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Undateable: 03x01, A "Will They/Won't They" Walks Into A Bar

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
10/13/2015 6:19 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Undateable: 03x01, A

Last year, Undateable had one live episode which was super successful!  Upon news of a third season renewal, it was announced the show would be live for the whole season!  They changed the name and here we go!

An epic phone chase between Jason and Danny happens because Danny deleted Scandal.

Justin gave out Chris D'elia's number on the live program.

Justin brings up his friendship with Scott Foley who guest starred on last seasons episode.

Justin spoils Empire for Danny!  Ps D'elia's phone blows up through the episode.

The show had musical guest Nico and Vinz with the hit 'Am I Wrong?'

Justin and Candace announced they're doing to date!  But Danny ruins it by saying all her friends will be gone if they break up.  Before ruining it, Justin reenacts how Danny would take the news.  "She's a lucky girl." Scott Foley shows up just as things go sour! Haha he is so great when he just pops up all like, "I'm TV's Scott Foley!"

Leslie got a haircut, which is loved and hated throughout the episode!

Y'all Burski has a first name!  It's Adam and he has a super hot girlfriend! What?  PS he's faking that he's blind.

The best part about the show being live is the little moments where they can't quite keep it together!

After many crazy antics.  A friend draft, Leslie's boobs making an appearance, many truth wars, and evil Danny plus spy Danny,

Candace finally decides to be with Justin.  I can't tell you every funny line because there are too many.  You know what they say about truth house and throwing truth stones.. You don't?  Neither does Danny!  Haha!  So, watch it.  Live!


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