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Twice Trouble, Twice Fun: Scandal Doubles The Drama In This Double Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/09/2013 6:57 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Twice Trouble, Twice Fun: Scandal Doubles The Drama In This Double Recap
Media Courtesy of Tumblr

Erika Rivera

Senior Editor

Hello to all my Gladiators in suit! Sorry for my absence last week, real life is a major life sucker! Hope I don't get handled by you all! To make it up to you, I'll be giving you two recaps for the price of one, last week's and this week, which all roll into together. As always, if you haven't seen the episodes, keep it moving! First up, last week's episode, aptly titled "More Cattle, Less Bull":
  • President Grant and Rowan realize someone is looking into Operation Remington. That someone being a pair of ex-B613ers, Jake and Huck, hell bent on taking Rowan down.Jake and Huck learn the truth about Operation Remington, implying a correlation between President Grant's fighter jet in Iceland and the crash of the passenger plane Olivia’s mother was flying on. Yes, you read that correctly. Fitz might have taken down the love of his life's mother because of shady dealings. I'm sure that's not going to go over well with Ms. Pope as the episode ends. Not mention Olivia had made a decision in regards to Fitz before Jack and Huck come over to drop that bombshell.
  •  Cyrus and Mellie, Scandal's version of Iago and Lady Macbeth (couldn't help myself on that one) work on Fitz’s re-election campaign and try to hire Leo Bergen as manager, but he refuses. Bergen isn’t blind and goes onto list POTUS’ liabilities — including but by no means limited to his “My Wife’s a Frigid Shrew Problem.” All told, he notes, Fitz these days “looks like a loser. And if his heart’s not in it, he’s gonna lose. And I don’t ‘do’ losers.”
  • Democratic Congresswoman Josie Marcus hires Olivia when detail of her teen pregnancy is getting out. The Gladiators set course for Montana, to buy off the five people who could possibly blab about the bambino. When the baby daddy rebuffs their briefcase of money, they quickly realized that Cy’s “bitchboy” Ethan is about to put Billy Joe Lee on TV to tell all. Huck and Harrison quickly silence the guy with the threat of revealing a marital indiscretion (gotta love it when they can't keep it in their pants). “We got Pope’d, sir!” Ethan reports to Cy after his boss gets wind of what happened. In the end, Olivia’s team fails to contain it, forcing Marcus to admit the truth during the Democratic debate. She later fires Olivia, then changes her mind after realizing Olivia was right. Liv politely turns her down as she has other plans because...
  • During the White House Correspondents' Dinner, Mellie asks Olivia to come back and lead the re-election campaign. “Hear me out…,” the First Lady starts, asking Liv to run Fitz’s reelection campaign. “He’s not alive, he can’t breathe when you’re not here…. He needs you, so I need you. Come back to us.” Olivia agrees to but then Jake and Huck show up with their bit of news so...
  • Elsewhere, Vice President Sally Langston seeks Bergen’s advice on whether or not she should run as a third-party/independent candidate. David invited Abby to the press thing, but she clumsily flaked out — only to later show up in his apartment. Turns out, her ex was at the even. Baby Huck aka Quinn, who was frozen out by Huck and others throughout the episode, discreetly purchased a gun while in Montana. That can't be good.
Rounding out this lovely double recap, this week's episode, "Icarus" (like the one who flew too close to sun):
  • Olivia has to make a crucial choice that will impact all of her White House relationships. Starting off with Jake and Huck's little visit from last episode, Liv heads straight to the source. In the Oval Office, Fitz, Cyrus and Mellie await Liv’s arrival, anxious to hear if she’ll run their campaign (as much as Cy worries it’d be akin to “winged mistresses flying too close to the sun”). But upon entering, Liv asks for a moment with her president — and then asks bluntly: “Did you fly air support for Operation Remington? Or were you on another mission some place?” Fitz feigns ignorance, then sternly says that in bringing up this topic, she is talking to the Commander-in-Chief about a highly classified mission that doesn’t exist — “so like I said: I don’t know what you’re talking about.” That leads Olivia to make a decision to say hell to the no which means...
  • Olivia's team continues working with Josie, leaving Cyrus and Mellie scheming to take her down.
  • Meanwhile, Harrison's loyalties are tested. How? Cyrus tries to blackmail Harrison into having OPA drop the contender as a client. Seems some shady sort named Adnan Salif has applied for a visa, to re-enter the United States — and as Harrison tells Huck later, if that were to happen, Harrison’s a dead man. Huck deletes Salif’s visa application, but even when Harrison calls the chief of staff’s bluff, Cy isn’t truly deterred, and sets the wheels back in motion for Salif to get a visa. Points to Scandal's version of Iago!
  • By the end of the episode,  Fitz shows up at Liv’s to invite her back on the campaign trail and “be us again.” But all she wants is the truth. When Fitz insists that she stop digging, Olivia reveals the darkest fact at hand: that among the 300 fatalities, one was her mother. “Do you still not know what I’m talking about??” Fitz seems visibly surprised by this bombshell, but holds firm: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” *ERIKA STARTS SCREAMING AT THE TV: REALLY DUDE? COME ON MAN!!!*
  • Elsewhere, the VP and Leo plot to use her pro-Grant appearances to start laying out her own agenda. And when a celeb reverend rails against Fitz on TV, Sally is summoned to calm him — but instead courts him to support her ticket. That seems to easy, right? Spot on, Gladiators: the Rev's is one of Cyrus's minions. After dining with the Langstons, Mellie finds another morself. Mellie tells Cyrus that Sally has a liability: her handsy husband (raise your hand if you didn't see this coming).
  • As for Baby Huck aka Quinn, she starts practicing at a gun range, where Charlie shows up and offers some tips/encouragement — at Rowan’s bequest (Daddy Pope doesn't know when to quit). This cannot end well...
Well that's all for now, my fellow Gladiators. Until next week, consider yourselves handled!


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