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Wayward Pines: 1x06, Choices

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

06/28/2015 6:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 1x06, Choices | Wayward Pines
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Wayward Pines is back after a two-week break and this week’s episode, titled “Choices,” delved deeper into “the truth” of Wayward Pines; the truth that was revealed when we left off.

“Choices” sets up the premise for the last half of the series and goes into depth with the information we learned in “The Truth.” Ethan, being the ever-curious man that he is, questions Pilcher, the founder of Wayward Pines, about everything that’s happened thus far and the necessity of keeping everyone “trapped” inside the community. While Ethan is on the trail to the truth, Theresa spends the episode conducting her own investigation and trying to uncover the mystery of Wayward Pines, not knowing her husband and son know the truth about the eerie town.  

Ben is having a harder time accepting his place in the first generation than Mrs. Fisher thought. Most of the characters this episode, particularly Theresa and Ben, take more of a backseat role as this time around the focus is solely on Ethan’s full discovery of the truth and where his alliances lie at the end of the day.

The biggest question the previous episode posed, at least to me, was why the adults of Wayward Pines couldn’t be told the truth about the place and the aberrations that exist beyond the walls of the community. Pilcher admits that, in the beginning, he did tell the truth, which led to the adults fleeing Wayward Pines in a rush and getting killed or simply committing suicide because they couldn’t handle the truth.

These individuals were referred to as group A, whereas the Burkes and current members of the town are referred to as group B. I don’t completely understand Pilcher’s logic simply because he’s basing this on a group of individuals who didn’t react well to what he had to say. This doesn’t mean every single adult will have the same reaction; a perfect example being Ethan, who doesn’t seem anywhere close to killing himself after learning the truth. Another interesting tid-bit was Pilcher’s reveal that they have an aberration in captivity.

To better understand how everything came to start, we’re treated to flashbacks that chronicle Pilcher’s life and what led up to the emergence of Wayward Pines. Pilcher was generally unhappy with the world and the masses didn’t accept any of his theories on mankind’s inevitable mutation and extinction; all his fears and worries fell on deaf ears. Due to encouragement from his sister Pam (yes Nurse Pam is his sibling: this somehow managed to shock me), Pilcher decides to focus on saving a set group of people from extinction instead of the entire population. With a new goal in mind, Pilcher pours all his money and resources into the study of cryonics and sets out to recruit individuals for his cause; one such individual was hypnotherapist Megan Fisher, who suggests Pilcher consider the idea of brainwashing. Pilcher denied this route at first but as recent episodes showed, Pilcher eventually gave in. Sheriff Pope, a security guard at Pilcher’s research facility, also joins his cause and abducts people Pilcher wants to save for the new world.

Pilcher then placed himself and all the others in cryosleep and basically set a timer on when everyone would wake up. Pilcher appointed Pope as the town Sheriff, but soon regrets his decision because of Pope’s power hungry attitude and clear as day mental instability. Under Pope’s rule, Pilcher begins to notice unrest and resistance amongst the citizens, which leads to him bringing in Ethan. Ethan seems to take the details surprisingly well and almost seems understanding of Pilcher’s motives, although the two clearly disagree on how to handle the situation; both have strong, opposing moral codes, with Ethan being strictly good, whereas Pilcher is willing to sacrifice a few individuals for the benefit of the community as a whole. These are viewpoints that are bound to clash in future episodes.

Pilcher’s whole purpose in bringing Ethan into the fold wasn’t just to satisfy Ethan’s curiosity; Pilcher needs help and Ethan is the only one who can help him. He makes Ethan aware of the fact that there is trouble brewing in Wayward Pines. An opposition group dead-set on leaving Wayward Pines was formed. When this group was formed remains unclear, but who’s leading this rebellious group is revealed. It turned out to be Kate and her “husband” Harold, and they plan on blowing up the front gates of Wayward Pines which will lead in all the aberrations.

Ethan is unaware that Kate is the head honcho of this suicidal operation and this officially makes them each other’s enemies because by the episodes end, Ethan aligns himself with Pilcher and vows to protect Wayward Pines at all costs. Setting up Kate as Ethan’s enemy is a smart twist, but there’s one thing that bothers me about Kate being a part of this faction: Why didn’t Kate recruit Ethan the first chance she got instead of pretending to be an honorable citizen? Ethan is a key player in this game and swaying him over would have been beneficial. Also, Kate and Harold claim to be disgusted with the reapings, yet they were the ones responsible for Beverley’. That’s some hypocritical behavior.

Ethan is now the main roadblock for Kate, she just doesn’t realize it yet, but she may have one powerful ally on her side after all. This ally could very well be Theresa, who’s sick and tired of Wayward Pines and seems an inch away from joining Kate’s group. Hopefully Ethan can tell Theresa the full truth, which will then lead to Theresa deciding whose side she’ll be on. I'm hoping Theresa sticks with Ethan mainly because I really, really want to see an all-out battle between Kate and Theresa. Kate tried to make amends with Theresa this episode, but I'm not having it. Wayward Pines continued to keep me at the edge of my seat and my only compliant would be that there wasn’t enough of Theresa in this episode. She’s a fantastic character and I’m hoping the remaining episodes bring her and Ethan front and center.


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