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We Aim To Discover "Who's In The Box" On This Week's All New Pretty Little Liars

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01/08/2014 8:09 am
PopWrapped | Television
We Aim To Discover

Catherine Meushaw

Staff Writer

Welcome back Liars! Feels like forever since we’ve had a new episode, doesn’t it? Emmy asked me to take over recapping this week, so bear with me, it’s my first recap. In true Pretty Little Liars fashion, this episode was filled with information, so let’s get to it. If you’ve forgotten what’s been going on in Rosewood, here are the important things: - Ezra is A! Or at least he is one of them, I remain unconvinced that there is only one. - Grunwald was full of great information the last two episodes. Probably the most important imparted is that Alison is alive: Grunwald sensed she was in danger and arrived just in time to pull Ali out of the ground on the night she “died.” She also told them that Ali has been in hiding because she’s scared of someone. Someone that one of the girls has gotten up close and personal with. - Ali is alive!!! Alison is the other Red Coat. The girls actually got to talk to her, but before she could tell them who she was running from, Ezra interrupted and Ali disappeared. - Caleb is out of Rosewood and in Ravenswood, exploring the mysteries there. He has been communicating with Hanna through email and phone calls, but not telling her what’s going on. At the risk of spoiling Ravenswood, I’m not going to talk much about it. So what happened this week? Unsurprisingly, the girls are having a hard time dealing with Alison being back, torn between being happy that she's back and being angry. Spencer tries to reign them in, reminding them that the sooner they make Rosewood safe for Alison, the sooner they can get their answers. What is surprising is that Spencer does not seem to do much on the Ali front. Instead, she spends most of the episode helping Toby, but I'll get to that. The girls take a visit to the crypt where Ali's body is supposed to be buried and Hanna busts out with a good theory about how to find out more about Alison. It’s straightforward: someone is dead, they disappeared around the same time as Alison, and they were placed in the same spot as Ali, if they can find who that was, they can solve it. Aria points out that the DNA evidence pointed to Ali but Hanna has a simple answer for that; someone wanted to make it look like it was Ali. This almost makes you think that Ali was the one who put the non-Ali in the grave. Or maybe that’s just me. Hanna gets to work researching missing girls to see if there's a blonde girl in PA who went missing the same weekend as Ali. Both Emily and Spencer try to hunt down Jason to find out if he knows anything as well as to tell him about Ali being alive. Emily hits a dead end with Mrs. DiLaurentis, who tells her Jason is unreachable because he's driving across the country, which is his way of dealing with everything. To be honest, it seems like a better way of dealing than Mrs. D, who is still washing Ali's sheets and making the bed and taking advice from Ali, who visits her dreams. Dream Alison told Mrs. D to hire Hanna's mom to work at her real estate office, so at least Dream Alison is helpful. Spencer decides to talk to her Dad about Jason, since Jason is his son, and hits less of a dead end, but one that comes with a deal. Mr. Hasting says he will try to find out where Jason is if Spencer leaves the DiLaurentis family alone. If you ask me, he knows where Jason is, so there won't be much hunting to do. After what seems to be a week of researching, Hanna finds a blonde girl who went missing when Ali did, her name is Sara. When sharing the information with Emily and Spencer, a video starts up on the projector screen in the empty classroom. Nobody sees who did it, but a message from A appears on the screen. The message reads, “Ali, Ali, Oxen-free. Whoever finds her, gets to keep her. Kisses -A.” Hanna decides to contact Sara's friend, Tina, to find out what she knows, and they agree to meet. When Hanna tells Emily and Aria about the meeting with Tina, Emily gets upset, saying that Hanna should have talked to them before including them. Emily says how angry she is that Alison has been alive the whole time and never contacted them. Aria and Hanna remind her that Emily isn't the only one who's hurt, and Emily agrees to the meeting. When Emily and Hanna go meet Tina and her friend, Claire, they tell a familiar story. Their friend Sara was the center of their group, which consisted of Tina, Claire, Sara, and Avery. When Sara went missing, their group fell apart. They describe Sara the same way that Emily, Hanna, Spencer, and Aria describe Alison - it’s like they are talking about the same person. Avery, who wasn't at the meeting, was the last to see Sara, the