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This Man Is On Fire This Week On The Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/29/2014 9:08 am
PopWrapped | Television
This Man Is On Fire This Week On The Vampire Diaries
Media Courtesy of Credit The CW Network

Elena Butler

Staff Writer


The magical nature of the doppelganger blood was finally revealed this week and it comes as no surprise that it’s the biggest threat to vampires we've seen so far.  Using Sloan as a guinea pig, Markos revealed the big secret behind it all.  Somewhere else in town, Enzo was not happy to learn that the love of his life, Maggie, had been murdered and was dead set on revenge.  Let’s break down this episode and see how that panned out for everyone in Mystic Falls. “Man on Fire” picks up with Stefan helping Elena study at the library, Bonnie shows up and explains that she’s aware that if the other side disappears so will she, and Elena isn't willing to let her give up that easily.  Back in Mystic Falls, Damon shows up to pick up the traveler knife but Jeremy and Matt discover that it’s gone and the last person who saw it—Tyler—is nowhere to be found.  Damon calls Enzo to ask if he wants to join his search but he declines. We head over to an abandoned warehouse where Tyler is chained to a post.  We learn the name of his passenger—Julian—and Markos goes on to demonstrate how the blood of the two doppelgangers works in their favor.  They turn Sloan into a vampire and when she ingests the doppelganger blood she reverts back to her last human state.  Unfortunately for her, that state was “dead.”  So, feeding vampires Stefan and Elena’s blood will turn them back to dead humans. Back at Whitmore, Enzo shows up to confront Stefan about a discovery he’s made.  The beheaded body of Maggie was found in 1960 and he believes Stefan murdered her.  Stefan insists that he was “clean” during that time and was barely feeding on humans.  Enzo forces Liv to use her powers against Elena and Stefan in order to torture a confession out of him.  He calls Damon to see if he can get him Stefan’s journals but Damon tells him Stefan burned them a while ago.  There’s a flashback to Election Night in 1960 and we see Stefan feeding on a woman before compelling her to go away.  Maggie shows up and asks him about Damon, she’s looking to kill him after finding out about Enzo’s “death.”  Stefan feeds on her but back in present time says he only did it to scare her. After Enzo threatens to kill Bonnie, Stefan is forced to admit that he did murder Maggie.  Later, Damon goes to Sheriff Forbes to ask about Maggie’s case and realizes he was the one who killed her not Stefan.  There’s another flashback to Enzo’s time with Maggie, she wants him to turn her so they can run away together but instead, he compels her to forget about him and run away.  Back in the library, Bonnie asks Liv if there’s anything she can do to save the other side.  Liv advises her to say goodbye to her friends and to tell Jeremy the truth about what’s happening.  Later, Bonnie lies to Jeremy and tells him Liv might be able to do something to save her. Damon shows up at the library and confesses that he was the one who killed Maggie but was unaware of who she was.  There’s another flashback to Election Night where Maggie talks to Damon about Whitmore and the fire.  He becomes suspicious and when she tries to stab him with a syringe full of vervain, he realizes she’s an Augustine member.  Damon strangles her so tightly that her head comes off.  Back in the present, Enzo tells Damon he doesn't want to hate him because he’s the only thing he has.  Instead, he turns off his humanity.  Damon tries to convince him to leave town with him but he opts to avenge Maggie’s death by taking Elena hostage. Stefan is convinced Enzo can’t be saved and he’ll hurt Elena unless they stop him for good but Damon thinks he can fix it.  Stefan finds Enzo and Elena first and they engage in a scuffle.  When Damon shows up he only finds Elena unconscious on the ground, after having her neck broken by Enzo.  He takes her back to her house and leaves before she wakes up.  Meanwhile, Enzo and Stefan are still fighting and Stefan plunges his hand in Enzo’s chest, taking a hold of his heart.  Enzo eventually kills himself by pushing away from Stefan, knowing his death will cause a rift between the brothers.  Later, Stefan wants everyone to keep Enzo’s death a secret so as to not cause Damon any more pain.  They make him believe he left town. Enzo passes through Bonnie but not before letting her know that he’s good when it comes to revenge.  Back at the Salvatore home, Damon has a talk with Stefan and admits that Enzo was there for him when no one else was.  He’s the one who always reminded him that he had a family and defended Stefan even though he didn’t know him.  Damon tells Stefan that they both owe him for always helping him when he was at his lowest.  The episode ends with Enzo’s ghost watching them and saying it’s too late to make amends.  He warns that his revenge is just getting started. Did Stefan forget that Damon killed his best friend, Lexi?  Is it messed up to think that Stefan (sort of) killing Enzo is just them getting even?  Anyway, what did you guys think of “Man on Fire?”  Is Enzo going to have enough time to get revenge or is the other side going to disintegrate before that happens?  And what’s going to happen to Bonnie, will they find a way to save her?  Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.


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