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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

UnREAL: 02x05, Infiltration

Ursula Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Ursula Martinez

07/17/2016 6:53 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
UnREAL: 02x05, Infiltration | Infiltration
Media Courtesy of James Dittiger / Lifetime

Ioan Gruffudd is in the house, this is not a drill! Yes, Mr. Fantastic himself made his UnREAL debut on this week’s episode, Infiltration. Read on to see what went down.

We start the episode seeing Coleman driving Rachel to the set with Jeremy jealously looking at her, and then telling her that she should own sleeping with Coleman. Yael aka “Hot Rachel” walks out of Jeremy’s truck (she’s calling him “babe” now) and I’m not sure if Rachel is a teensy bit jealous or just kind of irked that this is going on. Oh, and Yael came out of the truck holding a picture of Rachel full of holes saying it was “hilarious” that Jeremy did that. Yikes! Doesn’t Jeremy hold a grudge! Afterwards, Coleman sees the picture and learns that Rachel and Jeremy had “a thing” but still says Jeremy should be fired. Agreed Coleman. He should have been fired on the first episode.

Infiltration Photo by James Dittiger / Lifetime

Chet is out of jail, after he was taken during last week’s episode for kidnapping his son, and runs into Quinn. She is trying on dresses for the Impact Awards, where she plans to meet (and charm) John Booth played by the dashing Ioan Gruffudd, the new network owner. Chet tells him she’s the love of his life but she is totally uninterested.

Meanwhile, Coleman invites Rachel to the Impact Awards, telling her Quinn isn’t the showrunner anymore, he is, and the showrunner is the one who gets invited to the awards. Something tells me Quinn is not going to be happy about this. Yep, Rachel tells Quinn that Coleman is the one invited to the awards and Quinn is pretty darn furious.

Back to Everlasting, overnight dates are here! Darius will get to pick between the fan favorites (Yael and Dominique) for the overnight date. While the two girls are getting ready, Rachel gives some advice to Dominique, which we see play out on the next scene. When the girls are “selling themselves” to Darius, Dominique spills the beans about Yael sleeping with someone from the crew. Darius then chooses neither of them for the overnight date and instead picks Ruby. Yaaaas! Ruby and Darius are happy, Jay is happy, Rachel is happy, but Quinn, oh she’s mad. She yells at Madison to bring Rachel to the control room, but Coleman steps in and asks for everyone to leave so he can have a little talk with Quinn.

Infiltration Lifetime

Coleman tells Quinn that her formula for Everlasting, what she’s been doing for 14 seasons, is not enough anymore. That even with big ratings, broadcast TV will be dead in a few years, so they should try and do something memorable. He asks her if she “has some juice” He leaves and Quinn asks for Ruby’s file. I’m sensing some bad things will start happening soon.

Coleman tells Jeremy that he’s getting demoted (yes for standing up for Rachel!), so Jeremy does what someone naturally does in those cases, he pees on Coleman’s car. Classy. Chet finds him doing this and says he has an idea that will help both of them. Oh boy.

Infiltration Photo by James Dittiger / Lifetime

Quinn has cameras in the suitor’s room and when Jay enters the control room and sees that she’s watching them he instantly tells Quinn she shouldn’t be doing that, it’s wrong. But Quinn being the master manipulator we know she is, totally plays him into agreeing to her idea.

Cut to the Impact Awards and Rachel looking beautiful while Coleman points out John Booth. They go up to him with the plan of “selling themselves”. Lots of people “selling themselves” in this episode… Coleman comparing him and Rachel to J.J. Abrams is a bit too much, though. They are all happily conversing and then Quinn shows up. Booth appears to be quite taken by her, calling her a legend in a room full of legends. Madison calls Quinn and tells her the thing she wanted to do is done. Quinn leaves the awards show, inviting Booth along.

Infiltration Photo by James Dittiger / Lifetime

Ruby and Darius are being the cutest on their overnight date and Jay is watching giddily from the control room. He calls Rachel and tells her Ruby and Darius’ love story is epic and beautiful. Rachel wonders how he knows and when he tells her Quinn put cameras in the room, she knows Quinn is up to something. She tells Jay to go find out what is happening and she and Coleman bolt.

Infiltration Lifetime

While Jay is trying to find out what is going on, Quinn arrives at the control room with Booth and a few minutes later Ruby’s dad walks in. Did I forget to mention Ruby and Darius are having sex and it’s being broadcast on a dozen screens in the control room? It’s about to go down.

Quinn takes Ruby’s dad to the suite (with cameras following them, naturally). Just then Rachel and Coleman arrive and keep the cameras out. Quinn then begins to tell Rachel that she knows this is good television, that she knows she wants to have the cameras inside, “this is who you are Rachel, and this is what we love to do”. Rachel looks like she’s having a tough time deciding what to do but eventually sides with Quinn and lets the cameras in the room. Come on Rachel! Quinn smiles while Coleman looks on in disgust and leaves.

The scene between Ruby and his dad is heartbreaking. Her father says she’s more than what she’s portraying by being part of the show. Ruby tells him she’s in love and she laughs at the idea that someone could fall in love in 4 weeks. She tells him she’s staying and he says he’s ashamed of her. Poor Ruby, she sobs while Darius holds her.

Infiltration Lifetime

Quinn goes back to the control room and tells Madison and Jay to wake up the girls, elimination ceremony is happening right now. Booth is amazed and toasts “the master of disaster.”

Rachel goes to confront Quinn about what she did. Quinn tells Rachel that Coleman is her Chet, but Rachel is not Quinn, and she won’t survive it. Rachel says that is not what will happen, that in three years she’ll have her man and her own show. Quinn tells her “he’s a user, so just… be careful.” Is she actually concerned for Rachel? Hmmm…

Ruby and Darius talk before the elimination ceremony. She apologizes for what happened with her father and Darius tells her that he’s not enough for her; he’s just a football player. Ruby tells him that he can be much more than what he is right now, do much more with hi life. He says he knows it, but we are a bit worried about these two.

Infiltration Photo by James Dittiger / Lifetime

During elimination, Yael is miraculously safe while Dominique is out. But Darius say he’s not done yet. What is he doing? Oh noooo. He’s cutting Ruby. He tells her that he doesn’t like feeling that he’s not enough. Ruby pleads to him but he’s made up his mind and he cuts her. That is so wrong Darius! #TeamRuby

Infiltration Lifetime

Jay is appalled and completely pissed at Rachel. I am loving Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman this season especially, he is constantly bringing it, his facial expressions are everything. Just look at this gem:

Infiltration Photo by James Dittiger / Lifetime

Booth tries to get Quinn to go home with him but she tells him she needs to get a coffin for her dad. So off to Costco to buy a coffin they go. There’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. Chet looks on, not too pleased.

Coleman tells Rachel he’s concerned that Quinn is getting between them; Rachel promises she’s not. Coleman says ok but still says he wants to go home alone and crash since he’s so tired.

Rachel goes to change her dress and Jeremy – who had a strange ritual with Chet where he confessed he was still in love with Rachel – walks in. He’s drunk (of course he is), they argue, he tells her some really horrible things and then hits her. I never thought I would say this but thank God for Chet who walks in, throws Jeremy off the truck, and then fires him. He asks Rachel if she’s all right, she says yes but she looks shaken.

Infiltration Lifetime

Wow, what an episode, lots of twists and turns. What do you think is going to happen to Rachel after Jeremy’s assault? Do you think her relationship with Coleman is almost done for? Is Quinn really looking out for Rachel? Let us know your thoughts on Infiltration!


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