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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

'Forever': Henry Politely Buys Some Heroin

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

10/17/2014 11:32 am
PopWrapped | Television
'Forever': Henry Politely Buys Some Heroin | forever
Media Courtesy of ABC
Someone has some anger issues. A man named Raul is beating the ever living hell out of a punching bag when a kid comes in to check on him. Broskis for life. Then we see a couple touring a pretty rundown townhouse in 'Alphabet City.' Is that where alphabet soup is made? Anyway, the man smells something and wanders down the hall to find a dead junkie with a half 'melted' face. Abe is working his magic back at the store while Henry is making sweet love to a cup of coffee. Oh, to be that cup. A woman is eyeing a credenza, which belongs to Henry. Nobody touches Henry's antiques! It's almost like 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' except not nearly as cool. I tried. The woman storms out and Abe chases after her. Please, please get her number too, because that would just be too perfect. Jo pops into the store and insists on Henry getting a cell phone; he thinks they're stupid. Sir, you do NOT even know the addiction, so it's a wise choice to avoid them. M&M head down to the crime scene and we see the kid from earlier sitting on a step. They discuss the neighborhood, how it's scary. Henry is all 'back in the day, 420 people died from a heatwave, and guess who was there to see it'. *BOOM-FLASHBACK* Henry points out history just repeats itself, seeing the block as it was in the 1900s. There's a weird splatter on the wall but Hanson is there to point out the dead dude. It's an ADJ - another dead junkie. Henry points out that while he's been dead 3 days, he's been moved, as there's crap on his shoes but no shoeprints. Back in the lab they find that whoever injected the junkie missed the vein (and cue the HOLY SHIT moment where you see the actual vein.... sweet mother, this show sometimes makes my stomach flip). There's a bit of head trauma - that's the actual way he died. And who is it? Lover of gyms and punching bags, Mr. Raul Lopez. Toxicology is giving Henry a hard time, so the results on Raul are going to take two weeks. Heroin (apparently?) is unique with each batch so if you can find the dealer who dealt it you can find the weirdo that jacked Raul up with it. Science! Jo tells him to slow his roll before he goes bonkers. Darling Jo, I think it's a little too late for this man. Cue to nighttime, when bad things happen - oh look, Henry and Lucas are out strolling through the apartment. That's not weird or anything. The rats that dined upon Raul's face have taken residency and Henry listens to them scurry about like it's a freaking rodent symphony. He asks (er, tells) Lucas to catch a rat and it'll be super duper easy since they're all drugged out on Heroin. Lucas points out the obvious - what if I get bit?! Henry rattles off the 5 billion diseases that rats carry and then advises Lucas to  not get bit. Smartass. Henry wanders off to another flashback. He's trying to help people...people dying of typhus. A guy comes in with the most ridiculous bowler  hat on his head, oozing pompous douchebaggery. WHAT THE. MOUSTACHE. HENRY. THERE'S A MOUSTACHE ON YOUR FACE. Um, give me a moment... Back to reality. No moustache, the coast is clear. Don't mess with me like that, writers! Henry is approached by a man on the street outside the apartment who offers him some, um, stuff. Henry says he gave up opiates years ago. Who is this guy!? First a moustache and now opiates. What's next, he have a skull and crossbones tattoo on his butt? The guy explains that Raul was a user, but since he got out of prison and moved in with a girlfriend that he's clean. Henry then claims in his exceedingly charming voice that he'd like to purchase some heroin. I swear there is nothing this man can say that doesn't sound like you're walking through a wonderful daydream. OH hey lookie there - a cop pulls up just as the deal is made. Cue my incessant laughing. Henry makes the most innocent looking criminal ever. The chief grills him back at the station, as Jo and Hanson look on like 'you did what?' The chief is like "20 years on the job, that's got to be the dumbest piece of policework I have ever heard of." Lucas, with perfect timing, wanders in with the king of the rats and his homeboys in a cage, bragging they're starting to sober up after 'rolling pretty hard on the H train.' He gathered a bunch so that they don't get lonely. Can I please have a Lucas + Henry show because these two are just too perfect. The chief's reaction? "Make that the second dumbest." Yes. We meet Raul's girlfriend, who is wearing an engagement ring. They were going to get married in the spring (sadface). They ask about his drug history and the girlfriend says it