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Wayward Pines: 01x05 The Truth

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

06/13/2015 2:28 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x05 The Truth | Wayward Pines
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The truth behind Wayward Pines is finally revealed and it certainly wasn’t what I was expecting. Like, not at all. Let’s delve into this week’s episode, titled “The Truth,” and find out what the truth exactly is and the events that lead to the unraveling of Wayward Pines' biggest secret.

“The Truth” picks up right where last week’s episode left off. Ethan has made his way up the cliff and is surrounded by vast amounts of woods. He escapes the woods only to be surrounded by more woods. While wandering around, the pale creature we saw last week makes an appearance and even slashes Ethan’s arm when he attempts to shoot it. It simply moved far too rapidly and Ethan only succeeds in wasting his shotgun shells, so Ethan makes the smart decision and retreats.

Meanwhile, Ben is acting like a typical angsty teenager when he lashes out at Theresa after she tries to caution him from trusting too easily. Ben is fed up with his mother’s advice and is far keener on the idea of making friends because he had none back at home. Theresa starts her first day as a realtor and meets her eccentric and creepy partner Bob who hands her her first “assignment” which consists of Theresa giving a new citizen of Wayward Pines a house. We then cut to Ben whose orientation has just begun along with two other students. Mrs. Fisher emphasizes only the best of the best will be able to join Wayward Pines 1st generation and in order to do so they need to be prepared for the truth. While all this is happening, Ethan is still wandering the woods in an attempt to look for help.

Theresa meets Wayne, her first client, who insists he saw something awful before he woke up in the hospital. Before Theresa can further question him, Nurse Pam ruins the moment and subtly implies Theresa needs to watch her back; there’s no room for rebels. Then we finally (finally) find out what those pale creatures in the woods are. These creatures are basically the devolution of human beings. They’re referred to as “abbys” short for aberration; a once normal human being that mutated back into something more primal and they travel in packs. As Mrs. Fisher explains this to a bewildered Ben and the others, Ethan sees a herd of abbys, quite clearly, for the first time.

Ben is not sure what to make of the information he’s received and is hesitant to believe abbys even exist. After all, if they’re real then why hasn’t he heard of them before? If that info was hard for Ben to digest then what he learned next was even harder to comprehend. Mrs. Fisher reveals most of human civilization has been wiped out and that it’s the year 4028 not 2014; everyone present at Wayward Pines is there because they were chosen. Wayward Pines is all that’s left of humanity and is basically a safe haven. Ethan stumbles onto the truth all on his own as he gazes upon the destroyed city of Boise.  Each chosen individual was placed in a hibernation chamber after his or her accident. The citizens of Wayward Pines were chosen to ensure the survival of the human race, but only the kids know the truth behind Wayward Pines. Mrs. Fisher explains that the adults have no need to know the truth because it would destroy them. It seems like Ethan and Theresa are the only ones close to the truth. Wayne reveals to Theresa that he was in a pod (the hibernation chamber) of some sort and that there were dozens of other pods filled with people.

Mrs. Fisher reveals further secrets by talking about the founder of Wayward Pines; a scientist named David Pilcher, who predicted the devolution of man-kind. Ethan meets David who turns out to be Dr. Jenkins. The resident psychologist is actually the founder of Wayward Pines. He urges Ethan to come with him if he wishes to learn the truth. Ethan eventually agrees and boards the copper where Nurse Pam is waiting to dress his wounds. Ben officially makes it through the orientation and is welcomed to Wayward Pine’s 1st generation by all the other students who are waiting for him with lit candles. They start banging on their desks and honestly creep me the hell out. It seemed more like a cult gathering more than anything else. This concluded this week’s jam-packed episode of Wayward Pines. I honestly don’t know how I feel about “the truth” behind Wayward Pines. There are still so many questions that need to be answered and it’s quite obvious we haven’t discovered the complete truth about Wayward Pines.

What were your thoughts on Wayward Pines “truth”? Let us know in the comments below!

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