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Television PopWrapped | Television

We Listed The New Fall TV Shows So You Know Which Ones To Watch

Ursula Martinez | PopWrapped Author

Ursula Martinez

09/21/2016 8:29 am
PopWrapped | Television
We Listed The New Fall TV Shows So You Know Which Ones To Watch | tv
Media Courtesy of ABC / CBS / FOX / NBC

Hello Fall TV season! We missed you so. There are few things that excite us more than fresh new television shows, though we must admit that some of them really aren't that exciting.

There are so many new shows this fall that you would either have to be TV junkies (like us) or be night owls (us again!) to watch them all. Some trimming is necessary for sure, but how will you know which shows you should definitely tune in for, which ones it's okay to DVR and which ones you should not waste your precious time on (even if some of them will probably get picked up for a full season)?

PopWrapped provides the answer of course! We have comprised a nice list of some of the new fall shows you should definitely watch and the ones you should pass on. Read on to find out our picks.

Definitely watch.

TV giphy

This Is Us – We are so in love with this show! From the moment we saw the record-breaking trailer, which had us reaching for tissues, we knew we were totally in. Yes, we miss Parenthood, and this is an excellent vehicle to fill that void in our TV-loving hearts, but the show really is much more than that. The pilot is excellent, the acting is on point -- kudos especially to Milo Ventimiglia (and no, we're not talking about his bare tush, but kudos on that, too, Milo) -- and we guarantee you will fall in love with these characters. Oh, and you’ll want to watch it all over again as soon as the episode is over. Trust us!

Pitch – The story of the first ever MLB female player was so well received that it was moved from midseason to fall. And we are so on board with that decision because we would not have been able to wait for this excellent show to air. People are already talking about how it could change television as we know it, socially speaking, since the central character is an African American female dipping her toes in a male-dominated world. Keep an eye on Kylie Bunbury, who plays badass Ginny Baker, she's going to be a breakout star.

 Also, Mark Paul Gosselaar. #ZackAttackForever.

Designated Survivor – Kiefer Sutherland in another political thriller? Sign us up! His character, though, might be Jack Bower’s timid, less kickass little cousin. We love tales about people who are kind of fish-out-of-water and the lengths they go in order to fit in and do their best in that new situation; and, really, what is more fish-out-of-water than to have someone who apparently doesn't have the backbone and skills to lead a country become the President of the USA in an instant? 

If you can't watch, DVR!

TV giphy

The Good Place – The pilot didn’t win us over entirely -- although snarky Kristen Bell is the only Kristen Bell I want to watch from now on -- but the show finds its rhythm and gets really good in the following episodes. This is not your typical sitcom, and nowadays that is a really good thing. And, of course, we’ll follow Mike Schur to the depths of hell; come on, the man gave us Leslie Knope, Andy Dwyer, Jake Peralta and Gina Linetti. We’re in!

Speechless – This show will steal your heart. Minnie Driver as a no-nonsense mom who is juggling three children -- including one of them who is disabled -- is totally convincing. Hers is not the only great casting call; Micah Fowler and Mason Cook are standouts as brothers J.J. and Ray. This family comedy is full of heart while never becoming sappy.

No Tomorrow - This cute romantic comedy can be the lovechild of Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Even though not as high-rated as The CW's DC shows, these two comedies have been critical successes and earned a couple of nominations -- and awards -- for the small network, so for No Tomorrow to be compared to them is a good start. The problem is: it just isn't as charmingly effortless as Jane the Virgin and as original as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; it might just need to find its footing, though, so we'll come back to see if it gets better. Plus, we love Josh Sasse.

If you have no room on your DVR, that's okay.

TV giphy

Notorious – We finished watching and our reaction was “meh.” It was okay, a little too melodramatic and trying so hard to fit in with Shonda Rhimes’ TGIT lineup – something Shonda herself already ruled out. Piper Perabo is a great performer, as is Daniel Sunjata -- who is also quite a looker, might we add -- but we just don’t know if that’s enough to bring us back week after week.

Conviction – Hayley Atwell is so much better than this (*cough* Agent Carter *cough*). This show, as happens with Notorious, seems as though it’s trying too hard: trying too hard to engage, to fit in, to hear the gasps of shocked audiences. It was entertaining, a solid 42 minutes, but will we tune in every week or delete something from our DVR lineup to make room for this one? We don’t think so.

Bull – Michael Weatherly has charm for days, and CBS viewers love this type of show, so this will probably be a hit, but -- as the wise Randy Jackson often said -- it was just okay for us (dawg). The pilot episode was competent, it was well performed, but it didn’t stand out.

Timeless – Pros: we absolutely love time travel, we can't wait to see the costumes through the times and Matt Lanter's face. Cons: competition, there are so, so many other shows about time travel that we get to be really picky and choose our favorite. Timeless really needs to step up its game if we're staying for this one.

Nope. Just nope.

TV giphy

All CBS comedies – Kevin James is the only one who looks like he might want to be there – even if he really, really shouldn’t. Matt LeBlanc and Joel McHale, both very talented actors with excellent comedic timing, look like they’d rather be having a colonoscopy than doing their shows … and we think we might rather be having one too instead of watching them. Pass!

Pure Genius – Have you ever tried to read a book, but you just can’t get past the first paragraph? That’s Pure Genius. It felt like it took 57 days to watch the pilot, and that’s a really bad thing for a TV show. 

American Housewife – We wanted to like this show because Katy Mixon is a good actress and seems delightful, but it was just too on the nose. It relies too heavily on (unfunny) fat jokes. We prefer our comedy to be smart, so this wasn’t for us.


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