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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Trust Me" That You Don't Want To Miss This Week's Once Upon A Time In Wonderland

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/17/2013 10:08 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC
Jacob Elyachar Staff Writer Last week, millions tuned in to the pilot episode for Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. Viewers saw Alice return to Wonderland with the Knave of Hearts and the White Rabbit as they tried to find Alice’s true love: Cyrus the Genie. But little did they know, their return was plotted by the unholy alliance between the Red Queen and Jafar! How close did Alice come to find Cyrus? Why was the Agrabah sorcerer after Cyrus? Read on to find out… The show opened in Agrabah where Jafar tracked down Cyrus’s former owner.  He wished for his freedom in order to save Cyrus from the sorcerer.  As Cyrus and his bottle transported to Wonderland, Jafar tortured and killed Cyrus’s former owner. Back in the Present Day, Alice reviewed her swordsmanship skills and prepared her search for Cyrus’ bottle.   While she took the Knave of Hearts on the next part of her journey, she left the White Rabbit behind with a false location to its whereabouts. As the White Rabbit made his way to the Red Queen, she dealt with her angry subjects and told them “their problems bore me.” Before anyone could act, Jafar arrived at her palace and froze the Queen’s subjects.  The Agrabah native was tired of the Red Queen wasting time with her peasants and wiped them out.  Jafar angrily told her to “FIND THAT BOTTLE!” Just as Jafar left the Red Queen’s palace, Alice and the Knave finished their trek in the woods and landed near an obstacle: a lake.  Alice solved that problem by summoning Silvermist, a fairy that had a rocky past with the Knave.  While the fairy stated that she moved on and transported them across the lake, Silvermist lied and sent the hydrophobic Knave into the water. While Alice rescued the Knave, the Red Queen received a visit from the White Rabbit who told her the location of Cyrus’s lamp.  Just as he left, the Queen decided to smell the roses…a move that infuriated Jafar. However, the Red Queen stated that she felt that she was doing a majority of the work…while Jafar did nothing to help! He froze her and threatened her. The Red Queen revealed the lamp’s location. Both Jafar and Alice raced to find the lamp.  While the former arrived at the location first and ordered a small army of beetles to find the lamp, Alice revealed to the Knave that Jafar received the wrong info and they escaped to go to the true location.   Just as the duo arrived, they found that someone beat them and retrieved the lamp. As a heartbroken Alice mourned the lost of the lamp, a furious Jafar retreated back to his dungeon and demanded Cyrus to reveal the lamp’s true location.   The Red Queen suddenly appeared and revealed that she had the lamp (thanks to the White Rabbit…who watched Alice and Cyrus bury the lamp years ago).   Wonderland’s malevolent ruler stated to the Agrabah native that she is changing the rules of the game and added that their partnership must be equal and left by saying: “You have the Genie and I have the bottle!” While the Red Queen gleefully put Cyrus’s bottle away, Alice received a message in the form of a paper crane.  Alice perked up once Cyrus revealed that he was okay. The episode ended with Alice writing “I’m Coming For You!!” on the paper crane. Next week, as Jafar tries to upstage the Red Queen…will the Knave betray Alice?


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