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Veronica Roth Talks Controversial Allegiant Ending v2

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/31/2013 12:17 am
Veronica Roth Talks Controversial Allegiant Ending v2

Emma Barrios

Staff Writer

People were looking forward to the third and final installment of Veronica Roth's dystopian trilogy but seems like most people were really upset about the outcome of the newly released book.
“Allegiant” by Veronica Roth was released last week and had an impressive first day with high sales numbers as it sold 455,000 copies in all formats all over the world-, according to Publishers Weekly. Even the pre-sales were high before the book's release. But now that the book has been out for a couple of days, some people are starting to wonder why they even waited in the first place.  Some readers are expressing intense displeasure of how ias they read further and further into the books. The ending, to many of her passionate readers, seems to very controversial.


Roth kills the protagonist Tris at the ending of Allegiant, the trilogy-ending book that is currently being turned into a hopeful movie franchise starring Shailene Woodley. Its no surprise that readers aren't pleased, they should learn that from television. Some fans took to Twitter to express their happiness or displeasure with the book. There were those, like Laura Burris, who seemed quite satisfied with the finale. “#Allegiant. Completed. Heartbroken. Numb. Amazed. @VeronicaRoth is a goddess,” she wrote. But for others it was a different story. Twitter user Jirah Catungal tweeting, “I want to cry [because] of Allegiant but I feel numb,” while Izzy Lightwood tweeted that "THE PAIN OF ALLEGIANT FEELS LIKE AN OPEN WOUND SPRINKLED WITH SALT OIL AND ALCOHOL."
Roth wrote a lengthy blog post addressing upset fans.
  “I've said before that this ending was always a part of the plan, but one thing I want to make clear is that I didn't choose it to shock anyone, or to upset anyone, or because I’m ruthless with my characters — no, no, no. It’s just before her mother gives up her life that Tris figures out how those identities fit together, combining selflessness and bravery and love for her family and love for her faction all together under one umbrella: Divergent. It’s a moment of triumph followed by a moment of total devastation, when Natalie dies so that Tris can escape. She was still struggling with her beliefs about selflessness — but this time, she was wondering whether Caleb, when he volunteered to go on the one-way mission to the Weapons Lab, was motivated by love or guilt. She struggled with whether it was ethical to let Caleb’s sacrifice happen throughout the rest of the book. At the end, she had a conversation with David where she told him her beliefs about sacrifice that it should come from love, strength, and necessity. That was a Tris who knew what she believed about selflessness. Who knew who she was? Who knew what she wanted to do.”
Roth outlines that she sees the main plot of all the books to be about Tris journey in figuring out where she belongs, what she was to become - stuff like that.
If you've read "Allegiant", what did you think of the ending?


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