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What Happens When The Downton Staff Gets Sorted Into Harry Potter Houses? Magic, Of Course

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/13/2014 10:47 am
PopWrapped | Television
What Happens When The Downton Staff Gets Sorted Into Harry Potter Houses? Magic, Of Course
Media Courtesy of PBS
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Christa Tintelnot

Staff Writer


Have you ever wondered what would happen if someone mashed up Downton Abbey with Harry Potter? Maybe not, but the folks over at did, and the results are...for lack of a better word, totally amazing. You see, they decided to run a feature on what houses from Hogwarts the staff from Downton Abbey would be sorted into. Come you never wondered if Anna and Bates would end up in the same house or knew without a doubt that Thomas would be sorted into Slytherin? Maybe it's just me...and the team at Hypable. So where do our favorite Downton staff members end up?  Read on to find out... Mr. Carson: Slytherin Courtesy of
Mr. Carson, butler to the Crawleys, lives a life of tradition and discipline, exactly the type of person that Salazar Slytherin himself would be proud to know. Carson is a natural leader and takes a lot of pride in his role at Downton. Though there is certainly a negative view of the Slytherin house thanks to some of the wizards and witches who have come out of it, Slytherins, as a whole, are ambitious leaders who are cunning and cleaver...and this describes Carson rather well. Mrs. Hughes: Ravenclaw
Traits of those who belong in Ravenclaw include intelligence, wisdom, individuality, and wit, all excellent words to describe practical head housekeeper, Mrs. Hughes. Like Carson, Mrs. Hughes takes great pride in her work, but unlike Mr. Carson, she does not allow her work to define who she is. She is a very wise woman, with a strong head on her shoulders, and someone who is helpful in almost all situations. Add her wit and kindness, and you have the perfect Ravenclaw addition. Mrs. Patmore: Hufflepuff
If you have ever seen the Harry Potter films, and seen Helga Hufflepuff, Mrs. Patmore looks a lot like her. In addition to that, however, she also embodies several of the traits that Ms. Hufflepuff held true, and wanted those in her house to have. As the head of the kitchen, Mrs. Patmore is certainly a hard worker, and she is certainly not afraid to get her hands dirty. Though Hufflepuff has a reputation of accepting everyone, and seen as a weaker house, Mrs. Patmore would be among the great alumni like Tonks and Professor Sprout. Anna Bates: Gryffindor
Anna Bates certainly has a tough spirit, and she can certainly be described as fierce, but she is also extremely loyal, brave and daring, all traits of the best of Gryffindor house. Gryffindor house might not be the strongest or smartest, but they are certainly known for their adversity and bravery, even when all seems to be lost. Remind you of anyone? It should remind you of Anna Bates, especially after this past season of Downton. Mr. Bates: Gryffindor OR Slytherin
Like our hero, Harry Potter, the Sorting Hat might have difficulties sorting someone with a personality like Mr. Bates. Like Harry, Mr. Bates is complicated and has both traits highly regarded by both Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor. Though Mr. Bates certainly puts out a brave, determined demeanor, there is a bit of cunning and shrewdness right below the surface which makes him ideal for either house. Thomas: Slytherin
It should be no surprise to anyone that Thomas would be sorted into Slytherin. The villain of Downton has all of the traits that many of the most well known Slytherins possess. The problem with Thomas and the rest of the Slytherin crew? They use these traits, like cunning, ambition and the need for power, in a negative way. Mrs. O'Brien: Slytherin
Like her old friend Thomas, and probably his date for the Yule Ball, Mrs. O'Brien would also be sorted into Slytherin to the surprise of no one. She, like Thomas, possesses all of the traits that Salazar Slytherin held so high, yet used her gifts of cleverness and resourcefulness for evil, instead of good. To most, Mrs. O'Brien is a villain, only out to hurt others, but she does have a soft spot as we saw before she left Downton, and that likely makes her even more ideal for Slytherin house than Thomas. Daisy Mason: Hufflepuff
Like her boss, Mrs. Patmore, Daisy Mason is extremely loyal and devoted; exactly what the Hufflepuff house looks for in its students. Though Daisy can certainly have a jealous streak, she is a very hard worker at the same time. In fact, she is perfect for her work in the kitchen as sidekick to Mrs. Patmore and perfect for Hufflepuff. Ivy Stuart: Ravenclaw
Kitchen helper, Ivy Stuart, would be ideal to be placed in Ravenclaw thanks to her creativity and daydreaming ways. Ravenclaws are often a little bit on the dreamy side and can even be described as unique or unusual. (Luna Lovegood, anyone?) However, they would welcome someone like Ivy with open arms and support her as she worked with two Hufflepuffs, their main rivals, in the kitchen. Alfred Nugent: Hufflepuff
No one can deny that footman Alfred is a hard worker, especially because it is fairly obvious that he really has to put in a lot of effort to show his charming side when serving the family and their guests. This, however, is what makes him an ideal member of Hufflepuff. Jimmy Kent: Slytherin
Jimmy Kent is certainly a looker, but he is also vain, cunning, confident, and other words, a perfect, walking Slytherin. Though he doesn't seem to be evil or hurtful, more like using others for his own gain, he just wouldn't fit into any other house as perfectly as he does into Slytherin. What do you think PopWrappers? Where would you put your favorite Downton Characters?

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