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We're Up "Two Rivers" Without A Paddle On This Week's Resurrection

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/23/2014 11:06 pm
PopWrapped | Television
We're Up

Samantha Stratton

Staff Writer


Last week on Resurrection we were left wondering what was inside Jacob’s coffin, and tonight we found out just that. It was Jacob. As Maggie said, “It’s like someone made a carbon copy.” This discovery, of course, raised another question. If those who had passed away were still in their coffins, how were they able to return? We found out that Agent Bellamy used to be a cop before he became an Immigration and Customs officer. He used his police training to do some digging on Caleb who had a shady past. Caleb reveals to Bellamy that he thinks he’s returned to protect his family at all costs, however, he can’t say the same for Jacob. Church members are starting to wonder about Jacob’s return and Lucille’s wellbeing. One even ominously asks Pastor Tom if he really believes that God is behind his return. Sherriff Langston is finally coming to grips with the fact that the boy that looks like Jacob also has all of his memories. He now has to find a way to cope with the new knowledge that his wife cheated on him before she died. Even more shocking is that Agent Bellamy finds the man that Caleb beat with a hammer in last week’s episode dead in his home. This further supports the agent’s theory that Caleb may have robbed a bank the day of his death. The episode ends with another twist. (Did we really expect anything less from this new hit drama?) Another resurrected has returned to Arcadia. This one knows Tom, and from what I gathered she seems to either be his old wife or fiancée. This would be great if Tom wasn't already married. Hopefully next week we will finally get more answers on why these three have returned. Need to catch up? Watch full episodes on Resurrection airs Sunday at 9pm on ABC.

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