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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Was It Trick Or Treat On This Week's Face Off?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/18/2013 2:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Was It Trick Or Treat On This Week's Face Off?
Media Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

McKenzie and a graveyard. There's always something fun on Face Off and last night was no different. The spotlight challenge was Halloween inspired. The artists had to re-imagine the classic vampire, clown, scarecrow, skeleton, and devil costumes and make them a creature of the night. In the spirit of Halloween, they had to create a trick element like a blood gag or LED lights. Roy and Alana chose a devil. Miranda and Tate chose skeleton. Frank and Eddie chose scarecrow. Laney and Scott chose the clown. Laura and Lyma chose the vampire. Miranda struggled with her concept from the get-go. Frank thought his scarecrow was too simple. Alana wanted to put LED lights under silicon to imitate lava. Roy, for his gag, wanted to fabricate wings. Eddie's scarecrow looked like it was feeding on crows and for his gag, his creature's chest was going to bleed. Frank wanted his scarecrow's eyes to glow. Tate's 'Lady of the Cemetery' was a corpse and she was pushing herself out of the grave. His gag? A beating heart. Miranda, with the help of Lyma, finally pieced together a concept of a voodoo doctor who people go to get their dead loved ones back. Lyma's vampire was half human, half bat. Lights in the eyes are her trick. Scott's concept for his clown was he's a serial killer who's ripped out his own heart and his trick is a heart that makes noise when it's squeezed. Laney's trick is a fake stomach where intestines come out. Laura's concept is a vampire who started out pretty but has since started feeding himself with his own flesh. Day two brings nine and half hours in the lab. Mr. Westmore and McKenzie came with their walk through's and Mr. Westmore gave the artists valuable tips on their gags and their concepts. Unfortunately for Scott, as he was trying to open his mold, it locked up and it cracked and it pieces broke off of it. Eddie was nervous that the four hours on application day wouldn't be enough to finish all of his ideas. On application day, Alana's silicon idea faltered when her LEDs break and then her silicon sets up. Miranda continued to struggle as she fell further and further behind. Laney chose to use cotton candy as her clown's hair and it completely melted off. In final looks, she struggled to piece it back together. Going into the reveal stage, not a lot of people were confident in their final results. Laura, Miranda, Eddie and Frank were all safe. Scott was in bottom looks with his poor paint job and sculptural aspects. Roy was in top looks. His paint job and the face job were what the judges loved the most. Laney was also part of top looks but was told to not point out her missteps such as her cotton candy hair melting. Lyma was happy with her work but the judges didn't like it due to her cheap looking eyes. Tate was top looks as well. His makeup was cited as being balanced and well painted and conceptually strong. Alana was on bottom look, her face sculpt falling short. Glen Hetrick called it 'uninspired and inadequate'. The winner of the challenge was Tate. He was safe along with Laney and Roy. Alana was the only veteran in bottom looks and the person going home was Lyma. Her lack of 'anatomical accuracy' was the reason she was sent home. Only nine artists remain. Who will be the next to be sent home? Find out next week on Face Off.


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