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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Wayward Pines: 01x02 Don't Discuss Your Life Before

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

05/22/2015 8:23 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x02 Don't Discuss Your Life Before | Wayward Pines
Media Courtesy of tvafterdark

Wayward Pines' second episode picks up where the first one left off; Arthur roughs Ethan up and informs him that he called Ethan’s workplace and they had no idea who Ethan was. Is Arthur truly telling the truth? After everything that’s happened in the previous episode and by the end of this one, it’s safe to assume Sheriff Arnold Pope can’t be trusted.

As Arthur explains the rules of Wayward Pines to Ethan, a biker chimes in and explains rule #1 is: Don’t try to leave Wayward Pines. We figured as much after Ethan’s fruitless escape and the townsfolks bizarre demeanor.

Back at Ethan’s hotel, Ethan tries to use the front desk computer only to notice it’s not working; there’s not even a single newspaper in sight. After that disappointing discovery, Ethan heads over to the place where he found Agent Evan’s corpse. While investigating, Ethan finds a notebook Evans hid in his shoes. Before Ethan can look over the notebook, Arthur arrives on scene insistent on ruining Ethan’s one-man investigation.

Arthur sternly warns Ethan and demands he head back to his hotel. Does Ethan listen? Of course he doesn’t. Ethan instead heads over to Beverly’s workplace where she mentions Evan’s notebook (apparently it’s of some great importance) and gives Ethan cash for a coffee. While waiting for his coffee, Ethan attempts to call Theresa and his workplace. He can’t reach Theresa, but he talks to the same woman from the episode before who claimed to work for the secret service; Ethan soon discovers he’s not speaking to someone from his work.

Before he can thoroughly question who he’s talking to, the woman hangs up. Just before Ethan hands his cash to the barista, he takes a minute to inspect the cash. What he notices isn’t revealed till later. The barista lets Ethan know Kate works at a toy store after he asks her where he can find Kate.

Ethan pays Kate a visit and doesn’t waste any time, instead going straight to asking questions about Wayward Pines. Kate is evasive and seems to want to be anywhere but there. She formally introduces Ethan to her husband Harold, who seems to be acting a bit too nonchalant around Ethan. Once Harold leaves, Ethan resumes his interrogation and asks Kate why the money in Wayward Pines is counterfeit. The dollar bills also have dates that go from 1988 and earlier. Is this taking place in the past or is this a way to persuade people into thinking they’re leaving in the past?

Instead of giving Ethan any answers, Kate informs Ethan of where Agent Evans' wife lives; confusing Ethan even further, since he knows Evans didn’t have a wife. Ethan pays a visit to Evan’s wife who informs him that Evans killed himself right in front of her. The plot keeps thickening and we’re not even halfway through the season. Wayward Pines is setting up a lot of mysteries; I just hope they all get solved by episode 10’s end.

Ethan makes his way over to the sheriff’s office, where he has quite a hilarious sass-session with Arlene, Arthur’s secretary. The scene was brief, but provided some welcome humor amongst all the confusion. Ethan asks Arthur is Evans' body has been moved to the morgue to which Arthur says yes, leading to Ethan making his way over to the hospitals morgue despite Arthur’s warning. I thoroughly enjoy Ethan giving Arthur a hard time. Their interactions with one another are quite engaging and resemble more of a game than anything; a game where one makes a move after the other. I hope to see an expansion in their dynamic.

Ethan manages to snag Evans' notebook from the morgue before Nurse Pam appears in the morgue (yay! McCreepy is back and she’s even creepier than before- I didn’t think that was possible!). Pam, who’s pretty bruised up because of Ethan, starts to taunt Ethan about his wife, even making a bold comment about their sex-life. Oh Pam, your hair-raising behavior knows no bounds. Ignoring Pam’s comments, Ethan heads out into the hall only to see Theresa and Ben strapped to stretchers and being wheeled away.

