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U.N. Orders Probe of Downed Malaysian Flight MH17 As Strange New Evidence Is Found

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Updated 07/22/2014 7:02pm
U.N. Orders Probe of Downed Malaysian Flight MH17 As Strange New Evidence Is Found
Media Courtesy of The Associated Press
Courtesy of The Associated Press Courtesy of The Associated Press

Jonathan Frahm

Staff Writer @JNoodles_

Just yesterday (July 21), the United Nations Security Council unanimously decided on a proposed solution to moving forward with finding out just what happened in a Ukrainian/separatist warzone to instigate the shooting down of a Malaysian airplane filled with hundreds of innocents. The plane was downed over eastern Ukraine early last Thursday (July 17), making headlines around the world and sparking global scrutiny of the ongoing Ukraine-separatist war. This is particularly true towards Russia, who is largely reported to be supporting the separatist rebellion against Ukraine's Constitutional republic. The resolution calls for a "full, thorough and independent international investigation", and has been cast into effect immediately. The bodies, which the separatists and Russian President Vladimir Putin had fallen under heavy criticism for inexplicably keeping from the U.N., have finally been released to the Ukrainian government. Furthermore, more questions are being raised than ever, as the cockpit of the Malaysian Boeing 777 had been inexplicably sawed in half while it was under separatist custody. It should be noted that the forceful U.N. decision only came after nearly a week of attempts from the U.S., Australia and the Netherlands to work together with President Putin to resolve towards an appropriate solution. However, Russian Ambassador Vitaly Churkin had this to say of U.N. involvement: "We could not simply allow the Security Council to endorse a Ukrainian-led investigation because we have no trust in their intention to conduct a truly objective investigation." Meanwhile, Russia has come under fire by members of the U.N. for not dealing with this problem ahead of the game. U.S. Ambassador Sarah Power had notoriously fiery words for the Russian government, claiming, "Russia's silence since Thursday sent a message to the illegal armed groups it supports: We have your backs ... We are not naïve: if Russia is not part of the solution, it will continue to be part of the problem." Needless to say, many details surrounding this situation are still up in the air and tensions are incredulously high. Let's hope that, now that the U.N. has a plan, it is precisely executed to lift the mysterious veil from this tragedy and bring closure to the loved ones of those involved in the tragedy of Flight MH17, as well as the world. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!


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