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Twisted Sets Up Killer Season Finale With Poison of Interest

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/27/2013 3:01 am
Twisted Sets Up Killer Season Finale With Poison of Interest

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

The episode opens with Lacey and Jo returning to McNally Park to meet with Danny. He tries to tell them that he was not responsible for Regina’s death and that somebody had planted the necklace. Lacey tells him that there is no way they can trust him anymore and they leave Danny alone, clearly ending any good relations.

Meanwhile at Green Grove High, Rico storms into a mathlete meeting and confronts his friend Doug about how he got the video and Doug says that he’s the one who filmed it. He informs Rico that he found one of the Danny masks in the bushes and decided to film it. Rico warns him not to let the video get out. I’d like to point out that Doug officially wins the Sleaze Ball of the Year Award.

Across the campus, Danny runs into Coach Chandler leaving the building. Coach tells him that he was caught covering for Danny and that he had been fired. He warns Danny that he’s in for a world of hurt. He departs, leaving Danny standing alone and sad.

At the Masterson house, Kyle admits that he feels bad for Danny because he was punished for poisoning Cole when there was no real evidence to support the accusations. Jo asks him if this means that he finds Danny innocent in Regina’s murder and Tess asks if this has anything to do with Danny telling her about the necklace. Kyle then steps in and tells Jo that there is more to the case now besides the necklace and leaves.

Back at the school, Danny and Karen walk into what is supposedly a private meeting with Principal Tang where they realize that this meeting isn’t very private. The President of the school board and Gloria Crane, the vice president of the board, joins them. They want to expel Danny for supposedly missing a scheduled therapy session. Karen points out that they don’t care about the session, they want to expel him because they think he poisoned Cole. Before things become too heated, Principal Tang decides to hold a hearing where the board will hear both sides of the argument and decide his punishment.

At lunch in the cafeteria, Phoebe, Lacey and Serida are eating and talking about the possibility of Danny being expelled. Serida even tells Lacey that she hopes this is the “final nail in socio’s coffin”.

Danny confronts Cole outside and Cole tells him that after hearing all the facts he is almost positive that Danny poisoned him. Danny tries to tell him that he sees Cole as a friend and he’d never do that. He also tells Cole that Archie is influencing him and Cole gets mad at him for blaming Archie.

Outside, Jo and Rico are talking about Danny when Lacey walks over. Jo introduces Lacey and Rico and Rico loses his ability to form a full and coherent sentence. Rico leaves Jo and Lacey alone and they both tell each other that they haven’t talked to Danny yet. Archie walks over and says that he feels bad about Danny before walking away. When he’s out of earshot, Jo tells Lacey that Archie may be the person responsible for Cole’s poisoning because he only feels guilty and remorseful now.

At the Desai house, Danny confesses to his mother that he’s not going to win and that he’ll just be expelled. She tells him that she’ll talk to Tess about speaking at the hearing. She tells him that he can’t just give up and he needs to keep fighting.

At the diner, Kyle is talking to the mayor about Vikram because the company that Vikram was transferring money into was also sending money into city hall. Kyle also points out that all the files pertaining to the money don’t exist. The mayor says that he’s wasting time on unimportant things when he should be solving a murder and Kyle says that someone may be covering for Vikram. He also told the mayor to look into the missing files. The mayor looked suspiciously guilty.

Back at school, Tyler approaches Jo and tells her that he’s sorry about what he did and that he cancelled the documentary. He asks her to forgive him and to just be friends, and Jo just ignores him. Good. She can do better than that dick wad.

Lacey and Serida are talking in the hallway when Archie approaches. Lacey immediately friend-zones him and tells him that they are going to be friends only. Rico then interrupts and tells Lacey about the video that Doug made. Lacey thanks him for telling her before they part ways.

At the Desai house, Jo visits Danny and tells him that even though she doesn’t trust him, she believes that he didn’t poison Cole. She lets him know that Tyler had interviewed Cole for the now defunct documentary and that they could use that to show the board that he didn’t do it.

Back at the Masterson household, Kyle and Tess are talking. Tess asks Kyle to speak at the hearing on Danny’s behalf and Kyle tells her that it’s too complicated for him to do anything. He also tells her that he spoke to Gloria but only got a dead end.

