the campsite, Jeremy tells Katherine to drive off on her own, as he goes back to look for Matt.  She tells him the reason she’s been able to survive is because she’s never looked back but Jeremy isn’t about to leave his friend behind.  Meanwhile, Bonnie tells Matt everything that happened and it’s the first time that she actually gets a hug from someone who cares about her.  It’s really sad to see her break down, since she’s been all alone all this time and has been pretending to be strong in front of Jeremy.  Jeremy finds Matt’s body but before he can carry him to safety, Silas finds them both.  They start to fight and just when Silas is gaining the upper hand, Katherine shows up and shoots him.  Katherine is changing, you guys!  She actually thought about others before herself. Damon and Elena are still talking about the situation back in Mystic Falls.  She gets angry again when Damon tells him that Bonnie’s dad dying isn’t as important as finding Stefan and protecting Jeremy.  She doesn’t like that he’s trying to protect Katherine as well, while Stefan’s been suffering underwater all summer.  She tries to kill Damon again, this time by attempting to set the whole place on fire—vampire Elena is such an arsonist.  Damon urges her to think about Stefan.  It works, she tells him that she can’t explain what she feels but she knows that he’s trying to reach out to her.  She can sense how he’s feeling. Matt and Bonnie are looking for his body when they see that Jeremy and Katherine are back at the truck, waiting for him to wake up.  Matt realizes he won’t remember anything when he comes back to life.  He tells Bonnie that she can’t keep her death a secret for long.  He comes in contact with his body and wakes up.  Jeremy and Katherine fill him on what happened.  Jeremy sees Bonnie out in the woods and goes to talk to her.  Bonnie tells him she’s not ready to be dead but doesn’t know what to do. Back at the gas station, Silas pays the store attendant a visit.  He’s in there for a drink and starts filling up a cup with the guys’ blood.  Nadia and her gypsy friend show up at the store, and we find out that “traveler” is just another word for “gypsy.”  The man tells Silas he wants him back in the tomb.  Nadia tells Silas that’s what the travelers want but then stabs the man in the neck, making it clear she’s not one of them but she does have her own agenda. College just started and Elena is already skipping classes.  She packs her things in Damon’s car and tells Caroline she doesn’t know when she’ll come back.  She’s on a mission to find Stefan.  When Caroline leaves, Dr. Maxfield shows up and Elena confronts him about signing off on Megan’s death certificate.  He tells her to come by to speak with him but Elena says she’s busy.  Damon comes back and assures Elena that her having dreams about Stefan isn’t something that bothers him.  Elena tells him that he loves him and she will continue to even after saving Stefan.  Their kiss is interrupted by Sheriff Forbes who tells him they found something in the quarry. Elena and Damon return to Mystic Falls, where the safe has been pulled out of the water.  Sheriff Forbes tells them a deputy found it a few miles away.  Damon opens the safe, but instead of finding Stefan, he finds the deputy’s corpse, drained of blood.  THE RIPPER IS BACK!  And the episode ends. What did you guys think of “True Lies” and that ending?  Are you excited to have the ripper back because I sure am!  And what about Elena’s declaration that she will still love Damon after Stefan shows up?  In her defense, I believe that yes, she will continue to love Damon.  But that doesn't mean she won't also love Stefan, right?  Sound off in the comments.


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