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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Wayward Pines: 01x07, Betrayal

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/09/2015 9:03 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x07, Betrayal | Wayward Pines
Media Courtesy of TV After Dark
Last week’s episode left us with Ethan being made fully aware of the truth behind Wayward Pines, as well as the introduction of this season’s “antagonists”, Kate and Harold. They are the anti-Wayward Pines extremists who are determined to leave their prison and see what’s become of the outside world, completely oblivious to the existence of the aberrations. Out of everyone in this episode, Ethan seems to be having the roughest time, as no one seems willingly to believe in the truth about Wayward Pines. Despite Pilcher’s warning, Ethan tells Theresa everything he’s learned about Wayward Pines, which normally, one would believe that is a good thing. Unfortunately for Ethan and the patience of the viewers, Theresa doesn’t believe Ethan and instead thinks he’s been brainwashed by the head honcho’s of the mysterious town. Really Theresa, really?! You believe a complete stranger in regards to the cryosleep pods, yet what Ethan tells you seems completely out of touch with reality? I was enjoying the team-up element between Ethan and Theresa; looks like that aspect of the series was short-lived. I can’t quite seem to understand why Theresa is having such a hard time believing Ethan. After everything that’s happened in that creepy town, I’m baffled that this is what makes Theresa think Ethan was brainwashed. No one else believes Ethan, leaving him completely on his own. What will it take for Theresa to finally believe in Ethan and the truth about Wayward Pines? Theresa might have to see the world and the aberrations that have taken over it in order to finally open her eyes and believe the truth Ethan presented before her. Ethan’s bad luck continues as he finds a bomb in his car. After barely escaping a bomb-induced death, Ethan looks through Pope’s files and sets his suspicions on Franklin Dobbs, who just so happens to be a former explosives engineer. Ethan interrogates a mum Dobbs who reveals nothing of great importance. However, this does usher Ethan’s suspicion over to Kate’s other half, Harold, who turns his tail and runs away from Ethan. I laughed for a good couple minutes during this scene because where exactly does Harold think he can run to? Firstly, Wayward Pines is surrounded by walls as tall as the Great Wall of China and secondly, Ethan is the town’s Sheriff; not much good will come out of running from the man whose been put in charge. The chase lasts a mere second and Harold is dragged into a round of interrogation. During the questioning, Ethan demands to know the name of the leader of the resistance and Harold confesses to acting alone which is a load of bull. Ethan recognizes the lie, but it’s enough for him to know that Kate is behind the revolt. Ethan then switches tactics and decides to confront Kate, who confirms his suspicions. He reasons that the resistance group was her way of staying sane in the town of Wayward Pines. Ethan then proceeds to tell her the truth about the town as well as the world and Kate practically laughs at him; Ethan has no choice but to let Kate go. How foolish is Kate going to feel when she realizes that Ethan was indeed telling the truth? I simply cannot wait for realization to set in for not only Kate and Theresa, but the town as well. Kate and Harold meet up and decide to go ahead of schedule with their bombing plan, thanks to Ethan. Nurse Pam then calls the two up and demands their presence at the Wayward Pines Hospital. Pam holds their annual fertility consult, deeming Harold and Kate fit enough for a child. Pam hints at the possibility of a child for the two and Harold is left wondering why Kate hasn’t become pregnant. Kate and Harold are on their way out when Pam makes one last eerie remark, “The perfect Wayward Pines couple, don’t let me down.” Pam is still the creepiest character on the show; she doesn’t even have to try these days, she bats an eyelid and I get the creeps. Kate runs into Theresa and the two sort of bond over, of all things, Ethan’s bizarre theory about the town. Oh, you foolish girls! This was yet another scene that produced giggles from me as I simply could not get over how utterly baffling these two were acting. They think Ethan’s words are bizarre now, wait until they finally find out the truth for themselves. Their way of learning the truth could cost them their lives and the lives of the townspeople. Kate says a final goodbye to Theresa who relays the odd farewell to Ethan; he automatically knows Kate plans on setting her plan into motion that night. Ethan heads off to the edge of town where Kate and the resistance group are just seconds from blowing through the gate separating them from the world. Let’s take a break from the standoff and talk about one of this episode’s essential characters: Ben. You must be wondering, what has Ben been up to this entire episode since I’ve failed to mention him even once? Ben basically spends the episode in his own storyline, which involves Amy, procreation and Mrs. Fisher. Mrs. Fisher has deemed Amy as Ben’s perfect match and seems eager for the two of them to have kids and carry on the human race. How freaking creepy can Mrs. Fisher get? Apparently she knows no limits or boundaries and encourages Amy to get intimate with Ben. Ben agrees to go out with Amy and the two make a plan to stowaway on a delivery truck that will take them to the forest. Back to the standoff; Ethan faces off against Kate and holds her at gunpoint demanding that Hobbs disable the bomb, which he ultimately does end up doing. Ethan drags the members of the resistance and places them behind bars. It’s only then that Ethan notices Harold missing, immediately realizing there’s a second bomb. The bomb, which is disguised as a music box, happens to be on a delivery truck that Ethan decides to pursue. Guess who else is on that truck? That’s right - it’s the same truck Ben and Amy are on. Amy picks up the music box which promptly blows up. Ethan finds both Amy and Ben, who are still intact. They’re unconscious and bloody, but still alive. Um…how exactly is that possible? A bomb blew up and Amy still has her limbs? I don’t get it. Obviously since Ben and Amy are alive and the resistance group will move forward with their plans, but what will happen when the aberrations are thrown into the mix? Wayward Pines will soon be coming to a close and the episodes are building to the inevitable climax; what fate awaits Ethan and the residents of Wayward Pines? How do you think Wayward Pines will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!


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