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Television PopWrapped | Television

The Walking Dead: 5 Ways It Could End

Kyle Walton | PopWrapped Author

Kyle Walton

04/12/2017 6:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
The Walking Dead: 5 Ways It Could End | The Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of AMC

The Walking Dead is, without question, one of the hottest shows of the past decade. Since its first season debuted in 2010, fans have endured painful death after painful death, with very few positive events having occurred for Rick Grimes and friends in the past seven years.

Nevertheless, The Walking Dead has spawned endless merchandise, fan-fictions, and even a spinoff series. However, like all good things, The Walking Dead will eventually have to come to an end. Exactly how that will happen is a mystery for now, but, without further ado, PopWrapped offers 5 ways the show could end.

5. The Walkers Go Extinct

Of all the ways that show runners could ultimately decide to end The Walking Dead, happily probably isn’t the best bet. However, that’s not to say that it’s an impossibility.

One of the ways the show could end is that the walkers simply go extinct. This is something that, arguably, has been building since the first episode aired, with the dead continuously reducing to a pile of rotting flesh as each season goes on. We can see from some more recent episodes that their fragile skulls are becoming all the easier to penetrate. Compare this to the first season, where killing a walker often took more than a subtle thrust of a pocket knife.

With this evidence, an argument can be made that the walkers are becoming weaker as time goes on (either due to starvation, rot, or both). What if the series simply ended when the last walker falls?

In all fairness, this ending leaves a lot of questions unanswered. For example, the walkers becoming extinct doesn’t solve the problem of humans turning when they die. Additionally, this finale doesn’t automatically end the numerous conflicts that exist among the living. With people like Negan and The Saviors continuing to hold so much power, perhaps this isn’t the most ideal way to conclude.

4. A Cure is Found

While this is unlikely if one considers that this possibility was all but forgotten by the end of Season 5, it doesn’t mean it couldn’t still happen. What if a cure to this virus actually is found eventually?

Of course, this begs the question of how Rick and the others would implement this miracle cure. Within the context of the series, it seems as though the disease’s range is so widespread that our beloved cast of characters would have to practically deliver the cure atomic bomb style to have any hope of succeeding.

If by some miracle this became a possibility, the ending still doesn’t solve the problem of power struggle that has been a staple of The Walking Dead for years. It also doesn’t bring back the (likely) millions of lives that have been lost over the years.

3. Everyone Dies

In the most realistic option for The Walking Dead’s conclusion, each and every character could simply succumb to the overwhelming odds eventually. We’re talking the zombie apocalypse here. Looking at the situation statistically, it’s extremely likely that the majority of the world’s 7 billion people went zombie instead of surviving. It could be that the relatively small groups that viewers have seen thus far are just that: minorities.

With that said, it only makes sense that the survivors (all of them, good or bad) are hugely outnumbered. If that is the case, the walkers could simply overwhelm them all before long; walkers are basically immortal after all.

Of course, the likelihood of the this ending becomes even greater when one considers that the living are quite fond of murdering each other as it is, which only further decreases the population. Seeing as how Judith is practically the only baby we’ve seen born since the show began, it’s also probably safe to say that reproduction rates and infant mortality aren’t where they should be if civilization is to be restored.

2. Carl and Judith Are Sole Survivors

This ending will keep things on a small scale, relevant only to the characters that viewers have come to truly know over the years. With Rick’s son Carl having been merely a boy when the apocalypse occurred, he’s lived a large part of his life struggling to survive in this dystopian reality. As for Judith, she was born after the outbreak and, therefore, knows nothing about the way life was before it.

What if the series ends with Rick and the majority of the adults dying, leaving Carl and Judith as the only remaining regular characters? In a way, this might actually be horrible. For Carl and his baby sister (who has been a baby for FAR too long at this point) to be left to fend for themselves as the series fades to black is actually quite a grim thought. However, Carl may be clever enough to make it work for them, even if he does have only one eye.

The problem here is that this option is almost an anti-climax that could leave viewers unsatisfied. Then again, it’s not like The Walking Dead isn’t infamous for pissing off its diehard fan-base every now and again.

1. Rick Wakes Up

Speaking of anti-climaxes, it doesn’t get any worse than this. In a possible ending that The Walking Dead’s fans have been fearing since Season 1, the grand finale of the entire apocalypse could be nothing more than a prolonged coma dream. In this case, everyone breathes a collective sigh of disappointment.

This theory stems from the first episode of the entire series. Way back when things were all bright and cheery, Rick Grimes and his now-deceased partner Shane Walsh were your average run-of-the-mill police officers. It is in this episode that Rick falls into a coma following a gunshot wound. Eventually, he wakes up, only to discover that the world has been overrun with zombies.

But what if Rick’s awakening never actually happened at all? What if, after countless seasons and endless heart-wrenching deaths, Rick Grimes awakes in his hospital bed, and all is right with the world?

Admittedly, the problem here is an obvious one. We, as viewers, will feel absolutely cheated. That said, however, Rick’s awakening is still the most logical choice to end the series. If a zombie apocalypse, starvation, several occurrences of ultimate warfare, and a murderous sociopath with a barbed-wire baseball bat can’t stop our heroes, maybe it’s just because our heroes never existed after all.

How do you think The Walking Dead will eventually conclude? Do you think any of the endings on our list are a real possibility? How would you end the series? We hope you enjoyed our list! 


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