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Twitter to Consider Changing 140 Character Limit to 10,000

Sammi Silber | PopWrapped Author

Sammi Silber

01/08/2016 11:27 am
PopWrapped | Technology
Twitter to Consider Changing 140 Character Limit to 10,000 | Twitter
Media Courtesy of UncoverCalifornia

Well, fellow Tweeters. It seems that Twitter is ready to start letting us be a little bit longer with our word-count. You will now be able

To tweet way more than 140 characters. The popular social networking site, which has allotted users only 140 characters since the site was

Created in 2006 is now considering changes it character-limit. They will now plan to give users 10,000 characters to work with when it comes

To tweeting. If you are not sure how long 10,000 characters is, think of it this way. When typing five-letter words, you will be able to

Write at least 2,000 words per tweet. Some users are completely in favor of the change, given that when they are trying to tweet a story or

Attach a photo or a poll to a statement, they will no longer be limited and will be able to get out the full gist of what they are saying.

For instance, I could probably tweet out this entire story on Twitter instead of posting it here on PopWrapped thanks to the rule change.

Which brings me to the reason that I oppose this change and hope that Twitter does not go through with it. Journalistic sites are special.

Sites like ESPN, or PopWrapped, or even Facebook pages like Humans of New York, are hubs for viewers or fans to read their news. It is what

Helps websites grow and develop into the journalistic sites they are today. With a lot of work put into building these websites for traffic

Journalists rely on websites as forums for posting their stories. If Twitter just maximizes their character limit and allots for 2,000 words

Then what is stopping normal people, who aren't paid, from posting stories on Twitter? Journalism is already dying, and this would further

Murder the career, as well as kill an art form. Journalism is a skill, one that cannot be adopted by everyone, and those who have a passion

And career in journalism will no longer be special, given that "tweets" tell a story just like they can.

Not to mention, Twitter and "tweets" are meant to be short and sweet. That is why we all use Twitter; to make short statements. It is not a

Place for posting essays or term papers, let alone long rants concerning politics, gun control or other topics. The change would create more

Controversy and allot more space for cyberbullying, as well as long debates that I'm sure other users would not want to read about. Twitter

Users also go on to view short blips about things that interested them, not a million paragraphs on a certain topic. If they want that, they

Would visit websites or better yet watch the news. Twitter is created for the sole reason of accessing short pieces of information, and

That is what the site thrives on. If it allots more than 10,000 characters, what is stopping it from being just like Facebook?

I am in complete opposition to this change, and if you couldn't tell, each paragraph in this story is limited to the correct 140 characters.



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