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TVD's "The Originals" Pilot Recap: Klaus Just Can't Wait to be King!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/27/2013 9:35 pm

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

In this week’s episode, appropriately entitled “The Originals,” we finally got to see what the Vampire Diaries spinoff has in store for us when it picks up in the fall.  Not only did we discover that the vampires in New Orleans are party animals but we also found out that the witches are actually badass!  They do real magic you guys, and it actually works!  That’s refreshing, considering Bonnie’s been struggling with that for the past three seasons.  Okay, I loved most of the backdoor pilot, but I do have one problem with it and I think you all know what that is.  Yeah, that bun in the oven wasn’t well received.  Let’s discuss, shall we?
Previously on The Vampire Diaries…
Non-humanity Elena sucked and tried killing everyone and their mom, so the Salvatores locked her up in their cellar.  Hayley and Klaus randomly hooked up.  Elijah asked Klaus to spare Katherine but the hybrid wasn’t too keen on the idea.  Katherine alerted Klaus about a witch (Jane-Anne) in New Orleans plotting a move against him and thus, the backdoor pilot was officially set up.

Before officially switching to New Orleans for the core of this week’s episode, we do get a glimpse of Elena calmly desiccating in the cell.  The Salvatores are waiting for her to beg for blood, but that would indicate emotion and there’s no way Elena is going there.  Katherine shows up to gloat about Klaus finally leaving town – news that catches the Salvatores by surprise.  According to Katherine, the reason Klaus went to New Orleans has something to do with Hayley, but not even he knows that yet.   

In New Orleans, Hayley is still in the search for her real family.  She speaks to the owner of a restaurant that apparently makes the best gumbo around.  The owner, a witch named Jane-Anne, alludes to knowing that Hayley is a werewolf.  She hands her a map, pointing her in the direction of where she needs to go to find what she’s looking for.  After Hayley leaves, we discover it’s all a plan Jane-Anne’s cooked up with her sister Sophie, after the younger witch discovered something intriguing about Hayley (more on the later).  Hayley arrives at the location pinpointed on the map and immediately things start going awry.  Sophie and other witches surround her as Jane-Anne does a spell that ultimately causes Hayley to lose consciousness. 

It’s daytime again, and we see Klaus strolling the streets of New Orleans – like a boss – as Elijah explains the situation to Rebekah back in Mystic Falls.  The Original sister doesn’t seem to care what happens to Klaus, Elijah for his part hasn’t decided whether he’ll side with him or his enemies.  But he’s going to New Orleans either way, to see what he can do.  Klaus continues his search for Jane-Anne and tries to get info out of a witch but she refuses to talk, stating that Marcel has very strict rules that can’t be broken.  Klaus, of course is acquainted with Marcel, his former protege, and asks about his whereabouts.  Turns out Marcel is super good at karaoke.  Seriously, I’m talking The Voice-status.  Klaus looks super grumpy and not at all amused when he finds him at the bar.  They reunite and seem to be in great terms.  Marcel explains to him how everything and everyone is under his control now.  When Klaus asks about Jane-Anne, Marcel takes him to her.  However, Klaus doesn’t have a chance to speak to her because Marcel slits her throat with a tree branch after finding out she practiced magic without consent.  Klaus is not pleased by this development. 

Klaus gets information from one of Marcel’s friends who tells him where to find Sophie.  He goes to her restaurants and questions her about Marcel’s motives for killing Jane-Anne.  He knows that he killed her so Klaus wouldn’t find out what the witches want with him.  Sophie is afraid to talk and get in trouble, she points out that two men are following him and if they see her talking to him, she’ll die just like her sister.  Klaus notices the two men and advises them to stay away.  We briefly meet the human bartender, Camille, as Klaus hands her a hundred-dollar bill and buys the men drinks to keep them occupied.  However, the trick doesn’t really work because the men confront Sophie outside of the restaurant.  They want to know why the witches want Klaus and threaten to hurt her if she doesn’t talk.  Just when things are starting to look bad for Sophie, a certain lad donning a designer suit shows up and helps her.  Talk about making an entrance!  Elijah introduces himself and asks to know what the witches want with his brother.

