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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Walking Dead: 05X13, Forget

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

03/15/2015 8:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead: 05X13, Forget | Forget
Media Courtesy of AMC
Last week on The Walking Dead, we watched the group grapple to come to terms with their new situation in the deliciously (and suspiciously) cozy community of Alexandria. Will Daryl finally be able to immerse himself fully into this new role? Will Carol drop the Susie Homemaker guise and stop hustling everyone? Will Michonne and Rick fall into their new positions as Alexandria’s constables? Will Congresswoman Deanna show a different side of her cool, collected demeanor? Tons of questions, Deadheads. Let’s see if this week’s installment of TWD, Forget, answers at least some of them! Sasha is suffering from insomnia on the floor, checking out photos hanging on the wall of strangers in her new home. Now she’s in the weapons closet and is talking to Olivia who would like a leg of boar to cure. Sasha is now using the aforementioned family photos for target practice. She hears something… a dull, humming, or something. Like a motor. Or wait… was it just all a hallucination? Just an elaborate ploy to lure walkers? Because now she’s sitting on a stump and says, “Come and get me.” Mkay. More on that later, I imagine. Carol, Daryl and Clean-Shaven Rick are having a confidential council meeting. They’re at the house where Rick stashed his disappearing gun. Thy’re trying to figure out a way to take Alexandria over already. So far, they’re the only ones in on it. Carol shoots at a walker so she could unload some bullets since the guys were to “take her out shooting.” And so one question answered: Carol’s hustle shall continue. Oh and now they spot a dead walker with a “W” carved into this forehead. Blatant foreshadowing alert. Michonne and Rick are having a heart-to-heart. Blah blah, what’s it all mean, blah blah. Daryl finds Aaron in the woods. Aaron is impressed that Daryl can differentiate between walkers and people by sound. I mean, Daryl IS impressive, so I get it. Daryl thinks Aaron was following him, Aaron says he’s hunting wabbits. Elmer Fudd in the hiz-ouse! Apologies for that one… Deanna, Michonne, Rick and Maggie are meeting now. The Congresswoman is talking about their future vibrant community with a government, industry and commerce. Real lives that they can be proud of. Rick tells Deanna that they need to amp up security and that there need to be constant and perpetual lookouts on the perimeter and in the watchtower. Security is virtually nonexistent. Deanna is hosting a welcome party for the new additions and Carol is having recipe chats with the neighbor ladies. Clearly we’ve been dropped into a parallel universe. Daryl and Aaron come upon a literal wild horse in a field. Aaron has been trying to lure him into the community to no avail, so Daryl approaches him instead. Oh, and the horse’s name is Buttons. Daryl gets pretty close but then a herd comes upon him and Buttons flees. Carol is getting some supplies and some dudes come in to get some weapons to check for damage on the wall. Carol pulls a stealth move and unlocks a window for later. Aaron is now talking about gay rights, and it kind of dawns on me that bigotry does not die with the rest of civilization. Instead it is rooted so deeply in people that it lives while most everything else dies. This makes me immeasurably sad. Now they’re at the welcome party, just a straight up hootenanny in the middle of zombie apocalypse. The group is so obviously uncomfortable it’s comical. Rick is now meeting with Congresswoman Deana’s husband, Reg. He’s talking about what an extraordinary person Rick is and I feel like maybe he’s crushing on him. Cuz now he’s also trying to booze him up. A little scotch never hurt anyone, right? Daryl and Aaron are still chasing after Black Beauty when they come upon more walkers. One trips Aaron up on the ground and Daryl, naturally, comes to the rescue. Black Beauty is finally overtaken by a herd of walkers and for the second time in this episode, I could sob. Really, was the horse absolutely fucking necessary, Kirkman?!?!??!?! Noah, Glenn and Maggie are trying to just, you know, hang at a party and have no idea how to handle themselves. Daryl is walking down the street alone and Aaron opens the door and invites him in. I honestly don’t even know what to say about this party. It’s really weird and just… unnatural at this point, or something. And it makes me feel like something really bad is about to happen. I think Carol snuck off because she’s back to being invisible again. Rick gets a stamp from one of the many creepy Alexandria children and I just don’t even know. Daryl is doing some serious slurping of  pasta at Eric and Aaron’s house, and, for some reason, everyone is talking about a pasta fucking maker. What is this foreign world? Aaron shows Daryl to his garage where a pile of bike parts is waiting. Aaron tells him he needs to put it together because he’s going to need a bike. Daryl asks him why and Aaron tells him that he thinks Daryl should be their other recruiter, because he knows how to handle himself. Also because Daryl knows the difference between good people and bad people, apparently. Abraham appears to be drunk and maybe flirting with Michonne? No, maybe that’s just him. Oh hell, I have no idea what I’m talking about at this point. I’m so thrown off by all of this that I just can’t get my head right. Carol has snuck back into the weapons locker and snags some more chocolate but gets caught by a smarmy little kid looking for more cookies. She tells him that he better never tell a single person that he saw her because she will come into his room and take him from his bed and tie him to a tree far away from his mommy so he can be eaten. No, I’m serious. She for real told this little kid something exactly like that. Rick and Jesse have a moment where I’m sure they’re going to bone. Nothing happens… yet, and we shoot to Congresswoman Deanna asking Sasha to talk. Sasha is feeling the same thing as me, apparently, because she suddenly has sensory overload and cannot handle all the false Stepfordness. Now she’s in full-on breakdown mode after a woman tells her she’s worried about making her a meal she doesn’t like. She cannot handle the frivolity of it all. Rick is having some weird moment and that’s the end of the episode. So very few questions answered this week. Just, fantastic. Welp, you know, stick with me and shit. I’ll be here, and confused, all season.

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