was just that -  history. He was a strong man, got his shit straight. He was a mentor for the kids at the gym, making sure the kids didn't follow in his footsteps. The girlfriend notes he was on the phone arguing when he left the apartment, but the phone is a prepaid, so you can't trace calls unless you possess the phone. Lucas is about to leave the office when Henry pops in. Lucas was at the office all night and did a little investigation on the rats and the heroin in them, and they don't match Raul. His version of heroin is tied up to more drug dealers than you can throw a stick at. But what else was Lucas up to? He did some obstructive bowel surgery on a rat. Seriously. He  gazes down upon his patient and explains he's been eating junk - junk that was on Raul's dead body. Included are a losing lottery ticket and a ring shaped like a boxing glove. HOW does a rat eat a ring?? HOW big are New York City rats?! Raul's x-ray is back - he hit someone right before he died, as there's a nice little fracture. At the boxing ring, a man is mentoring when M&M walk in with questions. The man closes the building at 9, which was the last time he saw Raul. He says Raul didn't have enemies, except a real estate agent named Tommy Delgros, who happens to be buying up the neighborhood to tear it down for million dollar condos. The man has a cut above his eye, implying the rough kids of the place learn to fight outside the ring. Henry goes over and talks to the boy from earlier, who doesn't box. He knew Raul, that he was like a big brother to him. The kid storms off, leaving Henry to another flashback. Back in the day a kid is starving, and Henry feeds him. The sick child hands Henry a bag, made by his leatherworking father. Douchebag Von Bowler Hat wanders in demanding they get this squatter (the kid) and trespasser (Henry) off his property. "This child is an orphan because of you!" Yeah, you tell him Henry! Bowler Hat is basically like "I didn't make them move to America, IDGAF." He leaves, letting his sidekicks beat the crap out of Henry. Back to reality, M&M track down where the lotto ticket was from. The clerk at the convenience store where the lotto ticket was bought loved Raul, but notes that he only saw the best in the neighborhood. He's sick of being robbed, in a bad neighborhood and dealing with lowlifes. He took the real estate offer to move out. M&M head over to the site around the corner where a park is being installed. There's fresh rubber, which was on the bottom of Raul's shoes. The murder weapon? A shovel... which I can only imagine to hurt like a bitch when used on the back of the head. They call Raul's cell and it starts to ring, but there's no sound to be heard. Henry starts dancing like a spritely little elf on top of the newly poured rubber...... and hears the faint buzzing of a phone. Henry goes to TOWN on the rubber, digging it up with his hands like he's on the beach making a sand tunnel. I love you, Henry, you brilliant manchild. Tommy Delgros comes out and wants to know why this nutjob is digging up his playground. Jo is basically like "STFU" and BOOM - Henry finds the phone. I swear to you, the look on his face is like a kid finding that one toy that got lost in the bottom of the toybox after years of searching for it. Raul made a call just about a half an hour before he died. They call the number as Delgros asks who the hell Raul Lopez it - and Delgros' phone rings. YOU KNOW HIM! They drill Delgros back at the station (the chief forces Henry to stop being such a lurker), and he says he gets a lot of angry phone calls and didn't know Raul. Henry has a bone to pick with this guy, recalling that the same thing happened to the residents of Alphabet City years ago. Immigrants moved there because nobody else would have them, but then were forced out... kind of like what Delgros is currently doing to the new neighborhood. They let Delgros go, there's not enough to hold him. Abe puts on a record and enjoys a nice glass of wine - it's happy hour. Henry notices that something is missing... his medical bag that the boy gifted him. He gets angry after Abe says he sold it, saying the bag was sentimental. Abe tells him he has to let go of the past if he is to have a future. So now it makes a bit more sense.... I get the feeling every piece in Abe's antique shop once belonged to Henry. He's constantly surrounded by his past and then has to let go when someone buys a piece of it. I really like this set up, as it gives room for Abe and Henry to grow. Nicely done, writers. Henry is tired of seeing history repeat itself, as it's doing once again in Alphabet City. Jo walks in and says Henry's store phone is off the hook again. Abe was like "Yeah so what? Mrs. Rosenbaum and I knocked boots earlier" and saunters off like the sassy cat he is. There's a new suspect, Lou Spaganelli - the guy who didn't want them digging up Raul's cellphone before