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Television PopWrapped | Television

Vampire Diaries Season Six, Episode One: "I'll Remember"

Lorraine Levis | PopWrapped Author

Lorraine Levis

10/06/2014 11:35 am
PopWrapped | Television
Vampire Diaries Season Six, Episode One:
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We're baaaaacccckkk! That’s right, your favourite vampires, werewolves (kinda) and witches (not so much) are back on our screens once again. OK, I know there are a lot of differences between the character’s species status since last time but I think we can handle it! Now, before we get going, remember, the purpose of this article is to recap the episode for those of you who want to go over things again or who didn’t get a chance to see it so SPOILERS! Seriously guys, I won’t tell you again! Right, so the season opens with our usual pre-title screen teaser. A couple are getting cozy in a tent in the woods when they hear someone moving outside. Concerned, they go out (always a bad idea) to see what it is. Thankfully, when the alternative is a vampire, it's only Sheriff Forbes busting them for underage drinking. They are led to the car when suddenly the girl and the Sheriff disappear and leave the man alone. We are treated to a Vampire Diaries favourite as the girl is dropped from a height, covered in blood. The last thing we see is a long-haired attacker jumping down from the trees...Ominous. So finally we are back to the action. Following the deaths of Damon and Bonnie last season, Elena has chosen to become a doctor and seems to be coping a bit too well. Alarick, who we are very happy to see back from the dead, is now a professor of the occult at the university and is struggling to come to terms with the fact that he is a vamp. Both of these instances are very useful as Elena now has access to blood at all times and she has someone to talk to as Caroline has dropped out to research how to lift the traveler’s curse which is stopping all magical creatures from entering Mystic Falls. Stefan has gone on a mission to try and find a witch who can get Bonnie and Damon back, while masquerading as a sexy mechanic in an unknown location. Speaking of our favorite doomed town, we see Mystic Falls being rebuilt after the Traveller invasion and everyone seem pretty happy to be rid of the guys that were killing them all the time. Our lovely boys also make an appearance as Tyler is back in college, a human, and is ignoring the werewolf curse that looms over his head. He is more concerned with making flirtatious eye-contact with the witch Liv who is seriously not interested. Jeremy is dealing with the death of his girlfriend by being very productive and staying inside the house, eating pizza, playing video games and having relations with various women. Did I say productive? I meant destructive. Last but not least, the ever innocent Matt is concerned with helping everyone and has volunteered as a community safety officer of some sort. OK, I think we’re up to date! The main tension of this episode comes as Elena has taken to consuming witch “herbs” which make her hallucinate Damon so she doesn’t have to say goodbye. Seems like a good plan, except she has basically lost control of her blood lust and has been stalking the perimeter of Mystic Falls attacking and then compelling anyone who wanders out. After one of the victims gets away into the town, Caroline confronts Elena and demands she give up the drugs and start coming to terms with her loss. Luckily Matt gets to the injured girl before anyone else and takes her to the border so Caroline can compel her. Stefan, it seems, is finding comfort in other places as we are introduced to Ivy, a human he has been seeing. Although its obvious hes trying not to get too close, he admits that he likes her but won’t tell her anything about himself and it turns out that he has given up on trying to save his brother. Alarick, while chaperoning at a college party (is that something that happens at college?) meets Elena’s lecturer from the medical center and tries to flirt with her, pretty much embarrassing himself in the process. Elena, wanting some hope to keep her going, rings Stefan to see if he has found anything. When she discovers that he has stopped looking, she falls into despair and takes the drugs one more time so she can say goodbye. The vision- Damon tells her that she will never be able to let go and so she goes to Alarick to ask him to compel her to forget everything about Damon so that she can face an eternity without him. Now, while this sounds like the kind of cliff-hanger this programme likes to leave things on, we are treated (or tortured) with a last little scene where we see Damon making smiley-faced (vampire-toothed) pancakes for, you guessed it, Bonnie in a lovely house without a care in the world. What the heck is that about?! They don’t seem to remember the whole dying thing so where are they? You’ll have to keep watching to find out! So what do you guys think of the new series? Same-old same-old or do you think we have an exciting time ahead of us? Let us know in the comments!
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