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We Say Goodbye To The Eleventh Doctor In Time Of The Doctor

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/26/2013 7:35 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
We Say Goodbye To The Eleventh Doctor In Time Of The Doctor

Ewan Velázquez

Staff Writer

Last night marked the end of a big, impossible chapter in Doctor Who history. The end of the 50th anniversary year in the Whoverse, the end of Series 7, loose ends getting tied up, and the end of the Eleventh Doctor. If you haven't yet had a chance to see The Time of the Doctor, the best thing I could possibly do is yell "Why haven’t you?!" and urge you to leave this post-thingy. As an old friend used to say, spoilers. - When the Doctor finds himself in ground zero of his death, the fields of Trenzalore, events that have been put in motion since he was "born" came rushing back to slap him right in his big, old face. The cracks in the fabric of reality never really closed down completely, leaving scar tissue behind, and turned up to be the trans-universal messaging system from Gallifrey to our universe. With this, the Time Lords are messaging our universe and intend for the Doctor to broadcast a signal to lead them safely back into our universe, and that signal would be the answer to a question... A question decoding and transmitting throughout space and time. The very first question: DOCTOR WHO? But... Well, there's a "but". Leading them back into our universe would put Gallifrey in danger of getting destroyed by the thousands of beings that have also locked on to that message; the Time War would resume, and the little town the Doctor has just bumped into, Christmas - along with the whole of creation - would cease to exist. The Church of the Papal Mainframe, a sect that was the very first to receive the message, and their leader, Tasha Lem, urge the Doctor to desist from saving Gallifrey and remain silent to the question. Tasha will do anything to keep the Doctor from destroying all of them to save a few, even if it means destroying the whole planet below. And so the siege of Trenzalore begins. To keep her safe, the Doctor tricks Clara and forces the TARDIS to take her home (We feel you, Rose Tyler-circa-“The Parting of the Ways”), and stays behind to defend the planet. For 300 years the Time Lord battles with the whole universe to save Christmas, and staying still for so long on his own leaves him vulnerable to aging. The TARDIS comes back after all that time with Clara, you just can't get rid of our favorite impossible girl that easily. She managed to hold on to the TARDIS just as it was dematerializing and leaving her behind and has come back to an old Doctor who needs her now more than ever. Together, they are contacted by the Papal Mainframe, and learn that part of the sect broke away and tried to prevent all of this from happening, by killing the Doctor in his own timeline - exploding his TARDIS, creating the perfect sweetie assassin to kill him - but clearly failed. What they didn't count on were the Daleks who outsmarted them and killed them during this whole stalemate, replacing their consciousness with a Dalek one and turning them on the Doctor. Clara and him barely escape the ambush, and Clara is adamant she's going to stay with the Doctor and makes him promise he'll never do that again. But well, rule no. 1 came into action and he sent her back to Earth to keep her away from all hell breaking loose. Clara has no way of getting back to her beloved Doctor now, and as she struggles to hold herself together during the Christmas dinner with her family, she hears the sound of the TARDIS, which brings hope back to her soul... but not for long. Tasha is the one who piloted the TARDIS all the way to Earth, confessing it's really not that hard to pilot the phonebox. They come back to a bleak planet and an even bleaker Doctor, who has just let time eat him away since he can no longer regenerate. Earlier in the episode all our doubts were swayed away after the Doctor conceded the War and Tenth Doctor's regenerations were still regenerations after all and he could no longer cheat death, so this is the last body he'll ever live in. With a defeated Doctor limping on his way to face the Daleks that still roam the planet, Clara Oswald demands the Time Lords on the other side of the crack on the wall to help her friend. She begs for help to a Gallifrey claiming the Doctor's name in a way which surely resounded in the hearts of doubting Whovians and detractors of the show: His name is the Doctor, and they needn't hear any other title to believe in him. The crack closes and, just as the senile Doctor is about to die at the hands of his most timeless enemies, an even bigger crack opens in the sky granting the Doctor with the regenerative energy he needed to conquer over the adversity. Energy flies around destroying the Daleks and saving an old and decaying Christmas. Clara rushes back to the TARDIS to see if her buddy made it through, and is relieved when she sees those big, sad eyes again. However, her joy turns to anguish in the blink of an eye when the Doctor tells her it's just that this regeneration is taking longer. During the time he has left, we see the Doctor reflect upon this life that is now coming to an end, and the one person that had hope in the Eleventh Doctor when his life had just begun, one Amelia Pond. Earlier in the episode there had been several clues and flashbacks that hinted that no matter when or where, Amy would always be there for him. We could even watch a little boy named Barnable give him strength and promising to wait for him should he ever leave Christmas, which really struck lacrimal glands inside the Doctor and all of us. And so we see Amy Pond come back. The Doctor had always been her imaginary friend, it's no surprise Amy had also been his imaginary friend, and even more now in this incarnation's final moments. "Raggedy man... Good-night". The notes to several fan-favorite songs, like “Long Song”, blasted throughout the TARDIS and our screens as Clara and the Doctor witnessed the dusk of the Eleventh and the dawn of Twelfth. This new Doctor, Clara, and all of us were now presented with whole new questions, like "Do you happen to know how to fly this thing?", and only time and space will say what is in store for our favorite Time Lord and his friends. I must admit that throughout their entire run I had always been a bit sceptical of the Eleventh Doctor, the producer's ways, and the direction the show has been taking, but what this really brought to me, and I wish that for a lot of you mates and aliens out there, is hope. Hope for Doctors, adventures and companions gone by, and hope for the ones yet to come. Geronimo.


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