day after Labor Day. They realize that Sara could not have been the girl in the grave, because Ali went missing on Labor Day. Later, when Emily is cleaning up at The Brew, she gets a visit from Claire. Claire wanted to tell Emily the truth about why Avery wasn't there earlier. Avery is suffering from depression. She spends most of her time sleeping, and medications aren't helping. According to Claire, she's just been getting worse the longer Sara has been gone. Claire also tells Emily that Sara wasn't a good person, once again describing Alison to a tee and helping Emily deal with some of her feelings. At the end of the episode, Emily talks to Paige about Ali, leading with, “Once, Ali let me kiss her,” which was probably not the best lead in, but it was an important conversation. Emily explains that she doesn't think Ali loved anyone, but she took love, and she broke Emily’s heart. Paige tells her that she hates how Ali treated her, hates how cruel she was. Emily corrects her saying cruel would mean that Ali cared about what she did. Paige asks if this is how Emily starts to let Alison go, which is a yes. Emily still avoids telling Paige that Ali is alive, which I'm sure will come out at some point, like most secrets do, but it's understandable why she doesn't at this stage. Toby is back after being gone for the week to try to get more answers about his mom. He found out that other residents at Radley knew about his mom, but they never said anything. They meet with the CEO, I think, of the company that owns Radley, called Declodyne. Spencer pretty much threatens to run the company name through the mud if she doesn’t help them. They get what they’re looking for - documentation that says Toby’s mother did not kill herself. When they share what they learned with Mr. Hastings, he suggests that they have enough there to possibly close Radley. Spencer asks him why and he tells her because it’s dangerous and outdated and he hated seeing Spencer in there. Spencer is surprised, asking, “So you’re doing this for me?” His reply is, “I always do what’s best for my family.” Which also includes Jason, so he probably knows more than he’s letting on. Toby isn't the only one who's returned to Rosewood. Caleb comes back, but that is pretty much just to tell Hanna he has to stay in Ravenswood. Throughout the episode he dodges her questions about Ravenswood with, "it's complicated," making her think that something happened between him and Miranda. Caleb can't very well tell her the real reason, all he can do is tell Hanna it's not like that, which like most people would, Hanna doesn't believe. Caleb doesn't help matters by telling Hanna she can't go with him, but once again, only giving "it's complicated" as a reason. They end up fighting and Caleb leaves. Hanna follows out and meets him at his car, not wanting to leave things with him like that. They say goodbye and Caleb drives off, crying. So, this looks like Caleb's official exit off of Pretty Little Liars.  At the end of the episode, Hanna shows the group the diary she stole from A’s lair - it was Ali’s. She didn't want to show the group before because of what Alison said about all of them. What's going on with the A-Team? Ezra’s Ravenswood “A” Lair has been cleaned out, according to Hanna, who spoke to Caleb. Mona runs into Ezra outside of a bookstore, starting what seems to be an innocent conversation about school. Of course with Mona, very little is innocent. She tells him that she wants a mentor and then talks about her whole life being full of people thinking she's things that she isn't. She implies that she knows that he's A, talking about his mask-filled reading list. Mona thinks she has the upper hand but he tells her that Rosewood High has taught her that fear is a motivator for everyone, which seems to make her back off. Basically, Ezra has either gotten creepier since the A reveal, or he's just creepy because of it. Ezra takes Aria to a cabin in the woods, with no Internet or cell service mind you, that he got from a friend. Aria asks him what he wants and he says he wants to turn back time. He ends up giving her the key to the cabin, saying it could be their secret. So it looks like Ezra and Aria are back together. It also looks like we found Ezra’s new, or possibly second, “A” lair, there’s a trap door but for now we don’t know where it leads. The last scene is A entering Ezra’s cabin, going straight for the trap door, but not revealing anything. So we know for sure that Ezra is A-Team, but we don't know who was in the cabin. It could be that Mona is back on the A-Team, but I guess we'll find out.


Hannah - “Yea, like a carrot” in reference to Grunwald pulling Ali out of the grave - “Besides, the water in Australia runs backwards and I cannot deal with that” Aria - “Guys, don’t fight in the crypt”


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