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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

We Rule In Chaos This Week on Survivor: Blood Vs Water

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/26/2013 11:31 am
PopWrapped | Television
We Rule In Chaos This Week on Survivor: Blood Vs Water

Chelsea Workman-Jernigan

Staff Writer

We start this episode where the last episode ended, with Marissa walking to Redemption Island to join Candice and Rupert. After some brief introductions and a shortened intro, we jump right into the next morning, where we first visit the Galang tribe. Six tribe members are lined up, giving each other shoulder and back massages. I’m not sure if they look more like a family of monkeys or an almost-Human Centipede, but it’s a bit weird to watch. Either way, the old Colton is slowly returning. To think he was a changed man this season! Even he had himself fooled the first few days, but everyone was starting to get underneath his skin. “I don’t care about winning challenges, I’ll voluntarily go to Tribal Council.” Of course you will, Colton. Making our way over to the Tadhana tribe, we start our morning fishing with Brad! Now that they’ve actually got fire – let’s not forget they were actually starving and when they told the other tribe they immediately got fire – they’re as happy as can be! Well, as happy as a tribe is with a five-guy alliance versus a three-girl alliance. As Rachel puts it, “I’m a girl. In this tribe, I’m a minority.” That doesn’t stop Ciera from thinking Rachel needs to re-think trying to align with the boys more than the girls. Tree Mail time! “It’s time for the entire tribe to head to Redemption Island Arena and witness today’s duel. See who maintains hope in this game and who goes home for good.” When Marissa enters the arena, she turns to Gervase and lays the truth on him: because of his ignorant behavior, she was voted out. While Jeff reminds Gervase he can swap places with Marissa, Gervase turns to his niece and says, “Handle your bis.” (Biz? Bizz? Whatever he meant that’s short for “business”.) Today’s Redemption Island “Duel”: Using a long pole to guide a wooden spool through a metal structure that sits on a spring. The first two contestants who stack their ten spools make it back into the game. Not only that but the first person to stack their ten spools will get to choose the person who receives a clue to the location of the Hidden Immunity Idol. Rupert and Candice stay neck-and-neck throughout until Rupert’s spools fall, causing Marissa to jump into second place with Candice winning. Rupert is the first person to be eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs. Water. This is the only season of Survivor where he was eliminated pre-merge. As popular as he is with fans, I’m sure he’ll come back, and unless Rob Mariano returns for another season, he’ll be the only person to compete five times. I know it was only a fan vote, but he has already won $1 million! Before the two women headed back to Redemption Island, Candace chose her husband, John, as the recipient of the clue for the Hidden Immunity Idol. The clue read: “Between your camp, and fresh water, you’re going to see a tree. Pay attention to where you walk, or you may stumble over immunity.” As Laura M. talks about how Rupert’s departure will make her stronger, Colton becomes agitated at his camp mates even more. His tribe reminds him of being in middle school; all they want to do is have campfire-side chats, “or whatever.” He wonders if they think they’re at a YMCA camping trip, wanting to improve themselves. “I want to improve myself by winning a million dollars.” I’d like that, too, but I don’t think acting the way you are will get you the million dollars. Not in Survivor, at least. Did we not learn from Russell Hantz’s mistakes? We start a new day back at the Galang tribe, where Colton talks about waking up to a “super sketchy” tribe. He’s not sure if the “vibe” has been thrown off, and while Monica assures him he’s not in trouble, she does advise him to “decompress a little bit.” Tina, Gervase, Monica, Tyson, and Aras discuss Colton’s behavior, with Aras saying Colton “is a gay Russell Hantz.” If only Colton were smarter, Aras. We then move onto the combined Reward and Immunity Challenge. I hope the next episode brings a Reward Challenge that’s separate from the Immunity Challenge! The Immunity Challenge entails three members of a tribe tied together while rolling one of their members, who’s inside a barrel, through a series of flagpoles. The person inside the barrel must collect four bags of balls. The remaining tribe members will place the balls in six holes. (Think of it like skee ball.)  The winning tribe will win a set of fishing gear, and, of course, be safe from Tribal Council. Because they have an extra member, Galang decides Kat will sit out on this challenge. Katie is in the Tadhana barrel while Laura M. is in the Galang barrel. Despite Tadhana getting to the first flag first, Galang gathers the bag of balls first. Galang continues in the lead until the final hurdle, where they struggle getting their barrel into the final stand. Gervase rolls the balls for Galang, and Hayden for Tadhana. While they were almost neck-and-neck, Gervase eventually wins the challenge for Galang. At Tadhana, the six guys talk about voting Rachel out. After some wariness about voting out Rachel by John, and the other five guys wary of John’s wariness, John proceeds to tell Ciera that they’re voting out Rachel. Ciera begins to “freak out” because he also mentioned that he’s going to tell Rachel that they’re voting Ciera out. Ciera decides to use the word “sketchy” here, so now I’m going to keep track of how many times that’s being said this season. At Tribal Council, Jeff brings up the elephant in Tadhana’s tribe – the ratio between guys and girls. Laura B. was first voted out, and then Marissa. Ciera mentions the guys cliquing together, feeling especially vulnerable now that the women are even lower in numbers. Hayden discusses the guys bonding together, but doesn’t deny that there may be more than meets the eye, that there could be more than just guys versus girls within the tribe. There are more layers that fill each of the votes this season, and how these votes are deeper and more thoughtful than votes in any previous season. John’s biggest concern with Tyson switching places with Rachel is that Candice could go home due to Tyson being a stronger player. At the same time, if you bring a strong player into Redemption Island and they go home, the tribe where they came from is suddenly weakened. As Hayden puts it, “It’s twisted.” As Jeff calls for use of the Hidden Immunity Idol, all eyes are on John, who has yet to find such Idol. With five votes against her, Rachel is the third person eliminated from the Tadhana tribe. The preview for next week’s episode begins with the question of whether or not Tyson will take Rachel’s spot. Tyson stands up and says to Tadhana, “None of you have a chance in Hell.” We then skip to a close-up of Colton crying and Jeff asking him, “Are you quitting this game?” What did you all think of tonight’s episode? I completely agree with Tina in asking, is Survivor 27 really going to be filled with stupid drama? Do you think Colton will really quit, or is this just another plot of his to rile up the tribe? See you all next week!


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