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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Find Out Why "We're A Hot Mess" This Week On Survivor

Jayden Sheppard | PopWrapped Author

Jayden Sheppard

10/17/2014 1:05 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Find Out Why
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So far, this season of Survivor has been unpredictable, not for amazing blindsides but for poor strategy, and this episode continued that trend. We open after the last tribal council with everyone agreeing that John leaving makes the tribe stronger, not in strength, but in positive energy, while Dale is on the outs. The next morning at Hunahpu, they find the flint they lost two episodes ago. In between this time they had traded a reward they had won for a new flint. Drew thinks they should try to give the flint back for the fishing gear, while the tribe says it will never work. They were right, it didn’t. At the reward challenge Drew brings it up right away, while you can hear moans from his tribe mates. Jeff shuts it down straight away. On to the reward, where it was boyfriend vs girlfriend, in Jon v Jaclyn. Jaclyn had a good lead, which she lost to Jon, then Jon lost his good lead when they were tied up 4-4. Jon managed to get the next point and win, sending her into Exile. There were no tears this time. Drew was sent along with her, as he wanted to go. Back at Hunahpu, Keith is idol hunting after getting the clue last week. After he can’t find it, he assumes Jeremy has it (but he doesn't) and shares this with people in his tribe. Of course, this gets back to Jeremy, who isn’t happy with what is being said. Later Keith really does find the idol, which this time he deciders to keep to himself. Wise move there. Now we arrive at the Immunity challenge, where Drew and Jaclyn return to the tribes. At Exile Drew spoke about throwing the challenge to kick of one of the girls out, but he wasn’t serious was he? Turns out he single handily lost the challenge on purpose, giving them their first loss. What followed was crazy. So crazy I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. When discussing who to vote out, Jon has a fair point: all the singles could team up (as they did last time) so it would be good to get rid of Julie. Drew doesn’t even want to hear Jon’s reasons though, he wants Kelly out. He says that she is the smartest, but I sense it might of been more of a personal conflict between the two. Jeremy is still hating on Keith, while the girls want Drew out. As they head for tribal, not only do I not know whats happening, but neither does some on the contestants. Jon claims he isn’t sure of who everyone else will vote for. It’s Drew, the self appointed mastermind, who gets five votes that send him packing. Next week we get a tribe swap, which will spice things up.

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