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Wayward Pines 1x10, Cycle

Amrita Aulakh | PopWrapped Author

Amrita Aulakh

07/24/2015 10:38 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Wayward Pines 1x10, Cycle | Wayward Pines
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Sadly, Wayward Pines has hit the end of the road and yesterday night’s finale, titled “Cycle”, brought everything back full circle instead of giving viewers a happy ending for each of the characters we’ve gotten the chance to know and love since the premiere of the series back in May. So, how did it all end for Wayward Pines and it's residents? Not happily, that’s for damn sure!

The episode picks up where the last one left off, with citizens of Wayward Pines erupting in a wave of panic due to Pilcher shutting off the town’s power. The power outage is the least of their concerns especially since the abbies have breached the walls of the once secure town of Wayward Pines. Ethan, Kate and Theresa are quick to take charge as Ethan instructs the townspeople to take refuge in the bunker underneath Plot 33 while he and Kate attempt to arm resistance members with weapons to defend the town with whereas Theresa heads straight to the hospital for Ben and Amy. The citizens of Wayward Pines at long last come face to face with the abbies which result in multiple causalities. Arlene comes close to getting killed, but Kate thankfully saves her. The destruction and chaos present in this scene of Wayward Pines resembles the same level of destruction Pilcher caused back when he revealed the truth of the world to Group A.

While the citizens of Wayward Pines attempt to survive, Pilcher reveals to Pam that he plans to exterminate Group B and usher in the arrival of Group C. Pam is horrified and totally not on board with her brother’s insane plan; Pilcher then has Pam and his workers removed via security and has the guards force them back to their sleeping pods. Pam’s motives have remained a mystery throughout the entire season and this moment between Pam and Pilcher finally sheds some light on Pam’s character as the viewers realize she genuinely cares for the citizens of Wayward Pines.

Ethan heads to the bunker underneath Plot 33 along with Theresa, Ben, and Amy. Kate, Arlene, Mrs. Fisher and the remaining surviving adults are already in the bunker waiting for Ethan’s arrival. Despite everything that’s happened, Fisher refuses to budge when it comes to her loyalty and faith in Pilcher; she still believes Pilcher will rescue the town and adamantly refuses to share her knowledge of the town’s underground tunnels with Ethan. Ben has remained relatively “mum” in the Ethan vs Pilcher stance this episode, even though he chose to rally against his father in the previous one. Ben speaks up and this time, Ben finally chooses his dad and actually supports him leading to Fisher realizing her “god” aka Pilcher will not be coming to her or the town’s rescue any time soon.

Fisher quickly refers Ethan and the others to an elevator that will lead them to a secure mountainside chamber. Ethan and Kate lead the group to the elevator while Fisher decides to stay behind in case the First Generation students head over to the bunker. Fisher is quickly killed by a group of abbies, a death scene so suspiciously shot it makes me wonder if Fisher is still alive, and the students of the First Generation, led by Jason, are seen taking refuge within the walls of a safe room in Wayward Pines Academy. Ethan and Kate swiftly take out the guards appointed by Pilcher and one guard chooses Team Pam instead of Pilcher and makes sure she’s not put back into her cryo-pod. Ethan starts sending small groups of people up at a time to the safety of the mountainside chamber. Abbies have at last made their way to the bunker and despite Ben doing a decent job of holding them off, he finally runs out of ammo but is luckily saved by Ethan.

All of the citizens are safe and Ethan, Theresa, Ben and Mr. Fisher are close to safety as well until the abbies destroy the elevator’s wirings leading to the elevator getting stuck. Ben leads Theresa and Mr. Fisher out of the elevator through the roof, but Ethan decides to stay behind. Ethan bids a final, emotional farewell to Theresa and Ben who both tearfully head towards safety. Ethan sits in the corner of the elevator, with his hand on the detonator and just stares as the abbies begin to tear their way into the elevator. As Ethan waits, he hears Pilcher’s smug voice through the speaker; Pilcher essentially laughs at Ethan’s predicament and upcoming demise. Kate abruptly storms into the room and does not hesitate in pointing her gun at Pilcher who proceeds to mock her and claim his ideas will live on even after he’s gone. Before Kate can pull the trigger, Pam beats her to it and takes down her brother. Bravo Pam, bravo!

Back in the elevator, we’re treated to a heartbreaking moment as Ethan flashes back to his most cherished moment with Theresa and Ben. With a happy image of his family in mind, Ethan blows up the elevator killing not only himself but all the abbies as well. Ethan may not have been my favorite character, but this moment definitely made me cry. He sacrificed himself just to ensure the longevity of his family and the citizens of Wayward Pines. With all the abbies dead and Pilcher as well, one would think this would lead to a happy ending right? Wrong.

Ben, soon after Ethan’s sacrifice, is knocked unconscious by a piece of shrapnel from the elevator and wakes up to Amy, who is older and now a nurse. Amy reveals to Ben that the First Generation has taken over Wayward Pines and put the adults, along with Ben, into their cryo-pods. Ben was asleep for 3 years and 4 months; Amy tried to “wake” him earlier but she explains, “They’re angry at your father. They blame him for the savior’s death. They think you’re like him. I told them, I convinced them you’re not like him. You’re different.” But as it turns out, Ben isn’t so different from Ethan after all as the finale ends with Ben being in the same position Ethan was in when he first awoke in Wayward Pines. Ben wanders the town in shock, a town which is now led by teenagers and has a statue celebrating Pilcher as a visionary, “god” and genius. There are also bodies hanging from flagpoles with the sign “do not leave” tied to the victim’s necks. Looks like Pilcher won in the end after all with his ideas indeed living on long after his death.

And on that depressing yet fitting note, Wayward Pines comes to an end. Currently, there are no plans for another season of Wayward Pines and I’m surprisingly okay with it. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for Wayward Pines to continue, but if it doesn’t then I’m fine with the way the show ended. The show came around full-circle with the son becoming exactly like the father.

What did you think of Wayward Pines finale? Would you like for it to continue? Let us know in the comments below!


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