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United States And Other Nations Launch Airstrikes On ISIS

Aedan Juvet | PopWrapped Author

Aedan Juvet

Senior Staff Writer
09/23/2014 2:15 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
United States And Other Nations Launch Airstrikes On ISIS | ISIS
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On Monday, The United States, along with 5 Arab countries, launched a series of massive airstrikes against the Islamic State (known as ISIS) targets in Syria. The primary target appears to be the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa along with a multitude of nearby safe havens. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, at least 20 targets have been hit (mainly buildings) since the initial launch. Countries, alongside the US, include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan were participants in the series of attacks against ISIS. The strikes were made in combination with bombers, fighter jets and, as reported by CNN, 47 Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from U.S. ships in the Persian Gulf that began close to 8:30 p.m. EDT. The first wave went on for at least 90 minutes and, according to a source with The Huffingting Post the strikes are expected to play out for hours. The airstrikes follow approval from President Obama’s following a barrage of ISIS attacks; including killing thousands, disturbingly gruesome beheadings to numerous westerners and brutal daily public executions, according to activists. The leader of a largely supported group against Syria, Hadi Bahra, said in a statement
Tonight, the international community has joined our fight against ISIS in Syria. We have called for airstrikes such as those that commenced tonight with a heavy heart and deep concern, as these strikes begin in our own homeland. We insist that utmost care is taken to avoid civilian casualties.
With various Arab countries and the U.S. teaming up in an attempt to overthrow a vicious common threat, it's clear how serious of an issues ISIS has become. The operation seems to be ongoing and Military officials are currently claiming that the United States will be targeting ISIS control centers, training camps and supply facilities. Keep up with PopWrapped for more updates regarding the situation.


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