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Television PopWrapped | Television

TV Character Showdown: Stewie Griffin Vs. Maggie Simpson

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

02/02/2016 10:53 pm
PopWrapped | Television
TV Character Showdown: Stewie Griffin Vs. Maggie Simpson | Stewie
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped

Welcome to the first edition of the new series, "TV Character Showdown," where we take two television characters and compare them to decide which one is better between the both of them. Today, we will begin with Stewie Griffin (Family Guy) and Maggie Simpson (The Simpsons).

Showdown Similarities

Both are on FOX's Animation Domination held each Sunday. They are babies, and they are not exactly your typical infants. Stewie and Maggie are both quite intelligent infants and know how to operate weapons and can save lives -- or destroy them. They are both seen as more intelligent than the rest of their family members (or most of them, anyway...), and they possess many skills.

Without further ado, let's look at how each one differs by going over their pros and cons, and then, we'll vote!

Stewie Griffin

Stewie is the youngest child and baby of Lois and Peter Griffin. He is also the third child and the youngest brother of Meg and Chris Griffin.

While Stewie has developed over the course of 14 years, he starts off as an evil baby who plans to kill his mother. He talks back to his family, referring to his mother as "vile woman" and his father as "fat man." With an incredibly intelligent and despicable vocabulary, he has a huge arsenal of weaponry and the complex mind of a villain. It is also revealed that he has tortured many people, as well as committed many murders, for the sake of himself and his family. In addition, he uses his weapons arsenal to get the best of bullies and other opponents.

Later in the show, he is the cool-talking, seemingly gay and hilarious baby on the show. He is, by far, one of the most creative characters who knows how to time travel and even clone himself so that he does not need to attend to all of his busy work.

Multiple times, Stewie has saved the world and his family, and he even was revealed to have created the Universe in the episode "The Big Bang Theory."

While he is evil, he does what he can for his family and has formed a deep, loving, and understanding friendship with dog Brian.

In the episode, "Death Has a Shadow," he used his mind-control device to save Peter from two years in prison, and in "Christmas Guy," he used time travel to save Brian from a car crash that had previously killed him. He even convinced Brian to stop thinking about suicide in the episode "Brian and Stewie."

Between his evil plans for world domination, tough love for his family, relationship with Brian, and heroism when it comes to saving the Universe, Stewie can do anything.

Maggie Simpson

Though Maggie doesn't talk, she is by far one of the most dimensional characters in the show. She is constantly seen sucking on her pacifier, but she can do more than that. Her skills include skateboarding, playing the saxophone, and even driving Homer's car.

Maggie has saved her family multiple times, including rescuing Homer from drowning and saving Bart and Lisa in "Treehouse of Horror IV."

This is not to mention that she also has talent with weaponry. For a 12 month old, she is a proficient sniper who once took out a group of mobsters' firearms with a rifle and even shot Mr. Burns (Oh, spoilers?). She has fought Gerald, and, when the home was broken into, she made a weapon out of her bottle and saved Homer from being shot.

Despite her ability to save her family, Maggie has been proven to act violent. She is scared of Homer and is often more attached to Marge than him. She has hit him over the head with a mallet and later tried to stab him with a pencil.

Despite her violence, she does it with intention to save herself or her family, not just for the sake of hurting others.

Though Maggie has only spoken a few words and is 12 months old, she is one of the most complex characters and babies around.

What do you think, PopWrappers? Who is the better animated baby: Stewie or Maggie?

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Sammi's pick: Stewie Griffin


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