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The Walking Dead: 06x05, Now

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
11/11/2015 7:35 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 06x05, Now | Now
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

I’m filling in tonight for The Walking Dead and also watching my first episode since Tyrese was killed.  I’m very behind.  So... here we go!

We begin with some people I haven’t seen.  I’m guessing our group has picked them up but I’ll listen closely for names.  Are they in Alexandria?  I think it might be a new town and they’re cleaning up bodies.  Michonne just broke the news about Glenn to Maggie but we didn’t get a reaction because Rick came running in with a lot of walkers chasing him.  Ok, this is Alexandria.  They are safely gated. The redhead seems super PTSD seeing these walkers.

This group is officially too big.  Rick is speechifying.  Looks like it’s time for a war or another search for a new home.  Rick seems confident that for now they can keep the walkers out.  Tara’s hair hasn’t gotten long.

Rick doesn’t know about Glenn.  Aaron is confident with Rick’s plan. Daryl is still out with the walkers... I don’t know if we’ll even see him tonight.  The curly hair guy is taking blame.  I’m happy Morgan is back!

Deanna is the redhead’s name.  She’s wandering off with her crazy self.  So, this town got attacked by something and that is the mess these folks are trying to clean up.  Jesse is digging graves but Rick stops her and says that they can’t bury killers inside the walls.  So, the attack was from people.

There is a supply shortage.  Why are there so many characters? Bruce wants all the supplies for his family but Spencer (who left the gate open) says they won’t be any better than the people who destroyed their town if they turn on each other.

Is no one going to tell Rick about Glenn?  Maggie has tension with curly hair guy probably because it’s all his fault.  They are writing the names of their dead on the wall like a memorial.  Aaron is gonna talk to Maggie because she’s on a mission.  He wants to help her.

Deanna is playing with a map.  She is writing a code of some sort. Spencer lives with her and he’s drowning his sorrows.  She’s his mom.  This family has a lot of baggage.

Carl has made a messed up little friend.  Will someone please cut Carl’s hair?  They need to find someone and it’s the new kids girlfriend.  So everyone is going to just leave this town in the night and get eaten…

Glasses is taking care of a sick guy and Tara walks in on her.  Glasses is feeling bad for herself but Tara is here to make her feel better. Oh, these folks call walkers ‘roamers’.  I don’t love that name.  Glasses wants a doctor to come into town so she can go read.  Too bad, gotta be strong and help or you won’t make it on this show.

Jesse (I’m 90% sure) finds a walker inside one of the houses.  I think it’s someone they know.  That’s so sad.  Jesse took care of her.  These people need Daryl around because he shows everyone that it’ll be okay.  Jesse is speechifying now which is grand.  I vote they leave this town because I’m bored.

Aaron is taking Maggie out underneath the city.  This is an interesting plot line.  Maggie tries to go on her own but Aaron refuses to let her go alone.  She is going to find Glenn or at least confirm he isn’t coming back.  That’s why she hasn’t reacted yet because she isn’t accepting it.  And they found a ladder which they moved to uncover swamp zombies!  OMG!  Aaron saved them both. Woah! Disgusting doesn't close to cover it.

Glasses found something in the book to help her with the dying man. ‘Hot Damn’ is an official medical phrase.

Rick is on top of the wall watching and radioing for Daryl and Abraham and Sasha.  The new kid joins Rick to tell him about the missing girl about how Carl wanted to go out.  This kid wants to learn how to fight walkers.  Rick is going to teach that kid how to shoot.

Glasses goes to Tara and they kiss.  I kinda expected that.  Glasses is doing what she wants because she thinks the world is going to end.

Maggie and Aaron are traveling through the tunnels and they still have a lot of walkers to face.  They attracted the walkers with their fighting.  OMG Maggie’s pregnant!!!!  She has no pictures left because she thought they’d never be apart.  Oh she’s feeling it now. Poor Maggie, she’s suffered the most of any of them.

Deanna  gets attacked and she’s not killing that walker correctly at all.  Way to unleash your anger, woman.  Rick saved her and she finally wants to act and live.  She thinks Rick should lead them.  She’s probably right, though.  He’s done well through the last couple years. If I’d been caught up I would get the emotions of this episode, sorry guys. Also, if there are incorrect names just know it’s been a minute since I tuned in and now that I’m watching I remember why.  Too many feels!

Maggie and Aaron are standing guard and she says she’ll be right back.  But will she?  Oh, she’s erasing Glenn’s name from the dead. Aaron joins her and erases Nicholas’ name, too.  He wants them to name the baby after him.

It’s Carol’s turn but she’s... well, we haven’t seen her this whole episode.

Jessie must have lost someone too.  She seems really sad.  Rick walks up on her and he doesn’t want to bury anyone because the others aren’t back.  She’s convinced that they are in the now but there has to be more out there, a future.  Oh, snap!  Rick is making out with her.  Has he kissed anyone since his wife?

Redhead is at the gate and she’s stirring up the walkers.  I guess whatever gets you off.  Someone’s blood was coming through a wall…

Looks like we’ll see some friends next week!


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