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Wanna Play Again? Chucky Makes A Lackluster Return In "Curse Of Chucky"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/10/2013 8:29 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Wanna Play Again? Chucky Makes A Lackluster Return In

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

As you might have guessed, Chucky is back and scarier than he’s ever been, although that statement is up for serious debate. I took some time to view the film, and thought I’d give our readers a review of what I thought of it. Most of you who are around my age (late 20’s) are familiar with the Child’s Play series. These films were meant to scare the ever living crap out of you. As a child, this film series managed to scare me so badly that I ended up with Pediophobia, an irrational fear of dolls. Bearing that in mind, here is my review of Curse Of Chucky. Curse Of Chucky was made in order to reboot the Child’s Play franchise, in order to scare a whole new generation of children. The film was given a straight to DVD release this past Tuesday, which doesn’t speak well of films such as this one. It’s my belief that this film could have been fairly successful, had it actually been released in the theaters. However, there are certain plot points that raised a few questions. This review of mine does reveal SPOILERS and plot points, so if you haven’t seen any of the previous films or this one, I strongly suggest you stop reading now! Curse Of Chucky takes place four years after the events of Seed Of Chucky. Chucky (voiced by Brad Dourif) is mailed to the home of a paraplegic woman named Nica, her mother and her family. It comes as no surprise that Chucky befriends the little girl of the family and then starts killing everyone. The kills in this Chucky were actually pretty good, although they could have been more intense for a reboot. Don Mancini, who created the original Child’s Play series, also did this film as well. There’s an interesting backstory involving Chucky and the family that he’s stalking, and a few surprise appearances from past Child’s Play stars. All in all, the film left quite a lot to be desired and could have been done better. Chucky’s new face was a nice change from the awfulness that was his stitched up face, and I was none too thrilled to see it make a comeback throughout the film. See, Chucky’s new face turned out to be a mask that started peeling off. This actually made me go, “So much for him scaring me now.” The thing is, Chucky’s face was what’s been scaring me for 25 years, but when he looks like he’s been stitched and pulled like a Thanksgiving turkey, it’s not as scary. Chucky had some good one liners, none that were as bad as those from Bride & Seed Of Chucky - those were AWFUL! Watch the film at your own risk. It’s better than the last two Chucky films, but not nearly as good as the first three. If you are hoping to get a decent scare out of this film, then I am sad to tell you that this film falls short, give or take a few moments.


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