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Wayward Pines: 01x04 One Of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen To Retire

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

06/06/2015 2:51 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x04 One Of Our Senior Realtors Has Chosen To Retire | Wayward Pines

Just when Wayward Pines gets one step closer to giving its audience a notable clue, it adds an additional mystery to the equation. Nonetheless, this week’s episode was fantastic and gets us one step closer to solving the mystery of Wayward Pines.

This week’s episode picks up right where we left off last week. Sheriff Pope is dead and Ethan tells Ben that “wolves” dragged Pope’s body away. With Ben out of ear-shot, Ethan explains to Theresa just what’s going on.  Ethan, who doesn’t know what’s going on himself, explains what he does know to Theresa and advises that the best thing they can do for now is lie low and pretend to be a normal, happy family. Ben receives a package (and it’s the middle of the night) and it’s his school uniform and a letter confirming Ben has been enrolled in Wayward Pines Academy.

Ethan is rather quickly appointed sheriff and has the privilege of meeting the wacky town’s Mayor. Mayor Fisher hints at the immense power Ethan now holds in his hands due to his new status as sheriff. Ethan is offering fake smiles all around and tries to get some information on who appointed him sheriff; he obviously doesn’t get any answers. At this point, if I were Ethan I would have given up, but Ethan remains persistent and refuses to settle down in a place that’s not his home. Is his lasting determination, drive and curiosity what make him so special? It’s obvious whoever’s behind Wayward Pines favors Ethan to a certain extent, even going as far as giving Ethan a position of power. Ethan finds boxes of files, detailing the lives of the residents of Wayward Pines. These files give Ethan a chance to get to know who these people were before becoming trapped in the eerie town. Pam, whose becoming increasingly antagonistic, brings in a man named Peter who she demands Ethan reckon because he defaced public property. Ethan makes it clear that there will be no reckoning, a statement that greatly displeases Pam who seems to have her eyes set on the sheriff’s position.

Ben’s first day at school is off to an odd start. He’s led to a room by Mrs. Fisher (the Mayor’s wife and a teacher at the school) and she begins to question him about his home, repeatedly asking where is home? It’s clear that she’s trying to brainwash Ben, in a sense, and get him to accept Wayward Pines as his home along with planting seeds of doubt and mistrust about his father. Ben befriends a girl at his school and out rightly asks her if there are any wild animals behind the walls. Ben clearly got his lack of subtly from his father yet he lacks the curiosity and cautious nature Ethan has.

Theresa and Kate come face to face and their meeting was pretty anticlimactic and laced with riddles on Kate’s part as she cryptically tells Theresa she’s changed, but she hasn’t realized it yet. All through-out Kate’s odd speech, Theresa just stared at her with a look of utter disdain and disappointment. I was hoping for a cat-fight, but Theresa’s expressions will suffice. I really love the character of Theresa, she’s probably my favorite, and I hope future episodes will center more on her and Ethan. Ethan begins questioning Peter and tries to get some information about the town from him, but like the others Peter gives him nothing. Ethan then receives a phone call informing him Peter’s reckoning will take place the next night. It’s quite obvious that Ethan won’t be following that command. Once he gets home, he confides in Theresa and the two try to figure out what their next move will be. Ethan decides Mayor Fisher is his best chance at finding something out because he appeared to want to tell Ethan something when they first met. Mrs. Fisher, Ethan reveals, was a hypno-therapist before coming to Wayward Pines; it’s clear she’s utilizing her past profession when dealing with the school’s kids.

Ethan decides to question Peter once more and is thrown for a loop with what Peter has to say. Peter explains that in 2001 he met a charming brunette named Denise who he slept with despite being a married man; he blacked out shortly after and woke up in a different hotel room with Denise by his side except she was older and her name was Pam. So a younger Nurse Pam was Peter’s one night stand who aged, to Peter, in the blink of an eye. Wayward Pines excels at the element of surprise because I certainly wasn’t expecting that bombshell. Ethan’s slight slack-jaw, shocked and confused expression is basically how I reacted to the scene.

The Burkes head out to dinner with the Fishers. Kate spots them immediately and she seemed a tad bit jealous when she saw Ethan and Theresa together. Ethan gets a chance to talk to Mayor Fisher privately and Fisher hints at the children being the focal point of Wayward Pines; he also warns Ethan to be careful around Mrs. Fisher. Pam offers a toast to Ethan, in celebration of him becoming the sheriff and Ethan cuts Pam’s speech short by coming up with his own. He vows that as long as he’s sheriff, he’ll expose the evils of the town and bring the true criminals to justice. Ethan leads Peter out into the woods in hopes of hiding him there, but Peter commits suicide making it look like Ethan killed him. Before dying, Peter admits Wayward Pines needs a man like Ethan around. Ethan heads home, tells Theresa to continue playing along while he goes to look for help. Armed with a shotgun and a bag of supplies, Ethan scales a cliff where at the top a pale, white Voldemort look-alike is watching him amongst the trees.  Is it an alien???????? That last image concluded Wayward Pines fourth episode and by the looks of next week’s episode, we’re finally going to get some legitimate answers.

While we eagerly wait for Thursday, do you guys have any theories about the creature or even the time issues Wayward Pines seems to have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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