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What Did Sheldon Discover In "The Discovery Dissipation" On This Week's Big Bang Theory?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/07/2013 9:09 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Did Sheldon Discover In
Media Courtesy of CBS

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

The Big Bang Theory returned this week after the Thanksgiving break, with a new episode ‘The Discovery Dissipation’. The episode essentially served as a sequel to the sixth episode of season 7; ‘The Romance Resonance’. We’re reminded about Sheldon’s accidental discovery of a new element, before seeing Sheldon take the radio…not exactly by storm. He was being interviewed about the circumstance of the element’s discovery by the presenter. Sheldon is essentially forced to do interviews to promote the university in order to receive more funding. He gets mad during the interview and storms out, making a comment about the number of people switching from radio to TV. Sheldon is upset because he feels like he’s being made a mockery of, and equally feels a fraud for being held partly responsible for element’s discovery. Amy calls on Sheldon’s frenemy, the one and only Wil Wheaton to try and cheer Sheldon up. The two discuss how to deal with negative press and moving forward, which leaves Sheldon feeling rather positive about the whole matter…until. Leonard (who can’t ever seem to do anything right) approaches a rather happy Sheldon, with news that he thinks will further improve Sheldon’s mood, he’s disproved the element’s existence from his research. It means that it no longer exists. We begin the second row of season seven, between the two best friends. Sheldon simply points out that he didn’t want the element when he had it, and now it’s gone, he wants it. Penny puts her two cents in by pointing out, when you break up with someone that you’re not in to, you want them more once you’re broken up and for once Sheldon agrees with Penny. Doing his best to make it up to Sheldon; Leonard tries to defend Sheldon when Kripke comments on Sheldon being ‘the retractor’, by the end of the episode the two friends are still at odds when they’re ‘both’ invited on the radio show to discuss the progression of the story; Leonard publishing his story on the non-existent element and Sheldon retracting his work. In the other household, we have Raj staying with Bernadette and Howard for a week whilst his apartment is having work done. All is going well, even Raj brushing his dog’s teeth, until, Raj proves to be a better husband to Bernadette, bringing her coffee, cooking her dinner, doing the dishes and asking about her day, with Howard feeling unworthy. As the week goes on, it’s clear that Raj’s stay is causing problems for the couple, because he is the perfect husband and wife.  Howard and Bernadette begin to realise that Raj is the problem, because they both don’t feel good enough for each other whilst he’s around, so naturally, they kick him out. He then goes to stay with Sheldon and Leonard; we can only imagine what happens next. Next week: Sheldon heads home to Texas, allowing the gang to reflect on how he has changed their lives, despite his personality. Highlights: “How can you not be happy, you’re tall thin and famous, oh my god I’m jealous of Sheldon” – Penny Sheldon’s train hat “[On the phone to President Siebert from Caltech] For your information I have nine friends, ten if we include you…nine it is, ah…ten I’ll count Wolowitz” – Sheldon “Aww, Raj did the dishes” – Bernie “How did you know I didn’t do them” – Howard “Because once when all the knives were dirty, you cut a bagel with your keys” – Bernadette “[To Sheldon] It’s my favourite superhero, the retractor!” – Kripke “Maybe you should consider a career in retail, that way you can take things back for free” – Kripke “[To Raj] Yeah, we were totally fine half-assing our marriage until you showed up” – Bernadette Sheldon yodelling on the radio


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