While looking for Theresa and Ben, Ethan stumbles into Dr. Jenkins who informs Ethan no new patients have been admitted to the hospital (using Ethan’s sighting of his wife and kid as a way to convince Ethan that he needs surgery and he’s becoming more delusional by the second). Ethan leaves the hospital in a rush. Meanwhile, Theresa tries to get more information about Ethan’s disappearance from Hassler who ultimately reveals nothing to her. Ben believes Ethan is either dead or he’s run off with Kate.

Ethan and Beverly meet up in their crypt hang-out spot and remove the tracker placed in Ethan’s leg. Ethan cuts his leg open, sticks his fingers inside said leg, proceeds to remove the chip and then duct-tape the wound closed. I repeat, he duct-taped the flesh wound closed...and seemed relatively okay with it. In fact, Ethan doesn’t even limp; pretty soon I forgot he even cut his leg open. Am I the only one who found that bizarre and strangely amusing?

While chatting, Beverly reveals to Ethan that Evans' throat was slit in front of the entire town by Arthur. After that startling revelation, the two head back into town where they’re later invited (by Kate) to have dinner at Kate and Harold’s house; an invitation Ethan accepts in order to keep their suspicions at bay.

Theresa makes life-changing decision by deciding to find Ethan and find out once and for all what has happened to him. Ben insists on going along as well. Will Theresa and Ben become trapped in Wayward Pines just like Ethan? I wouldn’t be surprised and the rivalry and tension between Kate and Theresa is going to be fierce (I’m hoping for a Black Widow-esque fight scene between the two, but that’s far-fetched).

Pam and Arlene are discussing Ethan and his troubling attitude while Beverly listens in. They comment that Beverly might be able to settle down since Ethan seems to be rather interested in her. Beverly quickly dispels that comment by mentioning Ethan’s wife which earns Beverly a gaze of disapproval by Pam and Arlene who mention that Beverly must not speak of the past.

This episode tried to emphasize that no citizen should talk about or question their past. Ethan is off in the woods, following a map he found in Evans' notebook; Ethan finds a bag hidden in the trees and wastes no time in snatching it up.

Ethan and Beverly have dinner with Kate and Harold; before arriving, Ethan comes up with an escape plan which leaves Beverly a nervous wreck which is how she remains through-out the dinner. Beverly gets even more skittish when she speaks about her past, mentioning her daughter. Ethan’s plan, which consisted of the both of them ditching their trackers at Kate’s house and then heading to the crypt for Evan’s bag, takes an unexpected turn when Beverly sneaks out of the house, leaving him behind and abruptly ending the awkward dinner.

Once Ethan leaves Harold’s air of nonchalance drops as he asks Kate if she thinks they’ll try and escape, to which Kate responds yes.  Ethan catches up to Beverly and tries to calm her down; Beverly asks Ethan if she doesn’t make it out alive, if he can go see her daughter. Ethan assures Beverly she’ll make it. Seconds after that statement, an alarm goes off which Beverly says happened before Evans was publically executed. The citizens of Wayward Pines rush out of their houses’ armed with flash lights and weapons; Kate and Harold seemed to have informed Arnold of Beverly, “speaking of the past.”

Ethan ushers Beverly to escape without him and that he’ll draw their attention. It’s a plan that ultimately fails because Beverly is apprehended and Ethan is not there to help her because he’s fighting and trying to flee from a man eager to catch him. The two duel it out in a house, with Ethan unaware that Beverly’s execution is taking place right outside the window. Arthur thanks Kate and Harold for their tip (I’m holding a furious grudge against them right now) and proceeds to slit Beverly’s throat. Ethan stabs his attacker and looks out the window to see the horrific scene.

The crowd’s reaction is mixed; some seem pleased, while others look downright guilty and horrified. As Ethan helplessly watches on, Theresa and Ben are on their way to Boise, Idaho; where Kate was relocated for work. Andddd that concluded episode 2 of Wayward Pines.

My optimism and excitement for the series has not died down and has only grown. The preview for the next episode titled “Our Town, Our Law” looks more intense then the first two with Theresa closing in and with what looks like Arnold attempting to kill her and Ben by sabotaging her vehicle. I wish it were Thursday already!

What were your thoughts on this week’s episode of Wayward Pines? Are you still interested and have you formulated any theories? Let us know in the comments below!

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