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We Head Into "The Hub" Of SHIELD Activity In This Week's Agents Of SHIELD

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/12/2013 11:31 pm
PopWrapped | Television
We Head Into
Bec Heim Managing Editor Welcome back Agents. After last week’s intense and nearly fatal mission, things are going to get even more intense in this week’s mission. Ward and Fitz are behind enemy lines. People say “trust the system” a lot. Skye is still annoying. Coulson is still on his change from pre-Tahiti to post-Tahiti. We also meet a new agent, Victoria Hand. This isn’t Level 7 anymore, agents. This is Level 8. The episode opens with Coulson being led into what looks like a torture chamber. Coulson proves to be calm under pressure and as sassy as ever. He tells the head torturer that they are here to extract him. Then May and Ward arrive like BAMFs and kick ass. The extract the Agent, Shaw, and take him back to the bus. Simmons, sweet and as polished as ever, pulls out a thing of information from inside the guy’s sinus cavity. Coulson announces that they will be taking it to the Hub rather than following up on what’s in it. Skye gets a bit pissy because they are supposed to follow procedure. May tells her that it’s different here because it’s for SHIELD. The way the plane works is but there is a different set of rules within the organization itself. So they go to the Hub, which looks like a super high tech and fancy office plaza (at least from the inside). We see Agent Sitwell (wave to Sitwell) who takes Coulson and his two Level 7 agents: May and Ward to the debrief. Skye since she has no clearance and is wearing a monitoring bracelet is pretty much stuck against a giant electromagnet. We meet Agent Victoria Hand, who is cool and competent with some bitching red streaks. She says that a rebel faction in Georgia has gotten their hands on something that I am not going to try to spell or say nicknamed “The Overkill.” They need to send a two-man team into the compound to disable it. Ward is sent in because he has contacts, speaks the language, and is pretty much a gigantic badass. They need a scientist though that can also disable it. This pretty much leaves the mission in the hands of Fitz. Seriously Fitz is kicking ass and taking names lately. Simmons is terrified that her Fitz is going into enemy territory without her. She even makes him a sandwich for the trip. Seriously the scenes together get all the cute. Ward and Fitz go to meet a contact of Ward in a bar near the border. They need a ride due to border disputes. Ward’s contact, however, has gotten into the shitlist of the bar’s owners. So they’re pretty much trapped until Fitz shorts out their electronics with a targeted EMP burst and then proceeds to fix them. Also he’s cute and the owner, Marta, likes him. They kind of cross over the border. Except not really because the car they are travelling in gets attacked. It’s hilarious Ward barking out a plan to run and then you see Fitz already running like hell. Then Ward throws away Fitz sandwich from Simmons because the scent can be tracked. Fitz bitches him out for always having to save the day. Ward says that they can’t be compromised because of food. I wonder that if SHIELD doesn’t go over what you can or can’t bring on a mission. It seems like a class to learn. Ward also reveals that Coulson told him to protect Fitz before they left. So he’s going to do that whether he likes it or not. It’s his mission and that is all. Meanwhile, at the Hub, Skye gets a lesson in “trusting the system.” Except haha! Not really because Skye is just becoming the show’s greatest hindrance. She is slowly becoming more and more annoying. Also she wants us to forget that she betrayed the team and is just becoming a passive-aggressive bitch. I’m sorry but you can’t say that you want to work for SHIELD and then turn around and moan about policy. Policy is there for a reason. She wants to know how the boys are doing right now. Screw the company line. So she enlists Simmons (namely by using emotional blackmail) into helping her. It kind of goes pear shaped when Simmons accidentally shoots Sitwell, who finds her, with the Night-Night Gun. Why? Because Simmons is adorable and can’t lie worth a damn. She panics. Skye really needs to know what she is working with here. Simmons is, however, able to complete her “mission” for Skye granting her access to the Hub’s mainframe. Skye learns all about the mission. She also learns there is no extraction plan. Coulson finds her. He has been acting weird this episode. I’m assuming this is Coulson pre-Tahiti. He is very focused and on the company line. He does, however, seem to feel like something is wrong. Still he gives Skye a pretty awesome chewing out for disobeying orders. It’s like the worse Disappointed Dad speech ever. He tells Skye that systems are set up like this for a reason. That if she ends up hacking whenever someone won’t tell her something that no one is going to trust her with anything. He does go to Victoria Hand to deliver another chewing out. He doesn’t like sending in someone, Fitz, blind about the fact there is no extraction team. He says that every agent deserves to make an informed choice about how the mission will go. When Barton and Romanov are sent in with no extraction plan, they know there is no extraction plan. Agent Hand says that he couldn’t trust him fully because of Skye, who tells everyone everything. She also says tonight’s special catchphrase: “Trust the system.” Seriously. It was like Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.   So the team goes to bring their boys home. Meanwhile Ward and Fitz are busy disabling The Overkill. Fitz revealing to Ward after several moments of adorable bitching out that Coulson told him to watch out for Ward too. Although I think another part is that Fitz wants to prove he can do this to himself. Ward tells Fitz that there is no extraction plan. So they need to get things going. He even offers Fitz a chance for a head start. Fitz declines. He rings up a weapon’s disabling device and does a ninja move of his own. The two of them run outside about to be surrounded when The Bus appears to rescue them. Victoria Hand watching and stopping the SHIELD decimation as the team rescues their own. Simmons fusses over Fitz when he comes back on the plane. The two of them sharing tales of their adventures. Meanwhile Ward and Skye have more forced awkward chemistry. Coulson goes to see Skye that night. Skye starts to apologize for hacking the system. Coulson stops her because he, unlike Skye, can actually keep a promise. He looked into her parents’ case file where he found out that a SHIELD agent left her at an orphanage. He reveals that the agent was a woman and that is all he knows. He does not, however, tell her the whole truth. Coulson and May say that Skye isn’t ready for all that file contains. Apparently some bad stuff went down. (I’m going with Skye as a super villain’s kid as my theory.) Then in our final scene, Coulson tries to pull his report about his stay on Tahiti. The problem is that Coulson, despite having Level 8 clearance, does not have access to the file. If he wants access, then he’ll need to appeal to Director Fury. Well that’s ominous. All in all, the Ward and Fitz scenes were excellent. I like the addition of Victoria Hand. She seems cool and competent while being badass. Simmons is just so freaking adorable. May continues to be a calm voice of reason. Skye is the only thing that continues to drag the show down. I am so much more interested in the other things going on versus Skye and her story. At this point, I don’t think even a personality overhaul can save her. She needs to be scaled way, way back and let the other characters shine. They’re much more interesting anyway.


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