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What Happened "While You Were Sleeping" On this Week's Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/25/2014 11:54 pm
PopWrapped | Television
What Happened
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Elena Butler

Staff Writer

Are these doppelgängers ever going to stop existing?  Doesn’t look like it.  While The Vampire Diaries’ latest episode, “While You Were Sleeping,” introduced yet another one of Stefan’s twins, it dealt primarily with Elena getting caught up on what she missed while she was, well... sleeping, as well as Damon finally coming clean with her.  There was also a breakup followed by post-breakup sex.  Let’s break it down and see what else happened.
The episode picks up with Elena having a hallucination that she’s dancing on top of a bar while her friends egg her on.  She gets super disappointed that they didn’t know she was Katherine all along.  She wakes up in her dorm to find she’s trapped and it’s Spring Break.  Stefan shows up to prove there’s a good reason for her entrapment.
Back at the Salvatore home, Damon is also being kept locked up, with Jeremy and Matt giving him rations of blood every eight hours.  Elena calls him and they have a chat about all the things she missed when she was gone—he leaves out the part about him killing Aaron.  We head over to Caroline who’s busy looking for the cure in Wes’ lab.  Enzo tracks her down and tells her he knows where to find it.  He totally flirts with her and it’s obvious where this is going.
At Whitmore, Elena starts weakening from lack of blood.  Stefan gives her a ration but it’s not enough.  She insists that she’s fine and wants to be released.  Stefan proves her wrong by biting into his own wrist and making her realize how uncontrollable her thirst really is.  He gets a call from Caroline to inform him that Elena’s virus also has werewolf venom and the only way to get the antidote is for him to meet her at a super secret location.  Before leaving, Elena asks what Katherine did and Stefan tells her that they kissed but he stopped it from going further because it wasn’t her.  Meanwhile, Bonnie is still mentoring Liv in the art of magic.  After she starts bragging about how awesome she is, Bonnie asks her to light something on fire but Liv doesn’t seem to be as strong as she thinks.
Back at Whitmore, Elena finds out that Katherine wrote on her diary.  She has another hallucination in which Katherine tries to seduce Stefan in the hotel.  They kiss and things start to get heated when Elena tells him to stop because it’s not really her but Katherine.  Damon appears and they argue about neither of them realizing Katherine was fooling them both.  After the hallucination’s over, Elena’s nose starts bleeding.  Later she calls Damon again, they talk about how much sex they wanna have and also about how much sex Caroline and Klaus had.  Elena seems more amused than angry.  She starts coughing up blood and Damon knows he has to see her and find out what’s wrong.
Stefan, Caroline, and Enzo meet up with the travelers.  A woman named Sloan, tells them that they’re working on an antidote.  In exchange, all they want is Stefan’s help to find his last doppelgänger.  They want to link Stefan to him and kill him because there can only be one of him.  Sloan starts doing the spell and she’s able to see visions of his doppelgänger —an EMT in Atlanta.  Caroline sees that she’s hurting him too much and tells her to stop.  She offers to go with Enzo to Atlanta and kill the doppelgänger for her.
Elena suffers another hallucination, this time about Aaron.  A bite appears on his neck and she starts to think that he’s dead and she was the one who killed him.  When she comes to, a guy named Luke offers to help her and reminds her that they met at the Bitter Ball and they’re friends.  Elena tries to turn him into a vampire before seeing bite marks on his neck and realizing that Katherine befriended him to feed on him.  She compels him to find Bonnie and bring Liv with her.  She calls Damon again and asks if she killed Aaron but he doesn’t want to tell her the truth over the phone.  He tricks Matt into getting close to him and Jeremy has no other option but to undo his chains.
Bonnie and Liv arrive at the college.  Elena is starting to lose it and she throws a wooden stake at Liv, stabbing her in the stomach and making her cough up blood.  This forces Liv to undo the spell.  Later, we find Elena walking outside Whitmore College when she thinks she sees Aaron again.  It turns out to be Damon and he hands her a bottle of Stefan’s blood.  Elena starts talking about Aaron again and Damon finally confesses to killing him.  Enzo interrupts their conversation by informing them that he has the antidote
We find out that Liv and Luke are siblings and that she’s been pretending not to know anything about magic.  They obviously have some unclear ulterior motive concerning Bonnie but I’m sure that storyline will unravel soon enough.  Back at the Salvatore home, Elena and Damon have an argument over her still loving him after all the horrible things he’s done.  They both agree that they don’t work and they end things.  Well, kind of... the episode ends with them making out and having tons of sex.
So, they didn’t really break up right?  Those two have the most complicated relationship in history.  What did you think of “While You Were Sleeping?”  What are Luke and Liv up to?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.


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