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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Wayward Pines: 01x09, A Reckoning

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/18/2015 5:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines: 01x09, A Reckoning | Wayward Pines
Media Courtesy of TV After Dark

Well, things certainly took a turn for the worst as the truth about the outside world is finally revealed to the sheltered citizens of Wayward Pines. This week’s episode, fittingly titled “A Reckoning,” killed off one of the Wayward Pines major players, leaving one hell of a cliff-hanger, posing the question, “what in seven hells happens next?!” So what exactly went down in “A Reckoning”? I’m here to provide you with the answer via this semi-detailed recap!

Despite the truck and gate incident at the end of last week’s episode, Ethan managed to ward off any lingering abbies and successfully repair the fence,giving the citizens of Wayward Pines another day to live their lives blissfully unaware of how close they came to dying. Pilcher and Ethan are quick to blame one another and their already fragile alliance is quickly crumbling - just like Pilcher’s state of mind. Pilcher refuses to even entertain the possibility of letting people know the truth about the outside world and the existence of aberrations. Instead, Pilcher demands a reckoning; and who, pray tell, does Pilcher want executed as soon as possible? Why Kate of course! Pilcher believes that Kate’s reckoning will magically fix everything and stop the ripples that have been appearing in the so called peaceful town of Wayward Abbies Pines. Pilcher tries his level best to convince Ethan to reckon Kate and we all know Ethan won’t make that move.

Ethan instead tries to resolve everything in a peaceful, no-blood-spilt matter by talking to Harold Ballinger once more. Harold gives Ethan the names of the 14 remaining resistance members and Ethan delivers the breaking news to Pilcher immediately. Unfortunately, those members successfully removed their chips and aren’t appearing on the surveillance videos. Lady Luck is definitely not on Ethan’s side today... or well, ever. While Ethan and Pilcher have their attention focused on the resistance group, another group on the opposite side of the resistance storms into the sheriff’s office, demanding that a reckoning be held for the jailed resistance members as soon as possible. Arlene manages to drive the group away, but it’s clear they’ll be back sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, Ben has decided to take a stand against his father [insert dramatic eye-roll here]. Ben is anti-Ethan and gives a “heroic” speech to class one, renouncing his father’s behavior. Boy, brainwashing Ben is perhaps the easiest thing Fisher has done in her entire life. We’re nine episodes in, one more till the finale, and I can officially say I don't like Ben; I really tried, but I just can't. It would be nice to see Ben break the brainwashing mold and actually support his parents, but that won’t be something we’ll be seeing unless Ben has 1) an abrupt change of heart or 2) gets some sense knocked into him. Obviously the explosion did nothing to clear his senses. Through surveillance videos, Ethan is made aware of his son’s disappointment and stands against him, causing Ethan to head back into town.

Ben’s “moving” speech launches the pro-reckoning group into action and they make their way back to the sheriff’s station. Oh, how I wish Pope was still alive! He would have likely violently turned them away, all while eating his precious ice cream. Jason Higgins, arguably the craziest of the bunch, punches Kate after she tries to get him to back down. The punch came as quite a shock since Jason seemed to believe in Kate’s calming words. Jason lines up the jailed resistance members, including Harold and Kate, and proceeds to execute them one by one leading to the show’s saddest moment thus far. Harold manages to mouth a sad and final “I love you” to Kate before he too is reckoned. I must admit… I cried! My heart went out to Harold and Kate and despite my previous annoyance at their actions; I wished more than anything that Harold lived. This episode, as well as the last, really told the story from Kate’s perspective adding an extra dimension to Wayward Pines. If you didn’t like Kate initially, like me, then this episode makes you sympathize with her.

Jason then turns his gun on Kate, but before he can pull the trigger Ethan bursts through the wall, ready to save the day. Couldn’t he have arrived a reckoning ago? Kate is resigned to her reckoning fate and wants Ethan to be the one who kills her. Well, isn’t that sweet. But, Theresa comes in, bursts their pity party and saves the day! How exactly did Theresa do that? Let’s go over what the lovely Theresa has been up to this episode.

Theresa heads to Plot 33 after Pam mysteriously tells her to do so. Pam’s motivation seems to be shifting after last week’s reckoning and it’s highly possible she’s actually in favor of Ethan’s leadership over her brother’s. Pam is hands-down Wayward Pines most fascinating and unpredictable character; please include her in season 2, if there’s a season 2!

Theresa discovers an underground tunnel at Plot 33 and via Pam’s security card, Theresa gains access to video diaries by Agent Adam Hassler - remember him? The video takes place in the year 4020 and it shows Hassler touring the destroyed outside world. Theresa is understandably shocked and relays what she’s found to Ethan and Kate where Ethan comes up with a grand “truth-telling” plan. I absolutely love that these three are working together; it only makes me wish it would have happened sooner. Ethan tasks Theresa with the duty of showing the video to as many people as possible, which includes Arlene and Henrietta. While Theresa is doing that, Ethan makes plans to arrange a fake reckoning. Instead of making the reckoning announcement himself, Ethan convinces Pilcher to rally the whole town up and bring them to the supposed reckoning. Pilcher happily does so, completely unaware he’s leading his beloved townsfolk to the truth.

Ethan and Kate play up the reckoning while, unbeknownst to them, the remaining 14 resistance members are ready to strike should she be killed. Ethan yanks Kate to safety and then proceeds to reveal the truth about the world that lies beyond the walls of Wayward Pines. Theresa, Arlene, Henrietta and Kate back Ethan up and announce they’ve all seen the truth with their very own eyes. The citizens remain mum and simply don’t know how to react except for Mrs. Fisher who expresses outrage and proceeds to defend Pilcher. This leads to perhaps the most satisfying moment thus far: Theresa slaps Mrs. Fisher. I was overjoyed! It was a satisfying moment not just for me, but for Theresa as well.

The satisfaction is short-lived as Wayward Pines is enveloped in darkness, confirming that Pilcher has indeed cut the town’s power off. What’s worse is that the abbies are right outside the fence that has now been de-electrified. The show then fades to black, leaving the viewers with a cruel cliffhanger. Next week’s episode is Wayward Pines finale posing the question: who will survive at the hours end?

My thoughts:

  • Who could possibly die? Kate and Pam are at the top of my list of characters that could die along with Pilcher and Mrs. Fisher. Theresa could die in Kate’s place, making way for a possible reconciliation between Ethan and Kate down the road. My predictions are solely based around if Wayward Pines gets a second season.

  • Ben’s character could continue standing against his father leading to a turbulent second season where the two go head to head or Ethan could die, passing on the main protagonist torch to his son (please no!).

  • The only character I know won’t die is Ben; I would be surprised if they chose to kill him off. Ben’s love interest Amy, on the other hand, could very well die since she’s not in stable condition anyways.

Only next week will tell not only who lives and who dies, but also if there’s room for more Wayward Pines.

What are your predictions for next week’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!


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