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Uh-Oh: No 50th Trailer For Non-Comic Con Whovians?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/23/2013 1:25 am
Uh-Oh: No 50th Trailer For Non-Comic Con Whovians?

Dean Richards

Staff Writer

Yesterday at Comic Con the very first trailer for the 50th anniversary was released. Although it is said to be incredibly exciting, most Whovians still haven’t been able to see it.

Just before it was revealed, Steven Moffat was very clear about the fact that he would not tolerate anyone making videos of the trailer during the event. He stated that if anyone would upload footage onto the internet, there would be no more Comic Con exclusives.

Whovians at home didn’t care much about that, because in the meantime, they were missing out. They were hopeful, though, and soon enough sources started to suggest that the trailer would be on YouTube within two hours, making many devoted fans stay up late.

One day later, there is still no sign that anything will change.

Now things seem to have gotten even worse: a writer for The Mirror posted on his personal Twitter account that according to the BBC, the trailer was exclusive to Comic Con, and would thus not be showed to the rest of the world.  

Of course, these might all be guesses and nothing is confirmed, but the way in which Moffat urged the audience not to film any footage and the way in which he stressed the exclusiveness of the video…

Well… It seems like fans will have to wait at least quite another while…

In the meantime, the social media have been full of sarcastic comments from angry fans.

They are ranging all the way from people complaining about Moffat’s attitude to people questioning whether an expensive Comic Con ticket truly is the best way to recognize a devoted fan.

What we do know is that the 50th anniversary will feature the Daleks, and that according to those who have seen it, the trailer is very, very promising!

But perhaps that’s just rubbing salt in the wound…


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