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The Walking Dead: 07x02, The Well

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

11/10/2016 5:59 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Walking Dead: 07x02, The Well | well
Media Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

Well, this episode of The Walking Dead was certainly a departure from last week's bloodbath. Honestly, very little happened as far as furthering Episode One's story, as we didn't even get a glimpse at the broken core group but focused entirely on Carol, Morgan and the infamous Kingdom and its sire, King Ezekiel (and his tiger, more on that later). 

"The Well" Recap

Like I said above, we did not even see Rick, Maggie and the rest of the group that experienced Negan's living nightmare last week. Instead, Morgan takes Carol to his secret utopia, The Kingdom. As he's low key explaining where they are, he wheels her into a school auditorium to meet the ruler of The Kingdom, King Ezekiel and, yes, his pet tiger Shiva -- whom he saved from certain death at a local zoo and took in because he couldn't leave her behind.

Well AMC

Carol is naturally dubious about this entire set up. This place has pomegranates and cobbler with every meal and pet tigers. It offers luxury she can no longer even wrap her head around. She tells Morgan he's a fool for believing in fairy tales at this point and that she will bounce at the very first chance she gets.

Meanwhile, Morgan tags along on some missions with The Knights of The Kingdom and discovers that, for some reason, the community hogs are permitted to dine on walkers. I would think that would infect the meat pretty effectively.

When some of Negan's Saviors show up to collect their weekly pork ration, it all makes sense. They're feeding Negan's henchmen infected meat. Fecking brilliant.

One of The Knights gets into a skirmish with one of The Saviors and directly kicks his ass. The Savior's delicate, wounded feelings require some blood, and he's permitted to take a couple of free shots.

The leader of this pack of Saviors, however, appears to legitimately respect Ezekiel and stops him at two blows. Negan's recruitment of chachbag fuckboys is consistent, at least.

They drive off with their infected pork and remind Ezekiel that next week they'll be coming for their produce. No one is safe from The Saviors, it seems.

Well AMC

Carol decides it's time for her to take her leave and tries to grab some fruit for the road when Ezekiel calls out to her from the shadows. Ezekiel tries to convince her to stay in his paradise, and she tells him that she can't stay -- this place is a joke, and you laugh at jokes. He's clearly taken aback; I imagine not many people talk to him like that, but Carol keeps it real, always. It doesn't matter if you're a self-professed king, she will call you out on your bullshit.

He's intrigued by that, though; I can see it in his eyes. This is a man who appreciates strength, no matter the vessel. Perhaps he has found someone that he sees as his match -- because, no joke, he's laying it on pretty thick. I feel some sexual tension.

As a complete aside, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the utter lack of sex (Michonne & Rick/Abraham & Rosita notwithstanding) on this show is unrealistic, in my opinion. You cannot honestly tell me that, in a walker apocalypse in which adrenaline is constantly coursing through your body, survivors would not be hooking up left and right. End of world stuff makes people want to bang. A never-ceasing fear of death would impel people to do the things in life that make them feel most alive. Nothing feels more empowering and life-affirming than a mind-blowing orgasm.

Well AMC

Okay, so Carol decides to go anyway, and Morgan walks her out. Well, they ride out together on a couple of horses and dismount in front of a dilapidated house. They have a cute exchange, and Carol walks to the house and slays the walker waiting inside. Feel like they could have at least let her keep a horse, you know? Hard to protect maybe, but damn so convenient.

She's getting settled after slaying the dead when there's a knock at her door. From the kitchen she hears a resounding roar from the porch and opens it to find King Ezekiel and Shiva with a pomegranate looking all imposing and sexy, and that's the end of the episode.

No doubt about it, they're going to bone.

I'm not sure how to feel about Ezekiel at this point. I want to trust him -- kind of almost do, come to think of it. He claims to want to spread as much as goodness as he can, to try and counteract the bad in the world, but I dunno. When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. For now I will remain cautiously optimistic. With The Walking Dead, you honestly never really know.

Until next week, Deadheads!


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