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Were "All My Problems Solved Forever" In The Mindy Project's Season Premiere?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/18/2013 4:15 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of IMDb

Caitlin Swift

Staff Writer

Last night I introduced one of my friends to The Mindy Project. It’s quirky like The New Girl but, well let’s face it, career wise Mindy has got her shit together. Personally, well she’s still finding herself and each week her journey brings me and now my friend a lot of laughs. At the end of the season last year Mindy was getting ready to move to Haiti with her minster boyfriend Casey. Besides writing Danny weekly she seems to really be enjoying her life there (minus when Casey wakes her up at 5 am to watch the Haitian sunrise). The rest of the practice has moved on hiring Paul Leotard (James Franco) who is not only an OBGYN, but a sex therapist. Danny is back with his ex-wife Christina and is being counseled by Dr. Leotard. But more importantly, back in Haiti during that annoying 5 am Haitian sunrise, Casey pops the question to Mindy. The two immediately go back to their tent to get it on, but things aren’t so hot for Mindy. When she awakes she’s back in New York. Crazy how a few Gall Stones can change your life, right? With only a week back in town Mindy wastes no time catching up with her friends. Dr. Reed has packed on about 30 pounds, which is startling for the British Casanova and Danny is miserable and just not into his wife. I still like to think he has a crush on Mindy (I’m probably right but they’re going to make us wait this out) but won’t admit it to anyone, including himself. When he learns of Mindy’s engagement he looks like someone just kicked his puppy (TOTAL CRUSH). Not to mention he is not sexually attracted to his wife anymore. Casey and Mindy begin discussing wedding plans and after tossing a few ideas around they decide to get married that week before they return to Haiti. Is this the same Mindy Lahiri we met in season 1?! But she is going to go through with it. Or is she? Her first encounter with Dr. Paul Leotard leaves her nearly breathless. I mean who wouldn’t love him? Danny is also against her quickie nuptials (shocker) and when he’s offering her advice Christina barges in and shows the staff his browser history then snaps his laptop. Not good. Danny decides he needs to propose to make it better. Uh Oh. Now that Mindy’s wedding day is here. As she self-narrates in the bathroom, Casey snuck in to pee and when startled pees on her dress. Great start to her special day. The couple plan to wed in her apartment and she’s starting to think that this was a bad idea. Danny goes to find Mindy. She’s hiding out on her fire escape wrapped in a bed sheet. Danny admits that he didn’t propose to Christina, he loves her but he’s just so miserable being with her every day. Mindy then admits she doesn’t want to go back to Haiti. Danny says he knew it. He kept every letter she wrote him (it’s that crush thing). And then Mindy finally realizes it, she hadn’t changed, she just was super good at pretending. She isn’t pretending to like Casey and with that she walks down the aisle (in her scrubs of course). Casey, however says that he can’t marry her. Well at least not like that. He wants to give her the fancy wedding that he knows that she really wants. And he also said that she shouldn’t come back to Haiti, she should work to save for the wedding. With that she puts Casey on a plane back to Haiti and goes to battle Dr. Leotard for her spot back at the practice. This is going to be good.


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