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'Virtual Reality Bites' on this week's iZombie

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/24/2015 6:35 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
'Virtual Reality Bites' on this week's iZombie | iZombie
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This "iZombie" episode begins with Major at the Morgue. If you're like me, you may have thought he died, but like with many shows, the main cast rarely dies. 


Major tries to talk himself out of his "Candyman" situation  by bringing up Liv's new love interest. That shit don't work, Major. Also, your increased testosterone will NOT help Liv feel better about what you did.

In another part of the city, Blaine's boo goes all zombie and kills the delivery boy. Uh-oh.

This week's brains: Simon Cutler, 32 years old, 300 lbs., shut-in, and notorious hacker/troll/gamer. Typical gamer stereotype, if you get what I mean.

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At the scene of the crime, there was a birthday card with confetti. I'm sorry Liv, but you got some nasty brains for lunch. Did I mention that she likes junk food, too?

Speaking of junk food, after taking a bite out of a donut, Liv sees a vision of Simon spitting out a donut after realizing he's allergic to it. He quickly injects himself with an EpiPen.

Major gets a reality check at the group home he volunteers for, which is pretty ironic, by the way. He hasn't been able to accept that the kids he's searching for are dead.

When Liv shares her discoveries with Clive, he appears to have a 'vision', too. He notices that the confetti was a disguise to hide peanut powder.


Just when Liv is about to meet up with Lowell, she begins to feel dizzy. Forgetting that he was a zombie, she tries to make an excuse for not making the date at first only to remember shortly afterwards.


At the Morgue, another body has mysteriously shown up slobbered with bear saliva, indicating that a bear left some damage. On the other hand, the neck wounds came from a carpenter's claw hammer. When discovering that the victim is a foster kid, Ravi pointed out that the victim is eating some very expensive stuff like truffles. Before leaving, Clive hands Ravi a laptop for Liv to work her 'magic' on.

The next day, she's able to unlock it's contents even though it's password protected. She then opens up a MMORPG called Warlock Forest. Not understanding what games mean to a gamer, she thinks that this is "where grown mean pretend to be warrior gnomes and quest after magical knickknacks." This is an insult to Ravi because he thinks it's for relaxation while performing "virtual heroic tasks" that do require teamwork, creativity, and tactical skill. While playing the game, she finds out that Simon (a.k.a. Sim Reaper) has destroyed Full Auto's soul brethren. Ravi signs up to 'help' Liv in the game.

Later that night, Liv finds she is surprisingly good at gaming, instantly becoming the leader of the group while simultaneously eating junk food. She meets up with Full Auto, who turns out to be a 14 year old boy living in New York.

In other news, Ravi is saddened by the fact that Full Auto had 20 soul brethren while his highest was 3.

Lowell drops by shortly afterwards to 'check in' on Liv. They have a heart-on-heart conversation about the times when they were once alive, bringing them even closer together (even an attempt at a kiss). Maybe next time, you two. Things get weird-er when Simon's laptop displays 'the slutty women of Warlock Forest', as Lowell leaves.


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Major gets another wake up call when he attempts to go to Liv's place. Thankfully, Ravi is his roommate.

More awkwardness avoided.

At Meat Cute, Clive investigates the death of the bear-slobbered kid who just happens to be the store's own delivery boy (who was killed by Blaine's girlfriend). Before Clive starts his search of the area, Liv calls him with her latest update on Simon. I gotta say, that was a close one for the store owner. Taking action, he eventually kills (?) his boo/customer.

The next day, the detective and Liv (through a webcam) talk to former donut store bosses. Former, because they were victims of Simon who was allergic to their crullers and took "his business elsewhere". While they were celebrating his death, they owners weren't the ones who killed him. The duo soon came to realize that another donut shop was responsible for the hacker's death.

While Liv hacks on Simon's computer, she gets a vision as she opens a canned soda. She envisions Simon opening the card, which plays the melody of "Ring Around the Rosie." The person who killed Simon is Sean Posey! His reason? The death of his sister, Shanie. Simon essentially ruined her life, causing her to commit suicide. To Sean, it was worth it.

With this in mind, Liv decides to not let life pass her by. She visits Lowell to clear the awkwardness between them the other night, and kisses him.

At the Rajor pad (yes, it's a thing), Major finally 'discovers' who the Candyman is and someone else... Major reveals it to his roomie, who then shares it with Liv. Blaine's in deep water now...and so is Liv's younger brother!

Are you ready for more zombie action, Popwrappers? Stay tuned next week!

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