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Television PopWrapped | Television

You Won't Believe Who Is Under The Sheet On HTGAWM

Amanda Rico | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Rico

11/26/2016 9:54 am
PopWrapped | Television
You Won't Believe Who Is Under The Sheet On HTGAWM | Under The Sheet
Media Courtesy of ABC

As usual, How to Get Away with Murder keeps the twists coming, especially when it comes to who is "under the sheet"! If you’ve been keeping up with this season, you know that one character was revealed to be safe each week. But, of course, nothing is ever that straightforward with HTGAWM.

Who Was Under The Sheet?

HTGAWM pulled a bait and switch with us and killed off a character we thought was safe! Wes! They killed off Wes!

As the night of the fire was recreated, we learned that Wes was meeting with the DA about immunity. It wasn’t until tonight’s episode that we learned he snuck out of the police station afterward. Frank was outside of Annalise's house and talking to Bonnie after the fire, and Nate was unaccounted for. But, Nate was alive and well at the hospital, and Wes was under the sheet!

As the weeks ticked by, it became obvious that the last two characters to be revealed would be Frank and Nate. They both seemed like obvious choices to kill off. Nate was more expendable. Although Nate interacted with the rest of the main cast, his connection was to Annalise. As for Frank, it seemed like he was living on borrowed time. He was on the outs with everyone. Annalise wanted him to shoot himself, and he was ready. Laurel was done with him. Bonnie was the only person that wanted him to live.

Frank may find a way to redeem himself, and Nate doesn’t need one -- unless one of them is responsible for killing Wes.

At the end of the episode, Nate revealed that Wes was dead before the fire. So now that we know who is under the sheet, how did Wes get there? Was Bonnie trying to protect Annalise? Or could she be the informant?

Killing Wes is the boldest and most heartbreaking move the show could’ve made. But HTGAWM made good on its promise to kill a main character that would have an emotional impact. After Annalise, Wes is the main character of HTGAWM, and people are upset.

Another Twist?

Of course, the ultimate soap opera twist would be if Wes faked his death; although I really don’t think there was enough time for someone to set that up because it would have had to happen after Annalise went to Bonnie’s but before the house went on fire. Unless he had help...

I had made my peace with Frank dying because, between him and Nate, there was more story if Frank died. Even though he burned all his bridges, he was still connected to everyone. I was a little annoyed that the show was going with an obvious choice, but, once I realized it was Wes, my jaw dropped. Not because I'm a huge Wes fan, but because it's a risky move killing off a main character, and I kinda love that the show did it, even if I hate it.

The second half of the season will deal with the fallout from Wes' death and learning who killed him. But we'll have to wait until January 19th to start getting answers to our questions. Trust us, we have plenty.


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