Delgros stopped them. M&M go on their first stakeout. Jo is snarfing some awesome food, which Henry finds disgusting. The look on his face is absolutely priceless, as if the smell of her food is permeating every pore in his body. I will admit I choked on my own delicious food while watching this scene; I found it that funny. "Henry, you're around dead bodies all day and you can't handle the smell of a gyro?" "You know what they put in those?" "Nope. Don't care." Can you two just stop with the awesome? Actually, don't. They see Lou hand something to another shady dude and follow him to the boxing center. He comes back out, leaving the package inside. M&M investigate after Jo pulls a bobby pin out of her hair and picks the lock. There was only one man with the key, so he must have given it to Lou. They find the package inside the man's locker - full of enough money for a contracted hit. They bring in the man, Fabian (the keyholder) to see Raul. "$50,000 - was it worth it?" Henry shows him the ring they found on Raul's body and wonders out loud who's DNA could possibly on that ring. Fabian says he didn't do it, the money was to convince the rest of the  neighborhood to sell. He and Raul did fight, but he didn't kill him. Nobody else knew that Raul was gonna jack up the deal... except Delgros. We see Fabian and Delgros out at the playground site. Fabian wants another $50,000 which draws the ire of Delgros. We hear Fabians voice inside a van, where Jo, Henry and Hanson are in there listening. Over the wire tap we hear Delgros lecturing Fabian and Henry has another flashback. He's in a hospital and he's been out for 3 days. He goes back to the apartment to find new people living where the sick boy was. The father of the family explains that he's dead. In our time again, Henry goes outside the van to see the young boy from earlier playing with a ball by bouncing it off the ground against the wall over and over again. He says he doesn't talk to cops, and Henry says yeah, they're kind of scary. The boy notices Lou across the street and bolts. Henry recalls the weird circular patterns on the wall from the apartment.... almost as if a ball was bounced off of them. The kid knows who did it! They go to try and find the kid and only find his bike. There is now an Amber Alert out for the kid and a call out for Lou and his car. Hanson finds Lou and pulls his skeevy ass over. In the back of Lou's truck - nothing. No kid. Henry wonders if maybe the convenience store owner did it - his store still has all the lights on but the closed sign is up. Jo asks Henry if he smells smoke and he doesn't understand. Jo pushes his suspicion aside "Yeah me too... probable cause." Jo busts in with her newly found cause. Crafty. They see the ball the kid was playing with and go through the back of the store to a basement. Down below we hear faint yelling "What did you tell them!?" "Nothing!" Poor kid is being interrogated as the store owner goes to shoot the kid. Henry pops out and yells at him, sending them on a chase while Jo comforts the kid. They bolt out of the building and just as the store owner turns around to shoot Henry (IS ANOTHER DEATH COMING!?), the store owner gets PLOWED by a garbage truck. I'm talking like, Final Destination plowed. It made me jump in my chair, let me tell you. Henry runs down the street to where his body is, and oddly the man is still alive. He tells the man, he knows it was Delgros who told him to plug Raul, I just need you to say so. The store owner dies, saying practically nothing. Henry is upset that justice wasn't served. He was a pawn used to kill another pawn. Jo points out a silver lining - although they cant pin a murder (or two, now) on Delgros, he will be convicted for bribing a city council member with $50,000. Jo takes Henry to the gym, where it's aboslutely full of people. Fabian came clean about the bribe, getting Delgros out of the deal to tear the building down. We get to see Delgros taken away in cuffs, which is so so nice. Jo drops Henry off, but he invites her in for dinner. They have the best patio I've ever seen and they need to hold an acoustic concert out there for all the fans to attend. Abe reveals a surprise for Henry - it's his doctor's bag that was sold. The Long Island jerkface who bought it earlier wanted 3x the amount he paid for it and Abe goes on a mini rant about that. Jo asks how those two know each other and they fumble over eachother's words, definitely caught up in the unexpected question. But ever so smoothly, they explain that Abe and Henry's father were business partners; one in London and one in New York. They toast to family, and pierce a tiny piece of my heart. The part that got me? Jo looks at Abe, "So you've known Henry his entire life, I bet you've got some great stories." "You have no idea." HAAAAAAA. Oh my. I'll see you all next week!

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