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Wal-Mart Claims Tracy Morgan Was Completely At Fault In Car Accident

Chris Dattoli | PopWrapped Author

Chris Dattoli

09/30/2014 4:02 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Wal-Mart Claims Tracy Morgan Was Completely At Fault In Car Accident | Tracy Morgan
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Wal-Mart has reached an all time low.  They are now claiming that Tracy Morgan is completely at fault for the horrific injuries he sustained in the traffic accident that almost claimed his life earlier this year! The reason Wal-Mart is stating that it was all his fault, apart from the fact that Wal-Mart higher-ups are complete jerks, is because Morgan wasn't wearing his seat belt...really? Never mind that the driver, Kevin Roper, was driving for almost 24 hours straight prior to the crash.  Never mind the fact that Roper fell asleep behind the wheel, which led to the accident, or the fact that a tractor trailer crashed into the back of the limo. If only Morgan was wearing his seatbelt, then he would have been safe and sound - bunch of knuckleheads! Now I may not be a scientist or anything like genius Tony Stark, aside from the sweet beard I have, but something tells me that if an object of gigantic proportion crashes into an object of much smaller size at high speed, it can cause anything inside the smaller object to sustain catastrophic damage. The company says that's what caused most, if not all, of Tracy's injuries. The company didn't even confirm that Roper was an employee of Wal-Mart... what, did this man decide to steal a Wal-Mart truck and go for a joy ride after staying awake for an entire DAY?! Morgan sued Wal-Mart for that accident that left him seriously injured, and also killed his friend and mentor Jimmy Mack.  I hope justice finds its way into the courtroom and delivers a swift kick right into Wal-Mart's ass. Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!

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