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"We Gotta Get Out Of This Place" On This Week's Grey's Anatomy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/22/2014 3:30 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Media Courtesy of ABC

Tamara Sestanj

Staff Writer


Webber’s birthday is a happy one, then sad, then happy, then sad, then finally happy again in this week’s Grey’s Anatomy. The emotional roller coaster is partially caused by a rare surgery that almost doesn’t happen, partially because Webber thinks no one is paying enough attention to his birthday, and partially because Hunt has given him a booklet with a retirement pamphlet inside. Webber ends up spending the day acting passive-aggressively towards Hunt and hardly speaks to him. But, finally at the end of the day when Webber gets the surprise party he was secretly hoping for, he learns that Hunt actually wants to promote him to residency director. And to think this all could have been solved hours earlier if Webber had just spoken to Hunt, but of course things have to be done the complicated way. Yang spends the episode trying to overcompensate for being the reason that Hunt and his girlfriend broke up by trying to get him a girl through an online dating site. It’s typical Yang, she has emotions and she’s scared of them so she decides to run away from them by doing the complete opposite of what she wants; because, God forbid Yang show her true feelings and make life easier for everyone involved.  Good thing Yang’s assertiveness doesn’t scare Hunt away and he tells her that he wants her in the most romantic away, listing all the cute small things that he loves about her. So simple, but yet so effective. Although we don’t know for sure yet, it looks like it even worked on the forever-stubborn Cristina Yang.  Men, take note. Catherine Avery returns to the hospital and Jackson and April are forced to confront the mother that they didn’t invite to the wedding. The woman is obviously mad, and I can’t blame her; not being invited to your own son’s wedding would hurt. But surprisingly, Catherine isn’t mad because she missed an important milestone in her son’s life, she’s mad because April didn’t have the opportunity to sign a prenuptial agreement before the wedding. Her solution is to get April to sign a postnuptial agreement, and surprisingly April agrees, wanting to get in her mother-in-law’s good graces. But despite the olive branch her daughter-in-law offers her, Catherine is still not pleased. She becomes a monster-in-law, interrogating April and Jackson about everything from April’s religious beliefs to their decisions with their children. Despite the mother-in-law from hell, April continues to be the good-hearted person she is and is able to get to the bottom of everything and we find out that what Catherine is really upset about is missing her son’s wedding after all. April and Jackson both apologize and it seems that, for now, things have been resolved. Although things appear to be better with Catherine, things seem to be getting worse between April and Jackson. The monster-in-law’s interrogation brought up some serious life questions that they hadn’t discussed until now, and they are only now realizing how different they imagine their future. Grey is still in the same rut that she’s been in for the past few episodes, as she tries to find a way to deal with everyone’s success while feeling like she’s being left behind. But it looks like she found the inspiration she was searching for from Webber and hopefully we’ll see more of a plot progression with her next episode. Some time since we last saw him, Karev has changed his opinion about the form verifying his relationship with Wilson and allowing them to be a public couple in the hospital once more. But now Wilson doesn’t want to sign it because of her own fear of making something official with legal papers. She’s so afraid that she’s even willing to sacrifice a rare, one of a kind surgery. It’s no wonder that these two are together, they are the exact same person. Good thing they’re so alike, because otherwise Karev probably wouldn’t have been able to convince Wilson to finally sign the paper. Callie strikes back at Shepherd for trying to exclude her from their sensor research and decides to legally fight him for rights. Although for a brief moment Shepherd looks like he’s going to be the bad guy for the first time ever, he quickly goes back to being the golden boy and finds a way to compromise with the White House and get them to agree to allow Shepherd to continue to share the sensors with Callie, despite them threatening to eliminate their contract with them. Yes, even perfect Derek Shepherd deals with bullies. Sometime Grey’s seems more like an over-dramatic high school rather than a hospital.

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