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Trump Faces Backlash For Humble Brag Tweet After Orlando Tragedy

Ursula Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Ursula Martinez

06/21/2016 9:22 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Trump Faces Backlash For Humble Brag Tweet After Orlando Tragedy | Trump
Media Courtesy of The Wrap

Donald Trump does it again. When we think he can't sink any lower, he surprises us with the behavior of a narcissistic child yet again (apologies to narcissistic children). In the wake of the horrible tragedy that left 49 people dead and 54 injured (of which 5 are in grave condition), yesterday at the Orlando nightclub, Pulse, Trump thought it was a good time to humble brag and make things all about himself, instead of thinking about the victims and their loved ones. This is what he tweeted about the tragedy:

Unbelievable, right? He, deservedly, faced immediate backlash when many people, including celebrities who were busy on their own Twitter posting heartfelt messages of love and encouragement, called out Trump on his awful conduct. Take a look at some of the responses he got.

Let's remember he's not a washed out has-been reality TV personality anymore, he's the presumptive Republican nominee. 

He wants to be the president, he wants to lead this country. S

o his words should be, at least, more carefully picked, because his response is exactly the way one shouldn't respond to a tragedy like this.

One's response to the horrible events that unfolded yesterday reveals one's moral quality and good judgement. Someone who is pursuing a job as the head of a country should have empathy for the victims who were senselessly killed in a horrific act like yesterday's, should honor them and their loved ones, should try to calm a nation filled with heartache and fear, should try to convey that hate will not win and that the country is stronger when its people come together.

Donald Trump's tweet, instead, demonstrates his intention to, disgustingly, make the deaths of almost 50 people into a way to gain a political advantage. He did not show compassion, empathy, strength, or the ability to calm people down. He did not show any ability to lead. He only showed he is a revolting opportunist who does not understand what the nation needs in times of hardship. 


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