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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Uh...Oh...Ah..." This Week's Homeland Leaves Us Speechless

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/06/2013 10:56 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Tamara Fuentes

Staff Writer

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get worse for just about everybody, it definitely did. Let’s get right to it, shall we? Right off the bat we see Carrie going to Saul’s house looking for him. Mira explains to her that he’s not there and is at a meeting. Angry, Carrie leaves. Quinn and Saul are then seen talking about the files that Quinn recovered in Venezuela. Quinn asks that if anything valuable was found and Saul says no. Quinn says that something better be found feeling guilt that he killed the child. A new woman named Fara comes in. Saul receives a call and asks Quinn to fill her in. Quinn asks her how long she’s been with the CIA and she says four days, much to Quinn’s surprise. Saul talks with Dar about Carrie. Dar tells Saul that Carrie is now talking to a reporter, trying to giver her side of the story. Saul says that he’ll take care of it. Soon, we see Carrie about to start talking to the reporter until officers come in and tell her that she has a psychiatric order against her. She leaves, upset and angry that she won’t be able to tell her side of the story. Dana and Jess are in therapy where they’re both being question if they feel anything has changed. Dana says that she doesn’t seem anything is different but that she feels that she’s famous for all the wrong reasons. Carrie is chained to a hospital gurney where a doctor is questioning her. He asks her if she’s stopped taking her meds, which she says that she has but that she’s using an alternate program. He says that she has a court date the next day to see if she can be released. Saul visits Fara where she tells him that she can’t find anything on any of the computers. Saul mentions that her headscarf is causing controversy over at the CIA offices and that, if she wants to prove herself, that she should make a plan and find something in the files. She tells him that she has a plan, to talk to the banks that are involved in the bank records and question them, Saul is impressed and tells her that they will question them tomorrow and that Fara will be there with him. Jess starts to get overly concerned over Dana, asking her if she needs anything all the time. Dana, annoyed by her mom’s questions, leaves and goes to the bathroom. She starts to let the water run and Jess, hearing the water run, gets concerned. Quinn goes to visit Carrie and warn her that she can’t go out and tell people the truth of what’s going on at the CIA. He also tells her that she’s in danger and that he should be careful. Carrie, believing that Saul sent him over to warn her that if she doesn’t stop that the CIA will go after her, yells at Quinn and kicks him out. Jess goes out to find Dana in the bathroom, but can’t find her. She then goes around the house to see if she’s any of the other rooms and still can’t find her. Dana is then seen texting Leo, telling him that she’s outside. Leo sneaks her into the facility and they have sex. Carrie’s dad and sister are at her house trying to retrieve evidence for her trail. Saul comes over and asks for their help in trying to get Carrie to start her medication again. Although angry at him at first, they realize that Saul is on their side and agree to help him. Dana is then seen with Leo the next morning. She tells them that she wishes that it’s just them and that she doesn’t have to go back. Leo likes the idea and tells him that he would do anything to be with her. Police guards are then seen looking at them, showing that they’re caught. Carrie is seen on trail where her sister, father, and Quinn are present. Quinn wants to be a witness to her case, but she doesn’t want him to. Her sister and father try to convince her to take her meds again and she refuses. They continue to tell her that Saul is on her side and she doesn’t want to hear it. As the trail begins, she has a break down and is taken away. Saul is seen with the bank employees and questions the illegal transactions that happened. They ask where he got the evidence and he doesn’t tell them. Jess comes and picks Dana up from the hospital. When they get home, Jess questions if she does everything to get her attention. Dana then grabs her and takes her to the bathroom explaining to her that she really wanted to kill herself but now wants to be alive thanks to Leo. Quinn talks to Saul about Carrie’s breakdown, pinning the blame on Saul and the CIA. Quinn also explains to him that after this case is over, he is done with the CIA for good. Saul says that he doesn’t think he would and leaves it at that. Fara explains that she received more bank records and that she’s finally finding a link to Abu Nazir and the banks in Iran. Saul tells her that she’s doing well and that should keep looking. She later tells him about money that has gone missing and he tells her that that should be kept between them. Carrie is seen being strapped down to a gurney where the doctor tells her that all they want if for her to take her meds. She keeps fighting and they inject an atheistic in her. Dana is in her dad’s old shed where she’s looking at old photos of her mom and dad together. She then finds her dad’s praying rug where she puts herself down in the praying position. Carrie is then seen on a chair, looking forward mindlessly. Saul is then seen visiting her. He apologizes and she responds by telling him “fuck you” and she looks the other way. So what do you think? Do you think that Saul will make things right with Carrie? Will Carrie ever escape the psych ward? Where is Brody anyway? Guess we’re going to have to wait until next week to figure everything out. So excited to be recapping Homeland with you guys! See you all next week when we’ll have more questions to ask than answered as this new season unfolds!


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