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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"The Flash Is Born" On This Week's Episode

Katie Coryell | PopWrapped Author

Katie Coryell

11/19/2014 3:00 pm
PopWrapped | Television
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In last week's episode of The Flash, titled "Plastique," we saw Barry go through some unexpected obstacles. In this week's, titled "The Flash is Born," we see Barry fight off an old nemesis, save Iris (quite a few times) and make a name for himself. We open with the camera panning towards Iris, who is typing away on her laptop, updating her blog "The Streak Lives." Barry, in his disguise, runs to her and snatches her laptop away, telling her once again to stop writing about him. She gets a call from her boyfriend, Eddie, which she promptly denies; she'd much rather be finding things out from the man standing right in front of her. He tells her nothing, of course, other than he desperately wants the blog to be taken down, not for his sake, but hers. She doesn't listen, and he (yet again) does not reveal his identity. The next scene is a car chase between the police and a yellow hummer. When a boy walks in front of the large vehicle, Joe is screaming at him to get out of the way, and just in time, Barry runs interference and saves the boy. When the police try and catch the man in the car, he turns into metal and hits Barry - something none of them were expecting. Barry is found, bleeding on the ground of S.T.A.R Labs. He's got many injuries, and they all know that whoever this man is, he won't be easy to defeat. Barry admits that he felt like he knew the man who hurt him, but he cannot pinpoint where from. Joe, of course, is still trying so desperately to figure out who murdered Barry's mother. He and Barry are both told who the man in the hummer was, and his name happens to be Tony Woodward - Barry's old high school villain. He used to beat Barry up at any chance he got, and Barry was never able to fight him off. Not until now, that is. When Iris runs into Barry and Eddie, she says a quick hello to Barry (hardly even an acknowledgement), and she goes right into Eddie's arms, leaving Barry alone. We then see Joe asking Dr. Wells to help him out with Barry's mother's case, wanting to do anything to free Barry's father from confinement. Back at S.T.A.R Labs, they are beginning to train Barry to fight off metal. Barry ends up injured once again, but he heals himself, per usual. Barry heads back to the scene of the yellow hummer, and there are no signs of the apparent stolen ATMs. Eddie tries to talk to Barry about Iris, telling him that "good friends are hard to find," referring to Barry and Iris' fight. Barry isn't so responsive, but he understands where Eddie is coming from. There's a quick flashback to when Barry and Iris were kids, and Joe is teaching them how to fight. He also gives Barry some advice: "Be smart, it's okay to run away." Barry snaps out of his reverie, and he walks back over to the car. He looks inside, and picks something up off of the floor of the driver's seat - a clue of some sorts, perhaps. They run into someone who knows Tony, but refuses to give away any details. He stars to run away, but Barry and Eddie run after him. Barry runs ahead with his speed, and that leaves Eddie confused as to how it happened. Barry pays no mind to that, telling Eddie that he took a shortcut, but keeps on asking the man what he knows about Tony. He reveals that Tony fell into a vat of molten scrap and was never to be seen again, but then they both inform him that Tony is, in fact, still alive. Tony is then suddenly confronting Iris, telling her that he thinks The Streak that she's been writing about is a coward. She recognizes him from school, but when she looks up at the television, she sees that he is on the most wanted list. She starts to back away as he is still flirting with her, and he is blatantly asking for her phone number. Then, he screams at her to give him the phone, and she complies. He squeezes the phone in his metal hand until it is bent in half, and he leaves it in the tip jar along with money to get a new one before disappearing from sight. When Barry goes to see Iris again, as The Flash, she ends up telling Barry where he can find Tony's hideout. When Tony sees Barry intruding, he hits him hard, and the bookshelf slams down on Barry. Leaving him for dead, Tony disappears, and Caitlin and Cisco come to find Barry still buried underneath the large shelf. They save him and bring him back to the lab, where they figure out that Barry has to run approximately 837 miles an hour to beat Tony. He has to start from miles away in order to gain the speed, and if he does not do it with precision, he could end up shattering every single one of his bones. Afterwards, Barry goes with Eddie to practice his fighting skills on a punching bag. Eddie says, "the key to fighting is patience." When he lets Barry take a swing at it, it takes a few tries until Barry finally hits the bag a little bit too hard, splitting its seam and causing the sand to fall to the ground, and his hand hits Eddie's stomach through the bag itself. Dr. Wells and Joe are having drinks, and Joe says that there must have been another particle accelerator in order to make someone else like Barry when his mother was killed. Dr. Wells insists that this is not the case, but Joe becomes suspicious of Dr. Wells. He starts to ask questions, like what was he doing in the city before he started up S.T.A.R Labs? Dr. Wells gets offended and leaves, disappointed in Joe's accusations. Meanwhile, Tony attacks a police car outside of Iris' home, and he steals her away. Barry is still practicing his boxing skills with Eddie, and then suddenly, they are informed that Iris is missing. Tony has taken her to their old school, which is empty and dark. He tells her that The Streak is dead, and that he wants her to write about him rather than the nonsense she's been writing about. He wants everyone to know that there's a new hero in town, and it's not The Streak that everyone's been talking about. A search party is immediately looking for Iris, and when she hits the fire alarm at the school, the police department is informed. The news gets to Barry, and he rushes as The Flash to the school immediately. He tries to fight Tony off, but it's impossible, so he runs away, seemingly leaving Iris in the dust. Little do they know, he is running precisely 5.3 miles away. When he starts running back, he hits 837 miles per hour, and he slams into Tony directly, giving him a supersonic punch in the jaw. When he starts to get back up, Iris punches him, knocking him back out. She says, "I think I broke my hand," and he responds with, "me too." They lock Tony up with all the other metahumans, and Barry reveals his identity to him as he does so. It feels so good to finally get back at his childhood tormentor, and he couldn't be happier that he put this guy behind closed doors. Getting back to Joe and Dr. Wells, Joe apologizes to him for what he'd said the other day. He hadn't realized that Dr. Wells lost his wife in a car accident where they used to live, and he moved away to get away from it all. Joe isn't going to give up on Barry's mother's case, and Dr. Wells respects that. Barry finds Iris as himself, this time, and they make up. They admit that they missed one another, and Iris also admits that she's trying to search out other metahumans - another dangerous thing, but Barry decides not to mention it. As Iris talks more about The Streak, Barry butts in and calls him The Flash instead, sending her mind reeling. She renames The Streak in her blog, and she tells everyone that her friend came up with the idea for the name. She knows it's going to catch on. The last and final scene shows Joe looking for more information about Barry's mother's murder, but then something strange happens. The same light that killed her is now attacking Joe, and it steals all of his work on the case, as well as leaves a note on the wall which says "stop or else," and beneath it, a picture of Iris with a knife through it. CRAZY stuff, right?! These episodes just get better and better every single time. Let us know what you think in the comments below! Catch and all-new episode of The Flash next Tuesday on the CW.

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