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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

This Week's Gotham: The Goat Man Cometh

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

10/30/2014 2:13 am
PopWrapped | Television
This Week's Gotham: The Goat Man Cometh | gotham
Media Courtesy of Movie Pilot
Banshee Bruce never gets old. Intro implies it's going to be a flashback episode for Harvey Bullock, as the last things are said by Gordon to Bullock: "You're a cynic. A slovenly, lackadaisical cynic." To which Bullock replies, "You're probably right." And the next thing we see is "Gotham City - TEN YEARS AGO." Oh, I do love expository flashbacks. We're treated to a crazy dude referring to himself as "The Spirit of the Goat" and apparently he's a serial killer, according to the news. Bullock and his previous partner, Detective Dicks (it's probably "Dix", but I am not giving up the perfect opportunity for consistent and immature dick jokes. Nuh-uh. I saw my chance and I'm running with it.) are on a lead to catching the Goat Spirit Dude (GSD). Bullock was more like Gordon back then, optimistic and spirited about being a good guy. His partner resembles his current attitude. GSD babbles about how this body may fail but he'll always come back (presumably in 10 years' time, given the flashback) and then gets gunned the fuck down by Bullock. Bullock tends to Dicks, who was dropped through a trap door and is unresponsive. Flash forward to the present. GSD's modus operandi is shown again, a woman that comes from money, dressed in a white dress, strung up by her arms and left with identification. She's the oldest in her family. Bullock is pissed because he solved this case years ago, and ignores Nygma giving him riddles. Gordon and Barbara fight. Gordon swears he'll tell her everything and they seem to work it out. Gordon gets to the scene, Bullock provides exposition, tells Nygma rather rudely to call him if anything pops up on the autopsy, and Nigma gives a thousand yard stare of impending insanity. They go talk to the family of the girl, and chat with the father's therapist. Nygma goes to see a "Ms. Cringle" or whatever. He's got that adorable smile on, and she looks uncomfortable. At first I thought it was a nerdy, bespectacled love attraction and tension, but then as she walked past him, he sniffed openly at her. All with that smile. He went from adorable to creepy real quick. It's clear he's socially awkward because by the end of the conversation, when alone again, he said "There's a much better way to do this." Or perhaps he was talking about the organization of the files, of which he complained about only moments prior. Gordon and Bullock go to the autopsy. Oswald goes to his house and visits his mother. They talk. Gordon and Bullock attend the autopsy, and Bullock knows more than the surgeon. Bullock deduces that it's not a copycat, but the original. They talk to Captain Essen and she brings up Dicks. Bullock doesn't want to, but they have to go see him. Bruce and A3 talk. Blah blah blah. Nothing important. Nygma reorganizes Ms. Cringle's entire system. She freaks out and wonders what she's ever done to him to make her hate him. It becomes clear that Nygma is crushing on her, but does not understand the concepts of personal space and what's appropriate. He's socially-awkward as hell and doesn't know what to do. It's almost pitiable. Gordon and Bullock visit Dicks, who says it's probably not a copy-cat killer, but the original's partner or a conspiracy. Dicks then warns Gordon about Bullock, saying he believes himself to be a "white knight" like in the movies when he's actually a "loose cannon." Bullock talks to an administrative black lady about the condition of Dicks, and it's apparently him who pays Dicks' costs and pays for his magazines (implied to be dirty). Gordon spots him, and Bullock looks at him before walking away. It's meant to be one of those "jerk with a heart of gold", "hidden heart of gold" and "hidden depths" moments that gives characterization to Bullock. Rich white girl is abducted by GSD after her maid is knocked out. Bullock and Gordon talk about it on the phone, and Bullock suggests Gordon take Nygma with him, because he's "freakish good with puzzles." Yay, more Nygma screen time! Barbara corners Renee on public steps and Montoya wants to get away and warns her she shouldn't be here, but Barbara refuses to accept that. She reveals that she'll act as Montoya's informer if only Montoya keeps an open mind, because she knows that Montoya cares about the truth and she knows that Gordon is doing whatever he is to protect her. Montoya reveals Gordon will be arrested soon and that Barbara should leave, but Barbara says being at Gordon's side if he gets arrested is where she'll be. Bullock and Gordon, with Nygma's help, figure out where GSD is. They find him and fight, Bullock takes him but Gordon is the one who knocks him out and arrests him. Selina sneaks into Bruce's house, he's sleeping on the couch; she steals something, and slips out. Oswald is being washed by his mother in a tub. He confides in her that he found someone he can trust aside from her, and he means Gordon. Barbara warns Gordon that he's going to be arrested and she pleads with him to come with her and leave before they're torn apart by this. Gordon says he can't leave. Montoya and Allen arrest him. Bullock figure out it's the hypnotherapist from before who is manipulating the murderer, and she's brainwashing mentally-disabled people to get rid of Gotham's privileged because she believes hope one ran in Gotham's streets before the rich gunned it down. She considers this negative reinforcement. She denies nothing when Bullock brilliantly deduced everything -- he's quite sharp when he wants to be. She has her patient attack him, but Bullock beats him and shoots her in the leg as she runs away. Bullock then explains to Essen what's happened, and she's in disbelief, but then Montoya and Allen of the MCU show up with a hand-cuffed Gordon, who they claim kills Oswald Cobblepot. Gordon denies it, coming clean about it being a lie, but no one believes him. Bullock "knows" he killed Oswald, so he "confirms" Gordon not killing him with a vote of confidence and "denies" Gordon actually did it. He's arrested by Montoya and Allen, only for Essen to snap at Montoya and say that arresting GCPD officers will not end well for them. And then Oswald waddles in, and states his name, much to everyone's confusion (and Bullock's rage at Gordon). What the actual fuck?

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