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Westboro Baptist "Church" Strikes Again, Plans To Picket Paul Walker's Funeral

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/05/2013 5:18 pm
PopWrapped | Movies
Westboro Baptist
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Dani Strehle

Content Editor

It seems that every celebrity death produces the same inevitable reactions. Shock, dismay, heartache; and Westboro Baptist “Church” claiming that the dearly departed received their just desserts, and that they will prove their righteousness by picketing the funeral. Unfortunately, Paul Walker’s tragic and untimely death is no exception. While the rest of the world, actors and fans alike, are remembering their favorite movies and moments with the gorgeous star, WBC is lamenting his life and praising God for finally silencing a fast and furious fiend. Staying true to their perpetual cowardice, the "Church" took to Twitter to praise God for finally striking down such a deviant man. Honestly, trolling through their tweets made me feel dirty and tainted. It worries me greatly that, not only are there people like that in this world, but they have the audacity to call themselves a religious institution. I don't know anything about God, nobody does really, but I have to believe that if God is up there looking over us, he is absolutely appalled at the things this group does in his name.
WBC Leader, Fred Phelps. Photo courtesy of Telegraph WBC Leader, Fred Phelps. Photo courtesy of Telegraph
Walker was a decent man who deserves respect and reverie, not the stain of these people outside of his final resting place. He was such a good man, in fact, that he bought an engagement ring for a couple of perfect strangers. He was in a jewelry store years ago when he met a young couple. The husband had just gotten back from Iraq and, while he had already married his wife, he wanted to get her a proper ring. They found the perfect one, but at a cool $9,000, it was well outside their budget. Walker saw them leave, and bought the ring for them without saying a word. He settled up the bill, and walked out; leaving the couple to marvel after they got a call from the jewelry store telling them their ring was ready, according to Today. Does that sound like the MO of a deviant and evil man? Yeah, I didn't think so. In fact, it sounds like he was overflowing with generosity, and happy to share his good fortune. So Westboro, if you're listening, your hate will not mar the good name of this talented and generous man. While it is your right to protest, it also our right to look forward to the day when you get your recompense, and when you look into the eyes of the God you so dutifully perpetuate hate for, and he asks you why you disrespected his children in such a hateful way. Rest in peace, Mr. Walker. And know that your fans far outweigh your opposition.


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