That night, Lacey is having a sleepover and asks her friends if they would forgive her if she did something bad. They all say that they’d forgive her and Serida tells her that she’d always forgive her. But the way she looks at Lacey makes it seems like she knows more than she’ll let on because she knows that there is something going on with her and Danny.

In a dark room somewhere, Danny, Tyler and Jo watch the interview that Cole did with Tyler after he returned from being sick saying that Danny was a cool guy. Jo says they need to take it to the board but Danny tells them that they have to go to Cole first.

At lunch, Tess and Gloria are talking about the hearing and Tess says that she can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. She then uses that to try and guilt Gloria out of expelling Danny by saying that expelling Danny would only hurt Karen. She says that they are all mothers and that no mother should lose a child. Gloria tells her that it’s her mission to get Danny expelled, then charged with murder and then sent to prison for life before leaving.

Back at school, Danny and Jo confront Cole and show him the video. Cole tells him that he said all those things before he learned all the facts. He tells him that everybody turned on him and that if he admitted it in the hearing everyone would turn on him more. He then leaves, and Danny decides not to show the video.

Elsewhere, Rico discovers that the video has spread and informs Lacey, who tells him that her friends will forgive her if they see the video. Rico then tells her that Jo wouldn’t because Jo loves Danny. Lacey asks if she still does but doesn’t believe Rico when he says no.

All rise for the trial of Danny Desai. In the end, Jo and Tess were the only people who agreed to speak for Danny. The board had Archie, Cole and a teacher to speak against him. Archie went up first and fed the school board an over-dramatized version of the fight that happened earlier this season. He also said that having Danny on the soccer team affected morale because everyone was afraid of him. After Archie finished, a teacher stood and said that having Danny in his class made teaching difficult.

Then it was Cole’s turn. He walked up to the stand and told the board that he didn’t know if Danny actually did anything to him. He said that Danny was a cool guy and then sat down. Way to not help much, Cole!

Meanwhile, Lacey finds Doug and confronts him. She also insults a girl named Eloise for clicking her retainer before threatening to destroy Doug’s life if the video isn’t erased from every phone and computer that it was sent to. After Doug agrees, they leave and Rico tells her that Eloise doesn’t forget anything.

Back at the trial, Tess is trying to convince the board to give Danny a second chance when Gloria Crane speaks up. Warning: Playground-style cat fight ahead.

Gloria tells Tess that it’s “not appropriate” for her to speak when her husband is working on Regina’s murder case and claims that he’s doing a bad job. Tess tells her that she shouldn’t be allowed to be on the panel because it’s her personal vendetta to get Danny expelled. Gloria calls Danny a murderer and Karen chimes in, saying that he was her son and she had no right to talk about him that way. Then, Karen said the one thing I was waiting for her to say: she stood up and called Regina a whore and said that everybody knew it. The entire gathering began whispering and it was madness.

Once order was restored to the court, Jo got up to give her testimony. She said that she knew Danny was a good person. When she was asked how she knew, she stuttered out a few words about how she was falling. Then she burst into tears and ended her testimony. I’m torn between who gave a worse testimony: Jo, Cole or Karen and Tess.

At the police station, the mayor visits Kyle but brings a private investigator in to help with the case because the state didn’t like the negative PR of the case remaining unsolved. She immediately asks for all the evidence he has and all the information he has on Danny.

Back at school, Jo and Lacey share a cute moment where Jo tells Lacey that she loves Danny but that she knows he doesn’t feel the same way about her. She then tells Lacey that she would never date Danny without talking to her first because their friendship is more important to her than he is.

In the principal’s office, Danny receives the news that he’s been expelled. As he goes to clean out his locker, we see a wonderful montage of every student in school getting the video of him and Lacey. Archie, Serida and Phoebe all have mixed reactions and most of the students laugh.

We then see Lacey with the video and she’s sad, shocked, worried and partially embarrassed. We then see Doug and Eloise watching the video. Eloise has this sadistic look on her face and it’s clear she’s the cause.

Jo receives the video while studying with Rico at the diner. Before we can see her reaction, the scene cuts and we are left with a cliffhanger for the season finale, which is August 27th.


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