Back at Marcel’s place, Klaus tries asking him how he came to control the witches.  Marcel doesn’t really answer his question, instead he goes after Camille, who they spot walking the street below.  As Marcel gets his flirt on with the human, Elijah gets some time alone with Klaus and lets him know that he is aware of who is conspiring against him.  They both head to Lafayette Cemetery where they meet with Sophie.  She tells Klaus of her plans to stop Marcel and free herself and the other witches from his oppression.  She asks for his help to do so and when he refuses, two other witches bring in Hayley.  Klaus laughs it off, stating that Hayley means nothing to him.  Then Sophie drops the biggest bomb ever on Vampire Diaries:  Hayley is pregnant with Klaus’ puppy!  She threatens to kill her and the baby if Klaus doesn’t help.  Klaus thinks it’s all a trick, he orders Elijah to kill Hayley and the baby.
Elijah follows after him and tries to convince him it’s a chance for their family to start over and take back what’s theirs.  He wants them to build a home together and be a family again but Klaus isn’t budging.  Later, Elijah calls Rebekah and makes it clear that he won’t stop at anything until Klaus finds redemption.  Back in Mystic Falls, Katherine tells Rebekah that Klaus will come around because his actions are driven by the need to not to be alone, just like hers.

Klaus returns to Marcel’s place and questions him about controlling the witches again, this time he’s in a very bad mood.  He reminds Marcel that he was nothing before he turned him and wants to know how he obtained all his power.  Marcel knows Klaus is jealous of what he has.  He tells Klaus he can stay for a while if he wants but wants him to know that the city is his, he’s the king.  Klaus gets angry and retaliates by biting one of Marcel’s vampires, making it clear that he’s powerful and as an Original, he can’t be killed.  When he leaves, he runs into Camille, as they observe a painter on the street.  They connect after she tells him that every artist has a story and inadvertently describes Klaus to a T.  After he leaves, Elijah catches up to him again, and they have another conversation about family.  He reminds Klaus how happy they were when they lived there.  Klaus admits he wants everything that Marcel has.  He wants his town back and he wants to be king.  When Elijah asks about Hayley and the baby, Klaus replies that every king needs an heir.  Elijah, of course, is elated to know Klaus changed his mind.

The next day, Sophie and Elijah makes plans on how to bring down Marcel.  They need Klaus to take his place in Marcel’s inner circle so they can begin destroying his family first.  Klaus goes in search of Marcel again and offers the bitten vampire his blood as a sign of peace.  He asks Marcel to allow him to stay for a while and so begins their plan to take back the city.  Later, Klaus is walking the streets of New Orleans, enjoying the music and the surroundings.  He calls Caroline and leaves her a voicemail, informing her that he’s in one of his favorite places in the world and hopes that one day she’ll allow him to show it to her.  He’s definitely not given up hope that Caroline will show up at his doorstep in the future and that makes my heart flutter.

Back in Mystic Falls, Elijah wants Rebekah to join him and Klaus in New Orleans.  He wants her to choose her family over her dreams of a normal teenage life.  She refuses to go, and asks him to reconsider and stay in Mystic Falls.  Katherine shows up, and tries to talk him out of leaving.  She wants them to run and start a new life together.  Elijah ultimately chooses family over her, and tells her goodbye.  At the Salvatore home, Damon hands Elena a blood bag laced with vervain in an effort to make her angry and elicit some sort of feelings in her.  Elena insists that her humanity is gone, she’s willing to play their games, certain that she will end up winning at the end.

What did you think of the backdoor pilot for The Originals, readers?  Were you shellshocked to learn that Klaus was able to impregnate Hayley even though he’s technically dead because he’s also a vampire?  I understand that there are loopholes, but this one is huge.  I just hope this baby ends up growing up quick and we don’t have to watch the Originals on diaper duty.  That would ruin the experience of a vampire show, right?


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