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We Fall Down "The Well" In This Week's Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/19/2013 11:42 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
We Fall Down
Media Courtesy of ABC

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Ah, Agents. We return to our favourite team this week cleaning up at Greenwhich after the Dark Elf attack as highlighted by the events of Thor: the Dark World. So far, you don't have to have seen the movie to keep up which is good because this agent has been bad and hasn't seen it yet. Plus, we get to see May and Skye correct Coulson on the dreamy-ness of hunky God Thor. Yeah, it was great. It seems May is a bit more human than originally thought of. Next, we move to Norway and a couple of harmless hikers are looking for a specific tree surrounded by a halo of sacred stones. Okay, that's a bit odd, but what's even more odd is that they're in a national forest and they just automatically take a chainsaw to the tree and the bumbling park rangers are...well, stereotypically bumbling and slow to move. So, anway, back to the hikers. They find a staff, hidden in the tree which they cut out and, surprise, it gives you superhuman anger and strength. And they mention others. What others? I love secretive and weird beginnings like this. The team arrive pretty quickly from Greenwhich to the fallen tree. Coulson has an awkward conversation with one of the people involved and, I'm under the impression that this may set up something for Coulson simply because before New York, he would've known that this kid was acting far too odd to be just an innocent bystander. Also, it's obvious that they're building Ward up a bit this episode with his exchange about fear and Simmons. It's also nice that they're not leaving things to just one episode and dealing with aftermath of the quirky Brit jumping from the plane two episodes ago. So, with their little doodads, Simmons and Fitz make a replica of the “silver stick” found in the tree. The “harmless hikers”, Jakob Nystrom and Petra Larsen are members of a Norse paganist hate group, which is now responsible for attacks on Oslo and Greenwhich. The team, not having Thor's cell phone number, go to a specialist in Spain who tell them it's a piece of the Bezerker staff, firmly rooted in Asgardian legend and are rage fueled. It all goes back to magic which FitzSimmons are quick to debunk. The professor gives them rather poetic and macabre directions to find the next pieces of the staff which leads them to a church in Spain where the professor takes the staff but not after Ward touches it. Dun. Dun. Dun. We get a quick glimpse of Ward as a child and some other child stuck in a well, and looking like they're drowning, before Skye finds him and states the obvious. Good job, Skye. Now he's all brooding and angry and Skye is clearly scared and worried and I'm sensing SkyeWard here. Serious SkyeWard. Ew. I don't ship SkyeWard. Anyway, still in the lab, Ward with his shirt off, he goes off on a tirade. He brings up Simmons jumping again and rubbing it in Fitz's face that he got to her first because Fitz was too scared. And ooh, in interrogation, Coulson is talking to the professor and he gets really testy with all things alien. Meanwhile, Ward is punching the hell out of a punching bag and there's more of the well which is where this episode gets its title. With Ward on edge, he goes to talk to Coulson who tells him that he trusts him and bam, back in interrogation, we find out that the professor is Asgardian when Ward goes to stab him. That would've been awkward. Oh, and also, the professor is actually the Bezerker. Wait, what? Oh my gosh, this is awesome. Of course, we get a standard history story about how he met a girl and didn't like the staff. So, he broke it apart and hid it and the staff, when touched, “shines a light into your darkest place.” This episode is just so poetic today. I love it. I love it so much. They head to Ireland to a monastery to hopefully retrieve the last part of the staff before the paganists find it which they do along with Nystrom. The staff goes straight through the Asgardian professor and in a brave move, Ward takes the staff and Nystrom over a balcony and fights him. Oh my gosh. Can I say that more than once in a recap? I hope so because this episode was hella intense. So, what's so significant about the well? Someone pushed the little boy in with Ward watching, perhaps it was his brother? And a bully threatens to push him in too if he saves him. And that's about as cryptic as it gets for the flashbacks. After Ward fights the anger, May takes over and assembles the staff and she seems to handle the anger a lot better than Ward does which makes May a lot more badass. In the aftermath, there's awkward Asgardian flirting with Simmons and Coulson is aboutthisclose to touching the staff for clarity after his blank memories following being stabbed but he opts not to. And there's more SkyeWard in a bar and a sincere apology which is great and cute but ew, SkyeWard. But, the well was his brother. He tells Skye but that's about it and it's nice seeing Ward having a bit humanity to him. Next is May and that'll be one hell of an episode, I think, especially considering that before the “post-credit” scene we see Ward and May going into the same hotel room with a large amount of liquor. SAY WHAT? Oh my gosh. New ship alert. I'm digging it. Then, the post-credit scene shows up and you have Coulson and his muscles and a beach and it's Tahiti and it's a nightmare wrapped in a hint. Or a hint wrapped in a nightmare. Either way, “it's a magical place” has been programmed into him after he fell asleep on a massage table!!!!!!!! (at least, that's my theory.) So, holy cow, what an episode. Agents, what do you think of “The Well”? What do you think of Ward's mysterious backstory? What about May's backstory? And how about that hotel thing? And what's so special about Tahiti? Sound off below, Agents. This is Agent Arnold, signing off. Field Notes  Thoughts on the Episode: All the agents are only human and it's great to see that explored. Clark Gregg continues to revel in the nuance of Coulson, especially in the scenes involving him explaining his death and following the post-credit nightmare. I can see the torment in his eyes and it makes that much more satisfying for me, as a viewer. Quotes of the Episode:  Anything revolving around Jemma and Ward. Honestly, they were really cute this episode.  “When you held it? Did you see anything? Then how? How did you hold all three?” - Ward “Because I see it every day.” - May


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